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Career Center Blog | 6 steps to creating a personal brand

In my last post, I explained how to conduct a personal S.W.O.T. analysis, an exercise businesses use to assess themselves and their competitors to formulate strategies. This week's topic is about another business process that you can apply to yourself

Career Center Blog | Countdown to better job searching in 2014

For most of us, the change of the calendar will come with a sigh of relief. From a new low in political gridlock to homegrown terrorist plots to health-care website fiascos, 2013 was certainly a year to forget -- with

Career Center Blog | Get rid of boring bios and focus on repeatable results

You've probably read a lot of advice for getting your foot in the door at an organization, including letting your experience speak for you in blogs or writing a killer resume that impresses hiring managers with your skills. Few of

Career Center Blog | Are millennials in denial about their job prospects?

With each new generation, there is always the hope from previous generations that the new kids will learn from history, listen to repeated warnings and not make the same mistakes that their parents (or even their older siblings) did. More

Career Center Blog | Google yourself clean with new branding app

Woe be to the person with a name like "Michael Thompson" or "Susan Green" who wants to stand out in the roiling sea of social media networking. My own name will never come close to the annual baby names top

Career Center Blog | How much networking is too much on LinkedIn?

The ultimate goal of networking, as every job seeker knows, is to increase your odds of connecting with someone who can help move your career forward. For some, that means acting like a marketer and getting your brand in front

Career Center Blog | College kids learn everything, except how to get a job

Today's tech-savvy college students have access to more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. Most of Generation Y grew up with the Internet, so social media to them is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping.

Career Center Blog | Your LinkedIn profile says more about you than you think

I had the privilege of speaking to about 900 folks at the University of Washington last week as part of a panel discussion on "personal branding" and the strategies professionals can follow to set themselves apart from the crowd. All

Career Center Blog | Don't get fil-A'd by a fowled-up social media strategy

I Googled myself a few days ago. That's no longer an especially noteworthy act; most professionals should do it from time to time to make sure they don't see any embarrassing surprises associated with their names. Fortunately, most of the

Career Center Blog | To stand out, focus on 'why' instead of 'how' or 'what'

The changing nature of today's job market has caused many job seekers to fiddle almost daily with their resumes to cater to specific audiences. From past work experience to lists of relevant skills to job-specific training programs, the variations of

Career Center Blog | Who has it tougher: Olympic athletes or job seekers?

Citius, Altius, Fortius... After tomorrow night, we'll start finding out who will run faster, leap higher and finish stronger than the rest, in accordance with this time-honored Olympic motto. As we prepare ourselves for another two weeks of wall-to-wall TV

Job Calendar | Polishing Your Profile Offline and On

Social-media expert Shauna Causey will share tips and strategies for presenting your personal brand in the online world and making the right impression, both online and offline. For details, visit Women's Business Exchange.

Career Center Blog | Four ways to invigorate your job search in 2012

According to the rash of December predictions of job trends in the Seattle area, this coming year is expected to be just as difficult for job seekers as the previous one. As a recent Manpower survey showed, the Seattle-Bellevue area

Career Center Blog | Erasing unsightly blemishes from your resume

In most cases, the more experience you have on a resume, the better it looks to hiring managers. But are all experiences created equal? Not always. Have you had several jobs that only lasted a few months? Were you ever

Career Center Blog | Declaring your independence via freelancing

This holiday weekend, while we celebrate our nation's 235th birthday, I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss other forms of independence -- namely the severing of ties with an employer and the launch of a new career

Career Center Blog | How to build a personal brand in five days

Getting the attention of college students is always difficult, but it's especially hard to do toward the end of March, when basketball overtakes their brains. While it's important for graduating seniors to get serious now about networking for jobs, you




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