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Career Center | Surveying the field: 3 fast-growing engineering specialties

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in some engineering disciplines are among the hottest. The fields of biomedical and civil engineering and environmental engineering technicians are particularly booming; the BLS

Career Center | It's not too late: How to reinvent yourself after 50

By Dorie Clark / New York Times News Service I was manning a booth at the Harvard Club, which recently hosted New York’s authors’ night, when an older woman approached and picked up a copy of my book, “Reinventing You.”

Career Center | Airlines in the U.S. facing pilot shortage

By Linda Loyd / The Philadelphia Inquirer A storm is brewing in the cockpit of U.S. airlines: a pilot shortage. Thousands of pilots are nearing the mandatory retirement age of 65, just as it is becoming harder to be a

Job Calendar | Mock Interviewing Lab

In this free WorkSource workshop, you'll learn interviewing skills such as the Star methods, your 60-second commercial and using emotional intelligence. You'll also learn questions you're likely to be asked, worst things to say in an interview and what questions

Job Calendar | Graduate programs open house

Learn more about Seattle Pacific University's graduate programs and meet faculty members by attending this free open house.

Job Calendar | Evening MBA open house

Join the UW Bothell MBA program staff for a fun evening to meet UWB MBA students, alumni and faculty to learn more about the Technology MBA and Leadership MBA programs. RSVP required.

Job Calendar | How to register for free e-learning sessions

Need some assistance with e-learning to improve your computer skills in office software, Web navigation and more? Hundreds of self-paced lessons available from beginning to advanced levels. Learn how to register and get started at this free WorkSource workshop.

Job Calendar | Orientation to WorkSource Services

During this free WorkSource workshop you will be given an overview of the services available at your local WorkSource office to assist with all phases of the job search.

Career Center | Year Up program gives young adults a career boost

By Michael E. Kanell / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution One winter ago, Liliana Tapia had a young son, a closetful of unfulfilled dreams and not enough hours of work in a job at a local restaurant. A 2012 high-school graduate,

Job Calendar | Advanced LinkedIn Lab

This free WorkSource class is intended for users who already have a LinkedIn account and have created a user profile. Learn how to search for jobs using LinkedIn and how to network using LinkedIn to make meaningful connections.

Job Calendar | Graduate programs open house

Learn more about Seattle University's Albers School of Business graduate programs by attending a free information session. Learn more and register in advance here.

Career Center Blog | Industry research helps prep for college and beyond

It's that time of year when high school seniors start deciding which universities they want to apply to. This process often includes another key decision: what major to declare. What many incoming freshmen don't realize, however, is that declaring a

Job Calendar | Idealist Grad Fair

Idealist Grad Fairs are for anyone thinking of going to graduate school for a social-impact career in social work, public policy, environmental studies, public-interest law, nonprofit management and more. More than 80 grad schools will be represented. Open to the

Career Center Blog | A foolproof cure for job boredom

Summer's about over. Sigh. Maybe you had a great vacation. (Hope so.) And maybe now you are back on the job. (Hope so.) But are you bored silly? If you are, you're not alone. According to "State of the American

Career Center Blog | What career professionals can do for you

Several friends have contacted me recently about potential career changes. One has worked as a technical writer her entire career; she's feeling burned out, but isn't sure whether it's because of her current company or if she is ready for

Career Center Blog | Stepping up your game for September job search

The state recently released its unemployment figures for July, showing a small uptick to 6.9 percent from the previous two months, which were steady at 6.8 percent. To the uninitiated job seeker, that might seem like slightly bad news. But

Job Calendar | Mid-Life Career Changing in the New Economy

The King County Library System, WorkSource and South Seattle Community College present a free course designed to help participants analyze and understand the problem of "ageism,'' how age discrimination affects their job search, and what they can do to empower

Job Calendar | Mature job seekers seminar

This free WorkSource workshop offers employment tips for mature job seekers.

