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Career Center Blog | Stop working when you're on vacation!

As crazy as it may sound, many people work during their vacations. You know who you are. You check email and voicemail. You call in every day. You might even bring work along with you. No doubt you have good

Career Center Blog | Are you the office jerk? Here's how to tell

At some point in our careers, we've all had to deal with people who act like jerks at the office. But what if the office jerk is actually you? I had a client who was having difficulty moving upward in

Career Center Blog | 7 things bosses should never say to employees

Last week's post featured seven things employees should never say to their bosses. Well, it's a two-way street. Bosses, it's your turn: "I pay your salary. I'm the boss." Signing paychecks does not make you lord and master. It does

Career Center Blog | 7 things never to say to your boss

It's a no-brainer: Never allow your boss to think you dislike your work, or are incapable of doing your work. So why do many statements frequently heard around the workplace do exactly that? Here are seven of the most common.

Career Center Blog | Called out by the boss? How to handle it

Scenario 1: You're staring at your boss during your performance review and can't believe the criticism you're receiving. Scenario 2: You've just presented an idea during a staff meeting and your boss criticizes it in front of the entire department.

Career Center Blog | Lesser-known job advice from former presidents

"The only thing we have to fear ..." "Ask not ..." The quotes are so popular and meaningful, we need only the first few words to conjure images of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy reading them in their

Career Center Blog | How to use hand-drawn pictures to ace an interview

Want to stand out in your job interviews? Use pictures. That's the advice of Dan Roam, international best-selling author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. Roam's latest book, BLAH BLAH BLAH: What to

Career Center Blog | How to nurture your network contacts

Don't you hate it when a friend who hasn't spoken to you in years suddenly resurfaces in your life only to ask for a favor? Nothing sours a relationship like being inconsiderate of other people's time. Now think about the

Career Center Blog | Video resumes: Handle with extreme care

For job seekers looking to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, it's sometimes helpful to show off your creativity by trying a new technology or displaying your skills in an unusual format. This has led to a rise

Career Center Blog | Strengthening the bonds of community, in good times and bad

As I researched this week for the latest networking events and seminars for job seekers, I couldn't help but get pulled into the heartrending tragedy that has continued to unfold for the people of Japan since Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake. Over

Career Center Blog | Three great tips for communicating powerfully

I recently spoke with Carmine Gallo, author of "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience," who attributes career advancement to the way you communicate (including body language), your brand presence and




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