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Career Center | Joelene Boyd's cool conservation job

Joelene Boyd, Puget Sound stewardship coordinator What do you do? I manage nature preserves in Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties for The Nature Conservancy, including our Fisher Slough and Port Susan Bay Restoration project sites. My job is to make

Career Center | James Davis' cool game-making job

What do you do? I make board games and apps for brands like Disney Princess, Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dr. Seuss. How did you get started in that field? I had a few years of graphic design

Career Center | Zillow economist Krishna Rao's cool job

What do you do? I am an economist at Zillow, an online real estate marketplace. I work primarily on developing models to forecast home prices, but more broadly my job is to analyze real estate market conditions, interesting patterns, and

Career Center | Surveying the field: 3 fast-growing engineering specialties

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in some engineering disciplines are among the hottest. The fields of biomedical and civil engineering and environmental engineering technicians are particularly booming; the BLS

Career Center | Good Job: Majd Baniodeh of World Affairs Council

What do you do? I am the program engagement manager at the World Affairs Council [in Seattle]. The Council provides opportunities for everyone in Greater Seattle to be global citizens by advancing a deep understanding of international events and culture. My

Career Center | Seismologist Renate Hartog's cool job

What do you do? I am a seismologist staff member at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, located at the University of Washington in Seattle. We monitor Washington and Oregon for earthquakes and volcanic activity, and we operate a large network

Career Center | Kaitlin Sellereit's cool soda-operations job

What do you do? I’m the director of operations for Seattle-based DRY Soda Co. I’m in charge of production and distribution, and manage our product and packaging development process. How did you get the job? In college I interned at

Career Center | HR consultant Carol Olsby's cool global job

What do you do? I am in the people business, as an independent global human resources consultant working with multinational companies that are focused on having workplaces where people are proud to work. Working globally is challenging and fun, requiring

Career Center Blog | Use video as a secondary tool in your job search

Video as a communication tool is surpassing the written word, and companies are spending billions of dollars in an effort to capture market share (Facebook spent $1 billion to buy Instagram in 2012). Although the medium may be great for

Career Center | Douglas Horn's cool directing job

What do you do? I direct and produce films and commercials. How did you get started? I started as a writer and got the chance to pull some film shoots together. It grew from there. Today I write, direct and

Career Center Blog | Working your network, in person and online

Networking has become one of the main buzzwords in the business world in the past decade. It's all about leveraging your connections for mutual benefit, whether it's in person at networking events or branching out on social networks via LinkedIn,

Career Center | Julia Clopton’s cool marine-engineering job

What do you do? I'm a marine engineer [at Elliott Bay Design Group in Seattle]. I design the piping, HVAC and heavy-equipment systems that are installed on ships and barges. What made you choose this career? I originally attended the

Career Center | Videographer Reid Kuennen's cool job

What do you do? Simply: I’m an in-house videographer for Geocaching [a Seattle company formerly called Groundspeak] HQ. Complexly: With a camera in my hand, I get to crawl through caves, explore under the streets of Prague, rappel off bridges

Career Center Blog | Recruiter, headhunter, agency or coach? Clarifying roles

I received a LinkedIn message recently from someone asking me if I knew any recruiters working with candidates for a particular type of work in a specific industry. I get at least two or three of these questions a month;

Career Center | Motivational speaker Mac Macdonald's cool job

What do you do? I help people create a better future in spite of their past. As a trainer, speaker and motivator I provide training -- customer service, trust and communication, succession planning and attitude adjustment, and the inspiration to

Career Center | Theresa Song's cool job at IslandWood

What do you do? I am the graduate program coordinator for IslandWood, an outdoor learning center based on Bainbridge Island with programs all over the Seattle area. IslandWood offers a residential graduate program through our partnership with the University of

Career Center | Adrien Whittemore's cool market-research job

What do you do? I manage qualitative marketing research projects cradle to grave; that is, from the bidding process to the day that clients and participants arrive at our facility. Fieldwork is a global marketing research firm. We help connect

Career Center | Naturalist guide Tyler Davis' cool job

What do you do? I spend roughly half my time in the field leading half-, full- or multi-day adventures as the lead "escape artist," or naturalist guide, for EverGreen Escapes. The other half of my time is spent in the