Job Calendar | WorkSource public orientation

This free WorkSource orientation will introduce you to an array of employment and training services, and get you connected with staff who are experts in the local labor market. WorkSource recommends being on-site 45-60 minutes before the class starts. Admission

Career Center | Career advice: I heard you, but turns out, I wasn't listening

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: I’m concerned that my listening skills aren’t as good as they should be. My attention wanders sometimes, and I find after conversations that I haven’t asked everything I should and my memory

Career Center | No degree? Searching for a job when you didn't go to or finish college

By Joyce E.A. Russell / Special to The Washington Post “I am 52 years old with no college degree, but plenty of work experience. The biggest challenge I have always faced in a career move is getting to the next

Career Center | Motivational speaker Mac Macdonald's cool job

What do you do? I help people create a better future in spite of their past. As a trainer, speaker and motivator I provide training -- customer service, trust and communication, succession planning and attitude adjustment, and the inspiration to

Career Center | Theresa Song's cool job at IslandWood

What do you do? I am the graduate program coordinator for IslandWood, an outdoor learning center based on Bainbridge Island with programs all over the Seattle area. IslandWood offers a residential graduate program through our partnership with the University of

Career Center | A field that once looked bleak attracts young careerists

By Elizabeth Olson / New York Times News Service The allure of the travel industry as a career, recently seen as dated as a Pan Am stewardess pillbox, is surging as more people take jobs in a sector bolstered by

Career Center | Jobs you can count on for a solid future

By L.M. Sixel / Houston Chronicle First, the good news: You don’t have to get a pricey college degree or study something you don’t like to make a good living. There are plenty of great occupations that pay well and

Career Center | What makes nurses want to stay put? The reasons might surprise you

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs Long hours on your feet. Dealing with intense life-or-death situations. Combine that with recent changes in equipment, technology and an aging population, and the job of nursing -- one of the most vital

Job Calendar | Aerospace Training Session

Learn about aerospace training available at the local community and technical colleges at this free Worksource workshop.

Career Center | NWjobs: Tell us about work lessons from your mom

What did your mother teach you about work? NWjobs is collecting vignettes about the career-related lessons readers learned from their mothers, whether it was verbally or by example. Email your contribution in 75 words or fewer to by April

Career Center | Women’s coding group aims to bridge tech gender gap

By Monica Chen / Raleigh News and Observer With laptops open and coffee in hand, a dozen women joined a Code & Coffee session in Raleigh, N.C., recently, where they coded Web pages, shared tips on design and chatted about

Career Center | Picking a path: Students need skills to pay the bills

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Parents are often told -- by magazines, television news shows and Oprah -- that they are doing things wrong. Don’t give kids regular milk; give them organic or they’ll turn into mutant cow people.

Job Calendar | Worker Retraining Information Presentation

This WorkSource information session will give you an overview of the Worker Retraining program at community and technical colleges. This will include a summary of other funding resources to attend professional/technical courses.

Career Center | How to prepare kids for careers in changing times

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald My daughter, a high-school junior, wants to be a teacher. That doesn’t sit well with my husband, who worries about the state of education and the job outlook. He and I regularly

Career Center | 2012's workplace trends loom large for 2013

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald As the country recovers from a recession, our workplaces are moving forward in new ways with new rules. Changes are afoot from how our offices look to who runs them and what

Career Center | 9 ways to make yourself more marketable in 2013

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Those pseudo-Mayan predictions didn’t come true, so you’ll need to prep for a new year. Why not make it one of the best so far, at least career-wise? Here are nine tips for

Career Center Blog | Veterans get VIP treatment for career assistance

To be a soldier, one must develop the discipline and endurance to take on any challenge. It also means you are part of a team that always has your back. U.S. Army veteran Ryan Shannon of West Seattle learned these

Job Calendar | Bellevue executive MBA admissions event

At this event, you will learn more about Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA programs, meet the program directors, ask questions and meet fellow students. Register here.

Job Calendar | Seattle executive MBA admissions event

At this event, you will learn more about Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA programs, meet the program directors, ask questions and meet fellow students. Register here.

Career Center | Want to improve your speaking skills? Join the club

By Kyle Nagel / Dayton Daily News Membership in the communication-skills group Toastmasters International has grown, which officials say signals workers’ desire to stand out during in-person interactions. The organization reported an all-time membership high of 273,895 around the world

Career Center Blog | Investing in job seekers, both today and tomorrow

As most of the candidates running for local and national office have stated during this long election season, something needs to be done to create jobs during this country's painfully slow economic recovery. While some insist that this is solely

Career Center | A career in gear: Demand for drivers speeds up

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Arlington Quarless moved to Tacoma from the Caribbean in 2007 to join his dad’s steel drum band. But when the economy went south, entertainment was the first item cut from personal budgets, Quarless

Job Calendar | WuHsing Tao School open house

WuHsing Tao School provides academic and clinical training in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Psychology. Come to an open house for the opportunity to see the school, interact with current students and to find out more information about our programs.

