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Job Calendar | Job Fair for Entry-Level Jobs

Among the participating employers that will be hiring for entry-level positions during this free WorkSource job fair: Zillow, ResCare, Emerald Downs, Can't Stop Moving, SmartTalent and Fred Meyer. Only registered participants will be admitted to the job fair. Register at

Career Center | Surveying the field: 3 fast-growing engineering specialties

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in some engineering disciplines are among the hottest. The fields of biomedical and civil engineering and environmental engineering technicians are particularly booming; the BLS

Career Center | Virtual job-search help just a click away

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs If you can’t afford to hire a professional career consultant, consider using the many free or low-cost tech tools that can boost job-search success. Online and software-based services can be accessed right from

Career Center | Hiring Gen Y: How to recruit millennials

By Kristen Fife / Special to NWjobs As baby boomers and Generation X slowly start to thin out in the workforce, millennials are shifting workplace dynamics, right down to the way companies go about hiring. Millennials, currently in their 20s

Career Center | Bank tells junior staff to work only 6 days a week

By William Alden and Sydney Ember The New York Times For the ambitious college graduates who flock to Wall Street, working into the wee hours or even pulling all-nighters is an unwritten expectation of the job. Spending both Saturdays and

Career Center Blog | Turn a temp job into a permanent one

The holidays are prime time for snagging a temp job. Too bad these jobs often disappear the minute the New Year's confetti has settled. Would you like to hold on to a temp job? Here's how. Think of it as

Job Calendar | Homeless Intervention Program orientation

WorkSource's free Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) is an employment and job-training program that helps homeless individuals find and maintain full-time employment through job counseling, case management and paid training. If you are homeless and motivated to work full-time, come to

Career Center Blog | Industry research helps prep for college and beyond

It's that time of year when high school seniors start deciding which universities they want to apply to. This process often includes another key decision: what major to declare. What many incoming freshmen don't realize, however, is that declaring a

Career Center Blog | Tips for successfully working a job fair

A friend recently asked me whether a job fair would be helpful for her job search and networking goals. Since she is a senior-level project manager with more than 10 years of experience, my reply was: "Probably not at your

Career Center | Career advice: How long do I need to stay in a job I don't like?

By Rob Walker / New York Times News Service Q: I have been in an entry-level administrative job for five months. In most ways, it’s good -- fair pay, great benefits, reputable company, decent learning and growth opportunities. But the

Career Center Blog | Volunteer for your career -- but make it relevant

The more seasoned I become in my career, the more I'm known as a "go-to" person for recruiting and writing. Not coincidentally, my volunteer activities closely mirror these two aspects of my life, which is a piece of advice I

Career Center | Erasable ink: Job seekers remove tattoos to improve prospects

By Carolyn Said / San Francisco Chronicle Luis Orozco had ferocious orange-and-black tigers snarling out from each of his calves. Juan Velasquez had a massive red, white and blue eagle spread across his shoulder. Yolanda Carretero had an Old English-style

Career Center | Hot tech: What people in 9 high-paying jobs do — and how much they earn

By Shaun Chatman / If you love computers and dream in programming code, then a career in the technology industry might be perfect for you. compared its Seattle-area salary data to lists of in-demand tech jobs to come

Career Center Blog | Networking do's and don'ts for new grads

I receive a ton of requests for help around this time of year from new graduates and college sophomores and juniors looking for internships. Many of them want to "go for coffee" or meet for a "quick chat." Truthfully, if

Job Calendar | UW Spring Career Fair

Looking for a career position, summer job or internship? Then don't miss the University of Washington Spring Career Fair, open to alumni and students from all UW campuses. Registered employers will be looking to fill jobs and internships in a

Job Calendar | DESC-Connections career fair

DESC-Connections, a Seattle nonprofit that serves individuals battling homelessness and poverty, hosts a career fair for a range of positions from entry-level to professional.