Career Center | Retirees craft second careers as artists

By Jennifer Forker / The Associated Press One was a stockbroker, another a computer whiz. There's a therapist and a small-business owner. Each retired from a traditional career and launched into another in the arts. "Do I still have nightmares

Career Center | Gemologist Jeremy Dunn's cool job

What do you do? As the staff gemologist for Green Lake Jewelry Works, I work with cutters and suppliers to bring to our store everything from the average gemstone to remarkable ones for our customers. I catalog and maintain a

Career Center | FBI Special Agent Raymond Lauer's cool polygraph job

What do you do? I am a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I currently work as the regional polygraph program manager overseeing the Bureau’s polygraph program in its 13 westernmost offices. Management of the program includes

Career Center | Jen Green's cool cosmetics job

What do you do? I am the trade marketing and merchandise manager for butter LONDON, a Seattle-based cosmetics company. I work closely with the sales team to develop and deliver marketing collateral and merchandising elements to support our retailers and

Career Center | What makes nurses want to stay put? The reasons might surprise you

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs Long hours on your feet. Dealing with intense life-or-death situations. Combine that with recent changes in equipment, technology and an aging population, and the job of nursing -- one of the most vital

Career Center | Site: Actuaries have best job; reporters the worst

The recently released 2013 Jobs Rated Report concluded that actuaries have the nation’s best job. The survey weighed physical demands, stress, working environment, pay and hiring outlook. The 10 best jobs and their median annual salaries*: 1. Actuary: $87,650

Career Center | Book editor Kjersti Egerdahl's cool job

What do you do? I'm an editor of nonfiction illustrated books, mostly on pop-culture-related subjects. My company, becker&mayer! Book Producers, creates books for publishers. We work with a lot of licensors; I’ve done officially licensed books with Star Wars, Star

Career Center | Developer Shyam Habarakada's cool job

What do you do? I lead software development at Artefact [a Seattle technology product design company] and am a hands-on developer at 10,000ft, a business software product built by Artefact Product Group. This means I'm involved in multiple projects at

Career Center | Furniture designer Andy Whitcomb's cool job

What do you do? I am a furniture designer, and I own two furniture companies, Whitcomb & Company and Brackish. Whitcomb & Company is a custom furniture company in which I design unique pieces made from salvaged wood, steel, and

Career Center | Anthony Johnson's cool airline job

What do you do? I am an interiors engineer at Alaska Airlines and part of the team responsible for maintaining and improving Alaska Airlines' aircraft cabins, which includes seats, lavatories, carpets, etc. My main focus is to oversee the exterior

Career Center | Light designer Karen Fischer's cool job

What do you do? I am a senior designer at Tube Art Group [in Bellevue]. Tube Art Group designs, manufactures and installs custom signage and environmental graphics for a variety of clients including retail, stadiums, transit and healthcare. My area

Career Center Blog | Google yourself clean with new branding app

Woe be to the person with a name like "Michael Thompson" or "Susan Green" who wants to stand out in the roiling sea of social media networking. My own name will never come close to the annual baby names top

Career Center | Lieutenant Commander Daniel Simon's cool job at NOAA

What do you do? I'm a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) commissioned officer currently assigned to the role of associate director for operations for the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory). My main responsibility is to find ships to perform oceanographic

Career Center | Survey reveals most common childhood dream jobs

In a recent survey, the professional networking site LinkedIn asked more than 8,000 professionals globally for their childhood career aspirations. Top childhood dream jobs for men in the United States: • Professional or Olympic athlete (8.2 percent) • Airplane or

Career Center | Michael Strick's cool job at NOAA

What do you do? I prepare, calibrate and check out oceanographic instruments for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) climate-research cruises. I'm primarily responsible for rain gauges and current meters. These instruments are used on oceanographic research buoys studying El

Career Center | A career in gear: Demand for drivers speeds up

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Arlington Quarless moved to Tacoma from the Caribbean in 2007 to join his dad’s steel drum band. But when the economy went south, entertainment was the first item cut from personal budgets, Quarless

Career Center | Water taxi deckhand Chad Wiesenfeld's cool job

What do you do? I work as a deckhand on the Vashon Island to downtown Seattle route of the King County Watertaxi. I collect fares, handle lines and stand bridge watches. The way I see it, my job is to

Career Center | Green jobs: Earth-friendly work options are growing

By Dawn Dugan / Do you care about making a difference as much as you care about your career? “Green” jobs — defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as jobs that produce goods or services that

Career Center | Cruise itinerary director Simon Douwes' cool job

What do you do? I create the itineraries of all 15 Holland America Line ships, which sail worldwide and explore every continent. We have 415 different ports of calls scheduled for 2013, of which 13 are maiden, or first-time, calls.