Career Center Blog | Logistics training a logical choice for job seekers

Anyone who's been through the holiday season knows that it can often be a logistical nightmare. But the season isn't just about finding a parking space at the shopping mall and preparing for your in-laws. It's also about retailers and

Job Calendar | WuHsing Tao School open house

WuHsing Tao School provides academic and clinical training in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Psychology. Come to an open house for the opportunity to see the school, interact with current students and to find out more information about our programs.

Job Calendar | WuHsing Tao School open house

WuHsing Tao School provides academic and clinical training in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Psychology. Come to an open house for the opportunity to see the school, interact with current students and to find out more information about our programs.

Job Calendar | WuHsing Tao School open house

WuHsing Tao School provides academic and clinical training in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Psychology. Come to an open house for the opportunity to see the school, interact with current students and to find out more information about our programs.

Job Calendar | Resume clinic

Learn how to create a powerful resume at this free WorkSource workshop.

Career Center Blog | Are you a negative or positive self-talker? To succeed, love yourself

In a Harvard Business Review blog post this week, strategic adviser Peter Bregman wrote about the right way to speak to yourself. Although you might think his topic is too touchy-feely to be a critical career issue, it is, in

Job Calendar | Android Application Development certificate-program info session

Learn more about University of Washington's Professional & Continuing Education Android Application Development certificate program during an in-person information meeting.

Career Center | How to make it in the manufacturing industry

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Dallas Jacobson pushed papers while employed at Washington Mutual as a mortgage specialist. But in 2005, Jacobson decided he wanted to work with his hands in a completely different way. After a stint

Career Center Blog | Certificate programs might be your ticket to a career boost

If you've been thinking about increasing your skills, retraining or exploring a new career but don't want to spend the equivalent of a full college degree (and don't have the time for more intensive schooling), you might want to consider

Career Center Blog | Health-care training may be a good career investment

If there's any certainty about searching for a job in today's market, it's that long-range predictions will always be unreliable. But as we mark not only 2012's halfway point but also our nation's 236th birthday this week, it seems a

Career Center Blog | Equal pay for equal work? Not yet

Elected leaders failed working women and families yesterday. A proposed bill to help equalize women's pay to that of their male counterparts was struck down by Republicans in the U.S. Senate Tuesday, failing to proceed to debate after a 52-47

Career Center Blog | Upgrading your skills on a shoestring budget

If you're among the ranks of the unemployed at the moment, ask yourself this question: Are you becoming MORE or LESS marketable with each passing day? Most out-of-work professionals would probably say the latter, in my experience. Once you've lost

Career Center Blog | Recession Generation has stories to tell, lessons to teach

In The Seattle Times' new special report The Recession Generation, young people are opening up about what they face in the job market today. Their stories are worth reading and learning from. I admire their persistence, their optimism, their continuing

Job Calendar | Executive MBA admissions event

Learn more about the Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA program, meet the program directors, ask questions and meet fellow prospective students at this free admissions event.

Career Center Blog | Are you hot or useless? Career rankings may predict success, or not

If you know your way around a blood-pressure cuff, tartar scraper or bedpan, it appears that you're golden. You're also lucky if you do network administration, data analysis or computer programming. If, on the other hand, you're in touch with

Job Calendar | UW open house

UW Professional and Continuing Education presents this open house for those who want to learn more about certificate and degree programs in engineering, business, math and science. Network, enjoy refreshments and meet with representatives from the programs. To register, visit

Career Center Blog | Think outside the hospital to build nursing experience

One of the enduring myths in the job-search world is the idea of getting into a "recession-proof career," one that will always have high demand for job candidates no matter what the economy is doing. While these mythic careers are

Career Center Blog | How job seekers should manage the big "O": Overqualified

So you want a job. You need a job. You've identified some openings or employers that sound interesting, even exciting. Maybe you are contacted by some of these employers for an interview. There's just one problem: Based on the job

Career Center | Tech jobs abound, but women still outnumbered in the field

By Katie Ormsby / Special to NWjobs Technology-related career opportunities are thriving in and around Seattle. Many industry leaders, including Microsoft,, Expedia and Boeing, as well as local start-ups are perpetually looking to hire. But despite the region’s wealth

Career Center Blog | Career consciousness among the younger generation

When I was in high school, I don't recall average students (including myself) giving all that much thought to what they wanted to be when they grew up. Sure, there were a few bright kids who seemed hell-bent on becoming

Job Calendar | Master of Public Administration information session

Attendees will meet with faculty, staff and students of Seattle University's Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. Participants will learn about the MPA curriculum, the application process, career opportunities and more.

