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Career Center | Hiring Gen Y: How to recruit millennials

By Kristen Fife / Special to NWjobs As baby boomers and Generation X slowly start to thin out in the workforce, millennials are shifting workplace dynamics, right down to the way companies go about hiring. Millennials, currently in their 20s

Career Center Blog | Why your commute time matters to hiring managers

A few years ago, I landed a job that was a significant step up for my career, with more responsibilities and a higher salary than I had ever earned before. The one problem was that it required a nearly 90-minute

Career Center | Career advice: How to ask for a flexible schedule

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: I would like to convince my boss that I should have more flexibility in my work. More specifically, I'd like him to authorize some flex hours and give me permission to work

Career Center | 7 small changes that make a big difference in work/life balance

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald There are people for whom navigating life changes seems effortless. What are they doing that the rest of us haven’t figured out? Cali Williams Yost studied the “naturals” and found they innately

Career Center | Telecommuting pros and cons, from both sides

Click on the image to enlarge and make text clearer.

Career Center | What makes nurses want to stay put? The reasons might surprise you

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs Long hours on your feet. Dealing with intense life-or-death situations. Combine that with recent changes in equipment, technology and an aging population, and the job of nursing -- one of the most vital

Career Center Blog | Yahoo policy: A watershed moment for telecommuting

For those Seattle-area workers currently telecommuting at their jobs, let us take a few moments to give thanks to Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo. Mayer recently sent out an order to all telecommuting employees demanding that they get their

Career Center Blog | Can flexible work hours help your love life?

One of the most sought-after perks cited by job seekers is the ability to control their hours at work. Decent pay and quality health care are always high on the list, of course, but flexibility in their daily schedule is

Career Center Blog | How to make a case for 'workflex' policies in your office

In August of this year, released a list of the top 25 companies in terms of work-life balance, as voted on by their own employees. Kent-based REI (ranked No. 6) and Seattle's Slalom Consulting (No. 15) were the two

Career Center Blog | Flex time is great, but if we're lucky enough to get it, we have to 'bring it'

Everyone talks about flex time as if it's the Holy Grail for office workers, the golden ticket. Flex time allows for better "work-life balance." Flex time is good for morale, saves employees cash, can reduce workers' stress and improve their

Career Center Blog | Workers want flexibility so badly, we're willing to sacrifice salary

A new survey just released by Mom Corps, a national flexible staffing firm, shows what many of us know anecdotally: Flexible work options are so important to many workers that they are willing to sacrifice a chunk of salary to

Career Center Blog | With planning, you can work from home this summer with kids

Last Friday, I was in the hall of my kids' school on the afternoon of the last day of the year. As the final bell rang and a collective cheer rose up from 500 kids free for the whole summer,

Career Center | Some companies give workers unlimited time off

By J.K. Wall / Indianapolis Business Journal As the 15 employees of the SmallBox Web marketing agency in Indianapolis gathered for their Christmas party last year, CEO Jeb Banner stood up and read a proclamation. "We now declare all SmallBox

Career Center Blog | For Mother's Day, honor mothers by changing the workplace

On Sunday, mothers around the country will be showered with flowers, gifts and pancakes by their appreciative children and families. I will be part of this national lovefest, and I will enjoy it as I do every year. But I

Career Center Blog | Sweetening the deal with 'creative compensation'

One of my favorite scenes in the excellent AMC television drama "Mad Men," about the pressure-cooker life of ad executives in the early 1960s, comes from an episode called "The Suitcase." While working late, young copywriter Peggy Olson, the first

Career Center Blog | Sometimes a job is just a job (and other career lessons learned)

This will be my last post on NWjobs. In the three-and-a-half years I've been blogging on this site, I've learned countless lessons from the workers and career experts I've interviewed, as well as the many readers who've taken the time

Career Center | Perks at work: Unconventional benefits can attract and keep employees

By Karyn JohnsonSpecial to NWjobs Despite an economy where many employers are struggling to maintain traditional employee benefits, some Seattle-area companies are offering unique perks to keep their employees satisfied and productive. Happy hours, pet-friendly offices, ice-cream breaks and rooftop

Career Center Blog | When crisis hits home, should your job take a backseat?

By now, you've probably seen the video of U2 performing "Beautiful Day" at Qwest Field last Saturday. From a video monitor above the stage, Space Shuttle Endeavor Commander Mark Kelly sends his love to wife Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords via

Career Center Blog | The tolls are coming! Do you plan to adjust your commute?

As you've no doubt heard, tolling on the 520 bridge has been pushed back to June. Still, if you're a cross-lake commuter, it's never too early to start thinking about how you'll handle this increase in the cost of getting

Career Center Blog | Prediction: The biggest workplace stories for 2011

Although it was no 2009, this past year was another doozy for the U.S. workforce. So rather than reminisce about the many ways 2010 whooped the collective hide of the working public, let's look forward to the new year. Following are

Career Center Blog | This just in: Commuting is the pits

Just in time for the three-day holiday weekend, IBM informs us that workers around the globe think commuting by car is -- wait for it -- stressful. In its new Commuter Pain Study, IBM reports that traffic is getting

Career Center Blog | Book event 6/26: How today's men juggle work and family

With Father's Day fresh in mind, the Elliott Bay Book Company hosts a 2 p.m. book reading today at its new Capitol Hill location with Donald Unger, author of Men Can: The Changing Image and Reality of Fatherhood in




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