Career Center | How to make it in the manufacturing industry

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Dallas Jacobson pushed papers while employed at Washington Mutual as a mortgage specialist. But in 2005, Jacobson decided he wanted to work with his hands in a completely different way. After a stint

Career Center | Chocolate maker Erin Holzer's cool job

What do you do? I am the chocolate maker and engineer at Theo Chocolate [in Seattle]. My role integrates a healthy dose of very defined process engineering and a fair amount of creativity. While I have to create and adhere

Career Center | What are the best jobs in Seattle? Check out the Top 10

View's full Best Jobs in Seattle report.

Career Center Blog | Certificate programs might be your ticket to a career boost

If you've been thinking about increasing your skills, retraining or exploring a new career but don't want to spend the equivalent of a full college degree (and don't have the time for more intensive schooling), you might want to consider

Career Center Blog | Personal brand plus consulting: a recipe for flex success

The buzz on the parenting and work/life balance front over the past couple weeks has been about whether working women can "have it all." A provocative essay in the most recent issue of The Atlantic magazine written by former State

Career Center | In demand: Industry can't haul in enough truck drivers

By Gloria Lloyd / McClatchy Newspapers A job seeker looking through classified advertisements in North Carolina is very likely to see trucking companies from as far away as Massachusetts and Nebraska calling for applicants for open positions they cannot fill.

Career Center Blog | Sorry, Gramps: The plummeting of our personal wealth

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal wealth. Recently I attended a memorial for my grandfather, who before he died lived 89 years of full, prosperous life. He was prosperous in many ways, my grandfather. An optometrist who treated

Career Center | Pie-maker Dani Cone's cool job

What do you do? I own Fuel Coffee and High 5 Pie; these days, I spend most my day making pies and drinking endless amounts of coffee. How did you get started? I have been a barista since about 1992.

Career Center | Ralph Morton's cool job at Seattle Sports Commission

What do you do? I am the executive director of the Seattle Sports Commission. Our job is to make the Seattle metropolitan area a world-class sports destination. We advocate for local sports, create economic impact, deliver a better quality of

Career Center | Niche nursing: Specialties that are in demand

By Katie Ormsby / Special to NWjobs May 6 marks the start of National Nurses Week. The annual celebration emphasizes the value of nursing while educating the public on the important role the profession plays in meeting the country’s health-care

Career Center Blog | Are you hot or useless? Career rankings may predict success, or not

If you know your way around a blood-pressure cuff, tartar scraper or bedpan, it appears that you're golden. You're also lucky if you do network administration, data analysis or computer programming. If, on the other hand, you're in touch with

Career Center Blog | Is 2012 your year to become an entrepreneur?

Tired of the 9-to-5 slog? Want to be your own boss and pursue only what you are most passionate about? This could be your year. 2012 will be the year of the entrepreneur, predicted Time magazine. With technology offering low-overhead

Career Center Blog | Social media boot camp: Help for your digital self

Last week I wrote about the necessity of face-to-face networking, and about how there's a methodical way to go about making connections that could land you a job without being annoying or pushy. We can sing the praises of in-person

Career Center | Musician Jack Forman's cool job

What do you do? I'm the bass player, joke teller and business manager for Recess Monkey. We're three elementary school teachers from here in Seattle who make music inspired by kids and their families. What's a typical day like? This

Career Center | Documentary food photographer Clare Barboza

What do you do? I am a food photographer, with a particular passion for documenting how food goes from the farm to the kitchen to the table. I shoot for chefs, farms, cookbooks and magazines, and also teach food photography