Job Calendar | Seattle executive MBA admissions event

At this event, you will learn more about Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA programs, meet the program directors, ask questions and meet fellow students. Register here.

Job Calendar | Bellevue executive MBA admissions event

At this event, you will learn more about Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA programs, meet the program directors, ask questions and meet fellow students. Register here.

Career Center Blog | Midwinter tax deduction reminders for job seekers

Groundhog Day is once again upon us, and you know what that means for the average worker: 6 to 10 more weeks of tax preparation, of course. (Unlike the choices of a certain Keystone State rodent, this is one prediction

Job Calendar | UW Foster School of Business open house

Learn about the MBA and non-degree options available for working professionals during the University of Washington's Foster School of Business open house. The evening includes program-overview sessions and refreshments. Program representatives, alumni and faculty will be available to answer questions

Job Calendar | Introduction to LinkedIn webinar

Despite a flood of imitators, no one has invented a more powerful website for facilitating career and business networking success than And yet, many people still haven't heard of this revolutionary tool -- or may have joined the site

Job Calendar | Refocus & Reinvest: Career Management in the 21st Century

Carol Vecchio, the founder of Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal, leads a Seattle University Service in Action workshop for individuals who want to revisit what they find meaningful and understand how to create career fulfillment. Registration fee includes

Job Calendar | MFA in Arts Leadership information session

Learn about Seattle University's Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership, a two-year program that provides future arts leaders with an opportunity to merge the best management practices of nonprofit organizations with the specific skills necessary to lead complex arts

Job Calendar | UW Foster MBA preview weekend

Prospective full-time MBA program candidates may attend all or part of the University of Washington's Foster MBA preview weekend. Events begin Jan. 12 with an application workshop from 6-8 p.m. From 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m. on Jan. 13, experience the program

Job Calendar | How to Conduct a Networking Campaign

In this free WorkSource workshop, job seekers will learn to build and expand a network of contacts to generate referrals, set up informational interviews and improve their interactive/communication skills with the goal of transitioning into new opportunities and potential career

Job Calendar | Boeing information session

This free WorkSource workshop will assist those who are qualified for positions at Boeing but would like some pointers and advice that may give an extra edge over the competition. Registration required; call 206-529-6116.

Job Calendar | WorkSource public orientation

The most difficult part of any job search may be taking the first step. During this WorkSource workshop you will be given an overview of the services available at your local WorkSource office to assist with all phases of the

Career Center Blog | The one-word key to rapid career change

It should come as no secret that many Americans are actively thinking about changing careers -- either because they've fallen out of love with their current career path after many years, or for the more practical reason of trying

Career Center Blog | Job skills gap is sometimes a matter of perception

When looking for a new position, it's important for job seekers and hiring managers to be on the same page. Managers must clearly state what responsibilities they are looking for in the position they are offering and candidates must demonstrate

Career Center Blog | Lack of jobs isn't the No. 1 problem

Jobs, jobs, jobs. As we head into the 2012 election year, it's an absolute certainty that the dominant theme in every local, statewide and national political race is going to be which candidates have the best ideas and/or track record

Career Center | Work/study: Sometimes, to get ahead, you have to go back (to school)

By Randy Woods NWjobs Making school work Include your family/support system. “Everyone has to understand that you must take time out of every weekend, so you may not be as available as you were,” says Antioch University’s Douglas Arnold. Prepare

Career Center Blog | How to keep the conference high alive after you get home

I spent this past weekend at the most inspiring writing workshop I've attended in I don't know how long. [Flickr photo by jemsweb] No matter how energizing a professional event, though, my usual MO is to slip back into

Career Center | Power moves: 12 ways to advance your career in 5 minutes or less

By Dawn While it’s important to focus on the big steps that will help you climb the corporate ladder, don’t forget that small actions can have a big impact, too. Here are 12 things you can do in five

