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Career Center Blog | 4 tips to add more laughter to your workday

Want to decrease stress, improve your health and increase your social interaction among colleagues? Try laughing more at the office. Charlie Chaplin once said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." Do you spend enough time laughing during the

Career Center Blog | 5 ways to stop worrying and enjoy job interviews

Getting ready for a job interview, especially if you haven't had many in your career, can be a nerve-racking experience. Most interview stress, however, comes from worrying about small things that don't play a major role in the decision-making process.

Career Center Blog | How to tell companies you're there to stay

The job-search process can be long and difficult for job seekers, but they're not alone in their misery. In most cases, hiring managers enjoy the process no less than the applicants, albeit for differing reasons. In a recent study conducted

Career Center Blog | No work experience? Try life experience

When a hiring manager needs to fill a position, he or she is looking for a person with a proven track record of results for previous employers. For many experienced workers with 10 or more years of employment, enough examples

Career Center Blog | Are you asking the right questions in interviews?

As most veteran job seekers already know, before heading into a job interview you should have three to five questions to ask the interviewers themselves. This shows that you've done a little research, you're enthusiastic and you've taken some initiative.

Career Center Blog | Lesser-known job advice from former presidents

"The only thing we have to fear ..." "Ask not ..." The quotes are so popular and meaningful, we need only the first few words to conjure images of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy reading them in their

Career Center Blog | Achieve work-life balance naturally with these 5 tips

We all know at least someone who amazes us with the amount of energy they have and the ease with which they juggle demanding careers and social lives. They seem to not only excel at their jobs, but also find

Career Center Blog | Four actions every employer wants to see from an intern

For college students expecting to graduate next year, the job market shows little sign of improving fast enough to help them find entry-level jobs — regardless of which candidate wins the presidential job interview tomorrow. As a result, an increasing

Career Center Blog | What presidential debates can teach us about interviewing

The job candidate had loads of experience, the skills to tackle tough challenges, a track record of making smart decisions under pressure and a long list of references from respected peers. During the early selection process, he seemed to be

Career Center Blog | Do you have a terrible job or just a bad attitude?

We've all had some jobs in our experience that we regret — the high-school cash register job, the unappreciated office drone, the back-breaking summertime construction job. They're all part of our career evolution. But have you ever been in a

Career Center Blog | Leave no questions unanswered in your application

You've filled in all the online application boxes, wrote a customized cover letter, submitted work samples and sent in references. You even managed to toss in a few LinkedIn recommendations for good measure. It may seem like your job application




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