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Career Center Blog | Knowing when and how to disclose a disability

A few months ago, a friend of mine was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The shock and confusion caused by this revelation was intensified by the fact that it came soon after being laid off from her job. While she

Career Center Blog | Coming home whole: PTSD doesn't have to end a career

A few weeks ago, President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union speech that, through the course of this year, 34,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan will be brought back home as part of an overall strategy to remove all

Career Center Blog | Veterans get VIP treatment for career assistance

To be a soldier, one must develop the discipline and endurance to take on any challenge. It also means you are part of a team that always has your back. U.S. Army veteran Ryan Shannon of West Seattle learned these

Career Center Blog | Midwinter tax deduction reminders for job seekers

Groundhog Day is once again upon us, and you know what that means for the average worker: 6 to 10 more weeks of tax preparation, of course. (Unlike the choices of a certain Keystone State rodent, this is one prediction

Career Center Blog | Interviewing tips for people with disabilities

During a job interview, the most important impression to get across to the hiring manager is your ability to do the tasks required. For many thousands of job seekers in the Puget Sound region, however, there is another hurdle to




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