Career Center | New skills: Explore options for revamping your career

By Gregory KarpThe Associated Press As broad-based hiring in the United States slowly gains momentum, many out-of-work Americans are finding they need to retool their skills, certifications and degrees. About 36 percent of people who were re-employed after being laid

Career Center | Plan B careers aren't always the dream jobs people hope for

By Alex WilliamsThe New York Times Rona Economou was a lawyer at a large Manhattan law firm, making a comfortable salary and enjoying nights on the town when she was laid off in 2009, another victim of the recession. At

Career Center | State regulates jobs you’d expect (doctors) and many you wouldn’t (pro wrestlers)

By Michelle ArcherNWjobs Did you know that in Washington, you need a license to be a professional sports announcer? An auctioneer? A camping-resort salesman? Hundreds of jobs are regulated by the state, many of them through the same agency that

Career Center | Five hot jobs: Digital age, aging population reshape employment projections

By Dave Carpenter The Associated Press If you’ve been fantasizing about becoming a farmer, it’s time to pick another daydream. No other occupation category has seen a bigger decline, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Twitter strategist or

Career Center | MBA programs: Is online as good as on-site?

Q: I am a single mother and have been accepted to the Carnegie Mellon MBA program in Pittsburgh. My family isn’t thrilled about me taking my son to Pennsylvania and is trying to argue that an online MBA is just

Career Center Blog | Curious about a career in the arts? Free UW classes Thursday can help

Interested in a more artistic career but not sure where to begin? The University of Washington's Professional & Continuing Education division has your back. This Thursday evening, May 19, UW's continuing ed folks will offer free previews of several of

Career Center | Homegrown talent: Training programs help locals land aerospace jobs

By Cody Ellerd Bay Special to NWjobs The welcome news last month of the estimated 11,000 jobs expected to come with Boeing’s new Air Force refueling-tanker contract made quite a few eyes light up in the area’s aeronautics training programs.

Career Center | Turn on-the-job experience into a degree at Seattle’s City University

By Jon Marcus The Associated Press Laid off at the start of the recession as the marketing director for a regional homebuilder, Leah Schedin quickly realized she lacked something essential for a new job: a college degree. Schedin had completed

Career Center Blog | How to survive grad school while working full-time

Before the holidays, I mentioned that the University of Washington was hosting a panel for professionals thinking of enrolling in graduate school while working full-time. [Photo by alamosbasement] If you missed the event, you're in luck. UW Professional and

Career Center Blog | Young and new to the workforce? This free online course can help

So much of today's advice aimed at students and recent graduates centers on how to find a paid job in our droopy economy. But navigating the work world as a twentysomething doesn't stop with the job interview process. Once you've

Career Center Blog | Questions about grad school? Free UW event on Nov. 10 can help

Pondering graduate school while working, but not sure how you'll handle hitting the books on top of holding down a day job? The University of Washington wants to help. On Wednesday, November 10, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., UW Professional

Career Center Blog | New job? How long you have to prove yourself

Just got hired or promoted? Congratulations! But don't make the mistake of thinking you have three to six months to get acclimated to your new position. According to a new survey by staffing firm The Creative Group, new hires have

Career Center | Going back to school? Learn what employers value before you make your choice

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I’m considering going back to school for a degree. There seem to be a lot of choices like online/distance learning, working adult programs, community colleges and local universities. What are employers looking for? Kristen

Career Center Blog | Five alternatives to graduate school

I recently received the sort of email that I hate to see. "Paul," a thirtysomething laid off from an unsatisfying administrative job, was confused about what career steps to take next. He wanted work in a field he found

Career Center | Good pay, interesting work and apprenticeships draw women to skilled trades

By Lora Shinn Special to NWjobs Deborah Henry, a former white-collar worker, enjoys her job as a plumber. (Linda Hughes) “Beautician to electrician,” Angela Rivers quipped, when reflecting on her career change. At age 49, she’s gearing up for

Career Center | Corps values: Service organizations give college grads a head start

By Jean Parietti Special to NWjobs College graduate Rachel Miranto is gaining hands-on environmental experience and training during 10 months of service with Seattle-based EarthCorps. (Jean Parietti) Rachel Miranto grins as she tugs out the offender — an invasive




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