Career Center | For 20-somethings, ambition comes at a price

By Teddy Wayne / New York Times News Service Every generation has its own anthem of making the journey from youthful naivete to adult reality, whether it's Neil Young's "Old Man," Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or most recently, perhaps,

Career Center | Women’s coding group aims to bridge tech gender gap

By Monica Chen / Raleigh News and Observer With laptops open and coffee in hand, a dozen women joined a Code & Coffee session in Raleigh, N.C., recently, where they coded Web pages, shared tips on design and chatted about

Career Center Blog | It's never too early to think about summer jobs

Do you remember your first job? Try as I might to forget it, mine is still seared into my memory banks: A shopping mall in suburban Maryland, the sweltering summer of 1985, lifting bags of mulch, restocking tools, assembling picnic

Career Center | Push for minimum-wage hike intensifies as worker ranks swell

By Alana Semuels and Ricardo Lopez / Los Angeles Times Before the recession, Amie Crawford was an interior designer, earning $50,000 a year patterning baths and cabinets for architectural firms. Now, she's a "team member" at the Protein Bar in

Career Center | Q&A: What to do about new staffer's lackadaisical attitude

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: We’ve recently added a new analyst to our staff. She just graduated from college and has some of the right skills, but is somewhat lackadaisical in her approach to her work. What

Career Center | Looking for a seasonal job? Now's the time

By Jon Chavez / Toledo Blade Summer is barely over, but the quest to hire holiday-season workers already has begun. The largest number of openings will undoubtedly be in the retail sector, and some retailers are optimistic that the economic

Career Center | Career makeover: Budding social worker gets help

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Amanda Saab knew in high school that she wanted a career in social work. Since then, she has interned at a hospital, earned a master’s degree, participated in community activities and gained professional

Career Center | In demand: Industry can't haul in enough truck drivers

By Gloria Lloyd / McClatchy Newspapers A job seeker looking through classified advertisements in North Carolina is very likely to see trucking companies from as far away as Massachusetts and Nebraska calling for applicants for open positions they cannot fill.

Career Center | Look out for yourself to advance your career

By Andrea Kay / Gannett Ready for a new habit that will keep your career as safe and secure as a career can get these days? Call it the “Keep a Watch Over You” habit — because everyone else is

Career Center Blog | Summer jobs not always a breeze for teens

With the end of the school year coming up for college and high school students, the yearly ritual of parents everywhere will soon begin in earnest: getting their teenage sons and daughters off the couch and into a summer job.

Career Center | How to start smart with a new boss

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs When a new supervisor steps onto the scene, everyone gets a little nervous. That’s only natural, according to Julie Jansen, author of “You Want Me to Work With Who?” The little details of

Career Center | Manufacturers struggle to find skilled workers

By Alejandra Cancino / Chicago Tribune Doug Parsons needs to hire more than two dozen skilled workers at his manufacturing plant in Pekin, Ill., but he can't find them. Parsons' problem was heightened last year when company sales grew 60

Career Center | Spring grads: Boost your chances for job-hunt success

By Diane Stafford / McClatchy Newspapers Graduating soon? Congrats! Reality check: Are you in a serious job search yet? It’s past time to compete with your classmates for jobs. The job market has been poor for the last three years

Job Calendar | Computer-assisted job-search workshop

This free workshop helps job seekers use today's technology to post resumes on the Internet, email resumes to employers and use online career-planning tools.

Career Center Blog | Career consciousness among the younger generation

When I was in high school, I don't recall average students (including myself) giving all that much thought to what they wanted to be when they grew up. Sure, there were a few bright kids who seemed hell-bent on becoming

Career Center Blog | Elephants, aliens and other interview tests of character

Recently, released its Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions of 2011. It's a worthy read and a good self-test. Statistically, the chances are low that you would get one of these fringe questions -- but what if you did? In

Career Center | Tips for going back to work after a break

By Liz Reyer Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: After being out of work for quite a while, I'm happy to say that I'm starting a new job. But I'm concerned about getting back into the routine smoothly. What can I do

Career Center Blog | How the biggest business myths hurt your career

Chances are you have at least a couple of disgruntled wage slaves on your holiday shopping list. Career expert Alexandra Levit, best-selling author behind such classics as How'd You Score That Gig? and They Don't Teach Corporate in College, has

Career Center | Student seeks career in international finance

Q: I am a sophomore business student at Miami University, originally from Bellevue. I am a double major in finance and entrepreneurship, with a Chinese minor. I would love to know the kinds of things I should be doing now

Career Center | Winning work: At area casinos, job openings are a safe bet

By Katie OrmsbySpecial to NWjobs It used to be casinos were exclusively about gambling. They had table games, slot machines, maybe a bar. These days, casinos have transformed into all-inclusive entertainment destinations. And with this trend, career opportunities have also

Career Center Blog | Tips for corporate newbies

Last week, a reader who spent his entire career working in public service wrote me in a panic. After spending a year at home with his young son, this reader (let's call him "Julius") had returned to work, this

Career Center Blog | Making the most of trick interview questions

Glassdoor had a fun blog post yesterday on the peculiar interview questions new job seekers sometimes find themselves faced with. Among the questions on Glassdoor's list: "How do you rob a bank?" "What was your first AOL screen name?"

