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Career Center Blog | 4 tips to squeeze more exercise into your workday

I grew up in the Puget Sound region, and the joke in my family has always been that summer doesn't really start until after the Fourth of July. Not surprising since, according to KOMO weather anchor Steve Pool, Seattle ranks

Career Center Blog | 6 ways to overcome the mid-winter work 'blahs'

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we're all very familiar with the feelings that come from a prolonged lack of sun. They get especially terrible as we make our way through winter, causing many to lose steam at work. Sound familiar?

Career Center Blog | Can Seattle's sick leave law restore balance to office life?

Can you feel the change in the air? That magical time that brings us all together and reminds us of our shared humanity? Yes, cold and flu season is now upon us, so you'd better start decking the office halls

Career Center Blog | Sitting all day doesn't just make us fat, it can kill us

Sure, you sit at work most of the day. But you also exercise regularly, right? So naturally, you're not in any real danger from camping out at that desk. Right? Wrong. New research shows that being sedentary for eight or

Career Center Blog | Going to work sick: Sometimes you have no choice

On Monday, the Seattle City Council is expected to pass a bill requiring local businesses to grant their employees paid sick leave. [Flickr photo by ghindo] As the Seattle Times reported yesterday: Advocates say the law will enhance public

Career Center Blog | Unexpected benefits of using a standing desk

You've probably seen the scary statistics about how sitting all day can drastically cut short your lifespan. Thanks to a bad back and some pesky stiffness in my legs, I was already contemplating purchasing an adjustable desk that I

Career Center Blog | Night shift workers: What's your sleep strategy?

A recent NWjobs article and another on MSNBC gave a glimpse into the lives of people who prefer to work the night shift. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 3 percent of the country's full-time workforce pulls the




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