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Career Center Blog | To get ahead, help develop others' careers

January is National Mentoring Month. While I've written about the importance of using mentors throughout your career and ways to find them, in this post I'm focusing on another aspect: mentoring others. Did you know that developing other people can

Career Center Blog | 3 common mentoring myths debunked

Back in January, I wrote a blog post on how finding a mentor is easier than you think. Now that it's August, I'm sure you've found some great career mentors, right? For those of you who still have some reservations

Career Center Blog | Things I wish I'd known before my first job

New college grad? Congratulations! Now it's time to find a job and begin your career. Feeling nervous? Don't worry -- starting a new job often strikes fear into the heart of even the strongest person. As one of my clients

Career Center Blog | Finding a mentor is easier than you think

In my previous post, I discussed how the use of mentors can help thaw the "Seattle freeze" when it comes to networking and getting to know people in the area. Finding career mentors isn't always easy, however, and asking someone

Career Center Blog | Thaw out the 'Seattle freeze' with mentoring

January is National Mentoring Month, so I decided to look at how mentoring others could help us thaw the "Seattle freeze" reputation we've so infamously earned. Julia Sommerfeld gave examples of our not-so-nice freeze-out attitude toward people who weren't born




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