Career Center | Home stager Patty Bonnell

What do you do? I am a home-staging professional [at]. I make houses beautiful so people can sell them faster and for more money. I work with real estate agents, builders and home sellers to create clutter-free, dramatic rooms

Career Center | Cool Job: TV producer Eric Riddle

What do you do? I’m a segment producer for KING-TV’s "Evening Magazine." My job is to find and write compelling stories for our 30-minute weeknight show. I basically do everything a reporter does but I’m not on camera so I

Career Center | Yule Job: Santa Russ

What do you do? I have the wonderful job of having my picture taken with thousands of children of all ages while they tell me what they’d like for Christmas. It’s also a good time for me to review the

Career Center Blog | When describing work experience, show, don't tell

Creative. Organizational. Effective. All of these are great words you would want associated with your previous work experience. But do you want them on your resume? Not necessarily. According to the online networking site LinkedIn, those three adjectives are what

Career Center | Good Job: Treehouse's Essence Batson

What do you do? I am a high school engagement coordinator [at Treehouse, a Seattle nonprofit that supports kids in foster care]. This means that I work in three different Seattle high schools (Franklin High School, Rainier Beach High School

Career Center | Cool Job: EMP senior curator Jacob McMurray

What do you do? I am the senior curator for the EMP Museum, which means that I get to spend my days coming up with compelling exhibition ideas, gathering priceless cultural artifacts, interviewing amazingly talented people and presenting all of

Career Center | Cool Job: Horse trainer Laura Moore

What do you do? I am a horse trainer and horseback-riding instructor. I train horses in the fields of dressage and show jumping. Horses come to me in all stages of training; whether I’m breaking a horse or just putting

Career Center | Cool Job: Propmaster Shauna Frazier

What do you do? I make props and scenery for Teatro ZinZanni [a Seattle dinner theater that’s part circus, part cabaret]. Every day, someone (an artist, director or colleague) describes something to me that they wish could be real. What’s

Career Center | Cool job: stylist/personal shopper Tiffany Wendel

What do you do? I’m a stylist and personal shopper, helping clients weed out and maintain their wardrobes. I shop for the key pieces they need for the season and put together a look book of outfit combinations for them

Career Center | Cool job: hot air balloon pilot Shannan Sorensen

What do you do? I get paid to fly a hot air balloon! Over the past few years, I’ve shifted from flying passenger flights [for Airial Balloon Company in Snohomish] to mainly tethering for commercial interests and in public events

Career Center | Winning work: At area casinos, job openings are a safe bet

By Katie OrmsbySpecial to NWjobs It used to be casinos were exclusively about gambling. They had table games, slot machines, maybe a bar. These days, casinos have transformed into all-inclusive entertainment destinations. And with this trend, career opportunities have also

Career Center | Hot Job: Hotel, motel and resort desk clerks

The job: Desk clerks are the first line of customer service at hotels, motels and resorts. Desk clerks register and check out guests, assign rooms and answer guests’ questions on hotel services and other matters. A Seattleite at work: Chelsea

Career Center Blog | How to build a career in hotels and hospitality

John Murphy has one of those careers that makes others seethe with envy at cocktail parties. During his three decades in the hospitality industry, he's worked as general manager of the Salish Lodge and Spa, managing director of the University of

Career Center | Cool Job: Bailiff Sherri Tye

What do you do? I am bailiff to Chief MRJC Judge Mary E. Roberts, currently assigned to the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. I coordinate the criminal motions, arraignment and bond calendars. My duties also include managing the court’s

Career Center | Cool job: FBI Special Agent Cheryl Hinderer

What do you do? I am a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I investigate criminal cases involving the sexual exploitation of children. I speak at schools and community functions about the risks children take while online. I

Career Center | Hot Job: Private detective and investigators

The job: Private detectives and investigators help people, businesses and attorneys by finding and analyzing information. They connect clues to uncover facts about legal, financial or personal matters. Private detectives and investigators offer many services, including executive, corporate, and celebrity

Career Center | Hot Job: Actuaries

The job: Most actuaries work for insurance companies, using their knowledge of statistics, finance and business to estimate the probability and likely cost to the company of an event such as death, sickness, injury, disability or loss of property. Some