Career Center | Five hot jobs: Digital age, aging population reshape employment projections

By Dave Carpenter The Associated Press If you’ve been fantasizing about becoming a farmer, it’s time to pick another daydream. No other occupation category has seen a bigger decline, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Twitter strategist or

Career Center Blog | Why we need horrible bosses

We've all worked for them. The tyrant who enjoys belittling others in public. The snake who pawns off her work on you and takes credit for it. The workaholic who expects everyone else to give up their personal life just

Career Center Blog | The biggest money mistakes that young workers make

If you're fresh out of school and headed into the job market, managing money is probably the last thing on your mind. Not when finding a job and ensuring you stay employed is tough enough. But as someone who entered

Career Center Blog | Job seekers: Three reasons to censor your Facebook posts

By now, we've all heard the warnings about being careful what we say about work on Facebook, regardless of whether we have an employer or are looking for one. [Photo by altemark] Sure, it's smart to use the social

Career Center Blog | Women: What to do if you're undecided about your career path

One of the drawbacks of having infinite career options is the indecisiveness that can ensue. Such is the plight of many young women today, writes mother and daughter team Barbara and Shannon Kelley in their new book Undecided: How

Career Center | $90K to start: Tech talent war heats up salaries, ushers in cool perks

By Claire Cain Miller and Jenna Wortham New York Times News Service Eric Firestone began a new job at a Web startup in March, and he’s already thinking about what he might do next. But that’s just fine with his

Career Center Blog | How to get more responsibility at work

As anyone who's ever held a job for more than a week will tell you, being underutilized at work is the kiss of death. As if dying of boredom isn't bad enough, you also get to worry about being branded

Career Center Blog | How to deal with a clueless boss

As you've no doubt heard, Will Ferrell is guest starring on "The Office" this spring. If you watched Thursday night's episode (preview below), you know that Ferrell's Deangelo Vickers is just as bumbling a boss as Steve Carell's Michael Scott.

Career Center | How new grads can find a job, when they don’t yet have work experience

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I have a quick question for you regarding job openings in Seattle. My girlfriend graduated with a finance degree and minor in communications. We have been in Seattle since August, and she keeps running into

Career Center Blog | How to handle an office romance

If you're like a majority of U.S. workers, chances are you've dated, had a fling with, or fallen in love with someone from the office at some point during your professional life. [Photo by Sister72] A new survey of 2,000+

Career Center Blog | Holiday helpline offered for job seekers

Out of work this holiday season? Nearing the end of your current employment contract or military service? Executive outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas wants to help. On Monday and Tuesday, December 27 and 28, from 7 a.m. to

Career Center | What kind of IT jobs can I get in Seattle with a two-year community college degree?

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I am trying to find information about Information Technology hiring prospects in the Seattle area for students coming from community colleges with only a two-year degree. -CM, Seattle Kristen says: Luckily, IT is a large

Career Center Blog | How to fess up to your workplace foul-ups

You may have heard about the surgeon who's gone public with the details of how he managed to perform the wrong surgery on a patient's hand two years ago. Breaking from the time-honored medical tradition of sweeping operating room

Career Center Blog | Young and new to the workforce? This free online course can help

So much of today's advice aimed at students and recent graduates centers on how to find a paid job in our droopy economy. But navigating the work world as a twentysomething doesn't stop with the job interview process. Once you've

Career Center | No more making copies: Internships now include longer stints, startups and stipends

By Randy Woods Special to NWjobs If your impression of an intern is a bored, clueless post-adolescent in an ill-fitting suit, clearly you’ve been watching too many reruns of “The Office.” Today’s interns are dynamic, adaptable, business-savvy people who are

Career Center Blog | New job? How long you have to prove yourself

Just got hired or promoted? Congratulations! But don't make the mistake of thinking you have three to six months to get acclimated to your new position. According to a new survey by staffing firm The Creative Group, new hires have

Career Center | How new grads can beat the competition for entry-level positions

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I graduated a year ago, and I'm wondering if you have any advice for finding out who is hiring for entry-level positions, and how to get in touch with them before they're filled? Kristen says:

Career Center Blog | So you want to work for a nonprofit, part two

In my last post, I spoke to Heather Krasna, author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service, about the difference between job hunting in the nonprofit sector and the for-profit world. [Heather Krasna |

Career Center Blog | So you want to work for a nonprofit, part one

It's no secret that the recession has left many displaced and disgruntled workers wondering whether they can find a more meaningful way to make a living. Working in the nonprofit sector is obviously one option. But as local author Heather

Career Center Blog | The myth of following your bliss

It's unfortunate that our nation's collective body of career advice has led so many young workers to assume that there's a single vocation out there for each and every one of them that will provide them with an unlimited

Career Center | Training programs, apprenticeships help workers transition to trades

By Cody Ellerd Bay Special to NWjobs Rusty Knorr, a student in Seattle Central Community College’s Cabinetmaking and Fine Woodworking program, works on a daybed under the supervision of instructor John Harvey. (Cody Ellerd Bay) The construction industry has

Career Center | It takes more than a love of gaming for a career as a video-game designer

By Randy Woods Special to NWjobs Josh Stanger is an animation artist and modeler for Zombie Studios in Pioneer Square. (Linda Hughes) While growing up in Modesto, Calif., Josh Stanger couldn’t get enough of video games. “I’ve been playing

Career Center | How to get back into your original field, when your last job led you out of it

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: After graduating with my B.S., I accepted a job in an industry that was different from, but related, to my area of study. After three years, I was laid off, and now I am

Career Center | Good pay, interesting work and apprenticeships draw women to skilled trades

By Lora Shinn Special to NWjobs Deborah Henry, a former white-collar worker, enjoys her job as a plumber. (Linda Hughes) “Beautician to electrician,” Angela Rivers quipped, when reflecting on her career change. At age 49, she’s gearing up for

Career Center Blog | Texting the boss: Yea or nay?

A new survey about how we communicate with the boss recently got my attention. [Photo by Zawezome] According to the makers of the mobile phone texting app textPlus, some young workers have no qualms texting the boss about urgent

Career Center | Corps values: Service organizations give college grads a head start

By Jean Parietti Special to NWjobs College graduate Rachel Miranto is gaining hands-on environmental experience and training during 10 months of service with Seattle-based EarthCorps. (Jean Parietti) Rachel Miranto grins as she tugs out the offender — an invasive

Career Center Blog | Give me Facebook or give me unemployment?

Would you turn your nose up at a job that didn't allow you to access your personal e-mail or social networking sites like Facebook on company time? One in five younger workers would, says a new survey from London-based software security

Career Center | Experts advise college grads to focus on work experience, think long-term

By Linda Hughes NWjobs Hemlata Mistry, left, talks with a representative from Adobe at the University of Washington Spring Career Fair in April. (Linda Hughes) There will be tears of joy and hard-won smiles next weekend as Seattle Pacific

Career Center | Summer jobs for teens dwindle

By Mickey Meece The New York Times This year is shaping up to be even worse than last for the millions of high-school and college students looking for summer jobs. State and local governments, among the biggest seasonal employers,

Career Center | Grads confront rocky job market in state

By Katie Ormsby and Amy Martinez Seattle Times business reporters J-Chun Chen, a senior at the University of Washington soon to earn a degree in economics, gets résumé-writing tips from a recruiter at Mary Gates Hall on Thursday. (Dean

Career Center Blog | Who wants to be a white collar criminal?

Apparently enough people to prompt Wake Forest University's Schools of Business to host a panel called "Finding the Way Back: Impacts of White Collar Crime" last week. Designed to warn students against the temptations of corporate theft, the panel featured

Career Center | New college graduates must set lower goals

By JUSTIN POPE The Associated Press KEVIN RIVOLI/AP Colgate University senior David Maley thought he might get to work at Lehman Brothers, after doing an internship there last year. With Lehman gone, Maley must adjust his plans. David Maley

Career Center | Experts offer college seniors advice on making the best of a shaky job market

By The Associated Press Advice for college seniors on making the best of a bad job market, based on interviews with experts: Consider offering to work as an intern rather than a full-time hire. Some companies are reluctant to

Career Center | Pick the right major, and you could be rich

By Eric Adler The Kansas City Star KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It's often said someone makes money even in a bad economy. Cody Bass just didn't know how much. "A hundred thousand dollars," the 22-year-old college senior said. That's

Career Center | Putting potential jobs to the test

BY SUE SHELLENBARGER The Wall Street Journal Noting that my 19-year-old daughter seemed frustrated about career choices after changing college majors a few times, I did what any good helicopter parent would do: I bought her a career-testing and

Career Center | It's late, but teens can still find jobs

By Los Angeles Times--> Due to their lack of experience, teens often encounter challenges while searching for summer jobs. With the school year about to end, many are finding it's too late to apply for some summer positions.

