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Career Center Blog | Get rid of boring bios and focus on repeatable results

You've probably read a lot of advice for getting your foot in the door at an organization, including letting your experience speak for you in blogs or writing a killer resume that impresses hiring managers with your skills. Few of

Career Center Blog | Fill in those hollow resume adjectives with real results

"Hello, my name is Randy. I'm a creative person specializing in organizational efficiency and effective communication. I'm a motivated individual with extensive experience in journalism and have a proven track record of creating innovative solutions. In my previous positions, I

Career Center Blog | Help your contacts help you: set clear career goals

The other day, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a senior executive in town who wanted to get together for lunch. He wasn't looking for a new job, though; he told me that he keeps running into people

Career Center Blog | Exploring new paths at the 2011 career crossroads

The new year is still new enough that almost anything seems possible. After a dreary few years, there seems to be hope that the local job market may soon begin to show sustainable growth. Some economists are saying that 2011

Career Center Blog | Avoid the rush: Get your pre-holiday networking done now

We're on the verge of November, and that means networking activity will start heating up in the next couple of weeks before the holiday season kicks into high gear. Usually, the holidays are the time of year when hiring tends

Career Center Blog | How not to come across as a desperate job seeker

In my career search seminars, I am frequently asked: "Paul, I've heard that employers aren't interested in hiring the unemployed. Is that true?" To a point, this is valid, but of course, it's not entirely true. If this were the

Career Center Blog | These October networking events are a 'fall classic'

Hey job seekers! I'm away this weekend celebrating my wedding anniversary down on the Oregon Coast. But I'm not one to leave my readers hanging as the fall networking seasons gets into full swing. The first half of October is

Career Center Blog | How to get a job in today's market

In my last two posts, I've discussed some of the reasons why it's so hard to find a job today and the top mistakes job seekers make that are keeping them from finding employment. Here are some tips you can

Career Center Blog | What to do when you're in an elevator with a company VIP

This week I sat down with one of my clients who has 14 years of experience working at Starbucks Corporation. As we were talking about her networking strategy, she told me a story about a coworker: "I organized an event




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