Career Center | Cool Job: Snowshoe strategist Chris Parkhurst

What do you do? I’m the division director for winter products at Cascade Designs (a Seattle outdoor-equipment manufacturer). You’ll recognize our gear under the MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, SealLine and Hummingbird brands. … I create the overall strategy for the winter

Career Center | Cool Job: Shana Iverson, The High Priestess of Rubber Chickens

What do you do? My title is The High Priestess of Rubber Chickens. I manage and select all the products for the store (Archie McPhee in Wallingford), I am a manager of our wholesale business, and I am involved in

Career Center | Hot job: Interior designers

The job: Interior designers plan, design and furnish interiors of residential, commercial or industrial buildings. They create designs that are practical, aesthetic and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity, selling merchandise or improving lifestyle. A Seattleite at work:

Career Center | Cool Job: Oceanographer Jim Thomson

What do you do? I am an oceanographer, and I study waves and currents using field measurements. My goal is to understand waves and currents well enough that they can be predicted for naval operations, renewable energy and other applications.

Career Center | Hot Job: Optometrists

The job: Optometrists examine people’s eyes to diagnose vision problems. They prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses, perform vision therapy, treat glaucoma and monitor macular degeneration. Most optometrists are in private practices. A Seattleite at work: Dr. Helen Kim of Broadway

Career Center | Cool job: Zookeeper Celine Pardo, Woodland Park Zoo

What do you do? I am the penguin-keeper at Woodland Park Zoo. This means I am in charge of the daily care and maintenance of our 32 Humboldt penguins and their exhibit. As a zookeeper, it is my job to

Career Center | Hot job: Curators

The job: Curators administer museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, nature centers and historical sites. They plan and oversee the acquisition, storage and exhibition of collections. Some are in charge of research projects, educational programs, staff management, fundraising and publicity for

Career Center | Cool job: Flight nurse Jeff Richey

What do you do? I am a flight nurse and regional manager for Airlift Northwest, an air ambulance company that transports about 3,500 patients a year by helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Best part of the job? Being able to help

Career Center | Hot job: environmental science technician

The job: Environmental science technicians perform lab and field tests to monitor environmental resources and determine the contaminants and sources of pollution. A Seattleite at work: Aquatic scientist Jonathan Berg says he likes working in an innovative field and enjoys

Career Center | Hot job: receptionists and information clerks

The job: Receptionists are on the organization’s front line, answering calls as well as greeting and screening visitors. Often, they manage mail and faxes, both incoming and outgoing. In some offices, receptionists keep appointment calendars and perform basic word processing,

Career Center Blog | And the award for Least Trusted Profession goes to...

...Politician! Congratulations, Politician -- come up here and accept your award! In a new survey commissioned by Sandler Training, a sales and management training company, 68 percent of 1,200 U.S. adults polled chose politicians as the profession they trust

Career Center | These five careers support nurses and require less than two years of training

By DeAnn Rossetti Special to NWjobs Surgical technician Shane Edwards helps Paul Friedrich get comfortable at Valley Medical Center. (Linda Hughes) Nurses get their own day (May 6), week (May 6-12) and year (2010 is the International Year of

Career Center Blog | Balancing act: Inside the life of an OR nurse

Nursing has been hailed as one of the most recession-proof careers today. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for registered nurses will grow by 22 percent this decade, which the BLS says is "much faster

Career Center | Winning workplaces: NWjobs People's Picks honorees triumph in a tough climate

By Cody Ellerd Bay Special to NWjobs ANIMAL CRITICAL CARE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES Allison Dietz (with Reggie), Yvonne Victor (with Gordie) and Shannon Brown (with Mowgli), from left, work at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services. The Lake City

Career Center | Grateful patient became a nurse educator -- and many more like him are needed

By Linda Hughes Staff Writer LINDA HUGHES Nursing students watch as educator Neil Foltz prepares a needle for an injection. From left, Magdala Thermidor, Caroline Fewing (seated) and Kelly Finn are students at Renton Technical College. When ironworker Neil

Career Center | Physical therapy students face new hurdles -- but an excellent employment outlook

By Linda Hughes Special to NWjobs It isn't easy to find a physical therapist on unemployment. The people who help patients regain mobility, coordination and strength after an injury or disease are in high demand -- and limited supply.

