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Career Center Blog | The 'subversive' job search: Higher risk, higher reward

Performing a job search has often been compared with doing a high-wire act. You have to put yourself out there and dazzle an audience, but also maintain your composure to look professional. One misstep -- or a perceived falsehood

Career Center Blog | Are you giving enough to others in your network?

This past holiday weekend, amid the carnage of the crowded dinner table, most of us celebrated the good things we have in our lives and gave thanks to the important people who make it all worthwhile. In the spirit of

Career Center Blog | First be good at what you do and the passion will follow

Follow your dreams? Just child's play. Discover your true calling? An impossible fantasy. Work your way up the company ladder? Sucker! While never stated quite this bluntly, these are some of the harsh admonitions that author Cal Newport aims at

Career Center Blog | Perennial 'Parachute' still guides job seekers at 42

Few mass-produced books have shorter lifespans than guidebooks. Whether the subject is world travel, local restaurants or advice on how to find a good job, most of these manuals can help you immediately, but they become obsolete within months of

Career Center Blog | Pivoting your way to career change

If you're like most job seekers, chances are you're looking for positions similar to those you've held within companies and industries you're already highly familiar with. If you're contemplating a career change, however, it might require some significantly different thinking

Career Center Blog | Avoiding the pitfalls of merging freelance and full-time work

During your search for a new job, have you ever had the urge to drop it all and just start your own business? After filling out endless applications, micromanaging your ever-changing resume and practicing your elevator speech into the wee

Career Center Blog | To stand out, focus on 'why' instead of 'how' or 'what'

The changing nature of today's job market has caused many job seekers to fiddle almost daily with their resumes to cater to specific audiences. From past work experience to lists of relevant skills to job-specific training programs, the variations of

Career Center Blog | Learning from the 'Missed Ops' in your job search

New job opportunities can pop up when you least expect them. And sometimes, even when you think you've weighed all options, fate throws a wrench in the plans. A few years ago, I got a call out of the blue

Career Center Blog | How a positive mindset can trump the best skill set

In a struggling economy, many people looking for work make the mistake of focusing solely on a new job instead of managing their careers. I know from personal experience that when a steady income is suddenly cut off, it becomes

Career Center Blog | Sitting all day doesn't just make us fat, it can kill us

Sure, you sit at work most of the day. But you also exercise regularly, right? So naturally, you're not in any real danger from camping out at that desk. Right? Wrong. New research shows that being sedentary for eight or

Career Center Blog | Three tips to rev up forgotten resume elements

The rise and near ubiquity of online resume-processing algorithms has done quite a number on the art of resume writing over the past few years. Almost gone are the days when an eye-catching font, a coordinated color scheme and a

Career Center Blog | 'Sharpen Your Heels': Sound, and wobbly, career advice

Normally I bristle at advice tailored to either men or women. So I admit that my reaction upon receiving the newly released lilac-colored book "Sharpen Your Heels: Mrs. Moneypenny's Career Advice for Women" was to roll my eyes and set




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