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Career Center Blog | How to tell companies you're there to stay

The job-search process can be long and difficult for job seekers, but they're not alone in their misery. In most cases, hiring managers enjoy the process no less than the applicants, albeit for differing reasons. In a recent study conducted

Career Center Blog | Job training lifeline nears end of its rope

Of all the demographics affected by the Great Recession, few have been as hard-hit as our youngest workers. While our statewide unemployment rate currently stands at 6.8 percent, the rate for the 16-to-24 demographic is more than double that rate,

Career Center Blog | Need a mentor? Try speaking the same language

As a new crop of graduates is unleashed upon the Seattle job scene this summer, a curious complaint has been voiced from this eager tide of youth and vigor. Although the Class of 2013 is among the most technologically savvy

Career Center Blog | Are millennials in denial about their job prospects?

With each new generation, there is always the hope from previous generations that the new kids will learn from history, listen to repeated warnings and not make the same mistakes that their parents (or even their older siblings) did. More

Career Center Blog | Change from within, say Gen Y 'intrapreneurs'

The spirit of the entrepreneur — the maverick who breaks away from conventional structures and chooses a solo path to career success — has dampened somewhat since the Great Recession, but it's still a strong American archetype. As the new

Career Center Blog | College kids learn everything, except how to get a job

Today's tech-savvy college students have access to more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. Most of Generation Y grew up with the Internet, so social media to them is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping.

Career Center Blog | Millennial job seekers have good reason to stay in Seattle

Of all the demographic groups that have been studied for their economic vulnerability, the Millennials arguably have become the poster children of post-Great Recession victimhood. These young workers in the Seattle market, however, may soon become a bellwether for better

Career Center Blog | Gen Y to employers: Your on-the-job training programs stink!

Much has been written about how Generation Y -- the under-30 crowd in the workforce -- has had to adjust their attitude in today's crippled job market. As Associated Press reporter Cindy Krischer Goodman (no relation) wrote last fall,




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