Career Center | Registered dietitians enjoy a solid hiring outlook in health-conscious Puget Sound

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs Yo-yo dieting. Binge eating. Food allergy reactions. High cholesterol. Kerry Neville has seen them all. As a Puget Sound-area registered dietitian, Neville knows that designing meals for optimum health can be a challenge,

Career Center | Opportunity by any other name: Look beyond health care job titles, focus on skills

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs Don’t let the job title fool you. There are hundreds of job openings in health care settings throughout the Puget Sound region -- and many of the same positions have different names. “One

Career Center | Hospital internship program provides on-the-job training for operating room nurses

By Paul Craig The (Vancouver) Columbian Southwest Washington Medical Center is growing its own qualified nurses. Instead of struggling to find qualified applicants to fill nursing positions that demand experience, hospitals are providing that experience on site. Nursing internship

Career Center | Competition for pharmacists is high -- and so are the salary and incentives

By Caina Calvan McClatchy Newspapers SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The enticement was hard to refuse: a signing bonus of $30,000. The wad of cash would help with student loans, and who could turn it down -- on top of a

Career Center | Got class? Becoming a teacher takes more than a desire for summer vacation

By Jason Lee Tribune Media Services ISTOCK Unless you have an open mind, a good sense of humor, patience and excellent people skills, teaching may not be your calling. Perks like job security, geographical mobility and lengthy holiday breaks

Career Center | Sit, stay, get paid: Love dogs? Crazy about cats? Consider pet industry sales jobs

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs LINDA HUGHES Max gets some TLC from PetsHotel Manager Tracy Adamson at the Southcenter PetSmart. At a time when many retail sales employers are shedding jobs in a tight economy, applicants sniffing around

Career Center | Leadership coach Colleen Yamaguchi learned the value of vision and commitment

Now: Leadership and career-transition coach Then: Political intern Current position: Leadership, professional development and career-transition coach and lawyer; affiliated with Career Action Groups and with the nonprofit Executive Development Institute in Seattle. First job: Executive intern, Hawaii governor's office.

Career Center | New academy trains air traffic controllers in advance of a wave of retirements

By Bob Cox McClatchy Newspapers DENISON, Texas — In an economy where good-paying jobs with security and long career prospects seem few and far between, a new school is offering students a fast track to just that kind of

Career Center | As an iPod concierge, former Apple employee doesn't fall far from the tree

By OMAR L. GALLAGE Austin American-Statesman AUSTIN, Texas — It's not often that someone's job, as they explain it to you, is one you never knew existed. But Jessica O'Connell is used to explaining her latest gig to family

Career Center | Moving consultants help downsizing seniors unpack a familiar feeling of home

By Thomas Heath The Washington Post COURTESY OF GILLIAN DANICK Consultants Joel and Susie Danick of Gaithersburg, Md., help about 300 elderly people a year to move without losing a sense of home. They even help replicate their clients'

Career Center | Army does an about-face to improve training for its civilian work force

By Steve Vogel The Washington Post WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army has launched an effort to improve the training of its enormous civilian work force, seeking to repair a long-neglected system for those employees who don't wear uniforms. The

Career Center | From construction helper to CIO, Pat Cooke is still putting things together

Now: CIO, CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories Then: Construction helper First job: At the age of 13, I was put to work digging holes, carrying concrete blocks and, most important, making tea for the other workers at a small construction

Career Center | Prying eyes: Play it safe with your online profile

Candice Choi The Associated Press Social-networking sites | Personal information, photos can turn into accidental résumé if seen by recruiters, employers NEW YORK — Someone is trying to sabotage your career. It's your online persona. With smaller budgets and

Career Center | Female private eyes sneak past hard-bitten stereotype

By Linda Florea Orlando Sentinel ORLANDO, Fla. — A new private-investigation agency here is less like Sam Spade and more like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Sandy Love and Kelly Hite are sleuthing around Central Florida, challenging the perception of P.I.s.

Career Center | Recruiters zero in on teachers in ailing states

By Nathaniel Weixel WASHINGTON — Debbie Johnson got her teaching degree from Michigan State University, but recruiters persuaded the 23-year-old to start her career in Georgia, where the weather is warm, the cost of living is lower and




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