Career Center | Teens will find summer job hunt tougher

By Maria M. Perotin McClatchy Newspapers FORT WORTH, Texas -- From flipping burgers to watching over swimmers, the summer job has been a rite of passage for countless teenagers. But this year, youngsters nationwide may have to hunt a

Career Center | Offering jobs and a future, recruiters hope to capture the top guns

By Tyrone Beason The Seattle Times THOMAS JAMES HURST / THE SEATTLE TIMES Sgt. 1st Class Jacqueline Habaluyas is a foot soldier in the U.S. Army's homeland surge to draw in more recruits this year. Besides meeting people in

Career Center | Attention, high-schoolers: Internships aren't just for college kids

By Jill Phillips The Indianapolis Star Internships aren't just for college students. High-school students are pursuing them to gain experience and test-drive industries. While some internships for high-school students mainly take place during the summer, the best time is

Career Center | State antes up to train students for jobs in trades

By LYNN THOMPSON Seattle Times Eastside bureau COURTNEY BLETHEN / THE SEATTLE TIMES Inglewood High School senior Haley Howard, right, gives Marion Steele a manicure, while doing a work study at a Bothell health facility. Bothell High School senior

Career Center | Job market good for college grads

By DAVID SCHEPP The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News Three years ago, when most of this year's college graduates were just finishing their freshman year, job prospects for those just entering the work force looked bleak. Today, however, fresh data

Career Center | Young workers studying up on how to survive a recession

By Beth Fitzgerald Newhouse News Service PAUL SCHMID / THE SEATTLE TIMES Construction worker Mike Rice has water and mud to contend with at the bottom of a construction site in downtown Seattle last summer. --> Dana Bagwell arrives

Career Center | Hiring for the holidays has already begun

By Kirsten Grind Special to The Seattle Times BETTY UDESEN / THE SEATTLE TIMESRobin Young, store manager at Something Silver at Bellevue Square, updates one of the store's display cases with jewelry by Jordan Schlanger. Young was hired as

Career Center | Summer racket

By Suzanne Monson Special to The Seattle Times THE SEATTLE TIMES Worried about getting aced out of summer jobs, Shorecrest High School tennis buddies Marco Dehmel and Doug Jambor devised their own doubles plan: a tennis racquet-stringing business they

Career Center | Good job prospects for grads, but search takes time and effort

By Christina Siderius Special to The Seattle Times College graduates often joke that they can always serve up lattes if they can't get a job in their field. But that's probably not an issue this year. Nationwide, employers are

Career Center | The kids in the middle

By Chad Schuster Special to The Seattle Times BETTY UDESEN / THE SEATTLE TIMES YouthForce's small downtown Seattle office is about the last place you'd expect to find Donald Trump. Sure enough, though, there the billionaire business mogul stands,

Career Center | Hey, ref! Need a job?

By Suzanne Monson Special to The Seattle Times LAURA MORTON / THE SEATTLE TIMES Mike Uppinghouse wasn't born with skin any thicker than most kids. But over the past two seasons working youth soccer matches — sometimes with irate

Career Center | "There's no excuse for that."

By Scott McCredie Special to The Seattle Times KEVIN P. CASEY / SPECIAL TO THE SEATTLE TIMES Jack Goldberg knows the job market from the inside out. His Kirkland-based firm, Personnel Management Systems, not only helps other companies recruit,

Career Center | The power of international experience

By Blanca Torres Seattle Times business reporter TAKUMA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL / 2001 Had she been given a choice, Kirsten Franklin-Temple of Seattle would have gladly chosen running water over electricity. She wasn't given a choice, however; she had

Career Center | Tips for grads facing a tough job market

By Robin Ryan Special to NWjobs "Every spring and summer we get flooded with thousands of resumes, all saying how much they want to work at Nike," reports a V.P. involved with Nike recruiting. "New grads enthusiastically state how




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