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Career Center Blog | Will a $15 minimum wage hurt your job prospects?

This year, the talk of the hiring world in Seattle is about the minimum wage and how high it should be raised. With last year's election bringing in not only wage-hike supporter Ed Murray as mayor, but also Kshama Sawant,

Career Center Blog | A good cover letter is not about you

Sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? Of course your cover letter is going to be about you! But think: What is the best way to win the attention and interest and good regard of, well, just about anyone? You know the answer,

Career Center Blog | Volunteer for your career -- but make it relevant

The more seasoned I become in my career, the more I'm known as a "go-to" person for recruiting and writing. Not coincidentally, my volunteer activities closely mirror these two aspects of my life, which is a piece of advice I

Career Center Blog | Questions hiring managers should avoid asking

It was the hiring manager's first time conducting a job interview. Being nervous, he began the interview with what he thought was simple chit-chat, asking the candidate if she had a nice weekend and had done anything interesting. The candidate,

Career Center Blog | An open letter to hiring managers

Dear hiring manager: You ask a lot from job seekers. Well, turnabout is fair play. We'd like to ask a few things of you. Could you notify applicants when the position is filled? It's one thing to ignore a mailed-in

Career Center Blog | How to think like a hiring manager in job interviews

Although it may not seem like it during a high-pressure job interview, hiring managers are only human. They may occasionally give you a withering stare and ask sometimes unanswerable questions just to see how you react, but they are essentially

Career Center Blog | 8 job-search tips from the other side of the desk

Several days ago, I had the pleasure of hosting an event where three local hiring managers agreed to share their thoughts on the job-hunting process with a group of my clients going through career transition. These three individuals -- a

Career Center Blog | Some career-independence assistance from ESD

The smoke from the fireworks has cleared and the picnic leftovers are in the fridge, but two recent announcements from the Washington state Employment Security Department (ESD) are continuing the independence celebrations a little longer. One is a new page

Career Center Blog | No easy answers for delicate EEOC questions

Ask any recruiter or hiring manager about what elements of a job seeker's profile they don't want to touch with a 10-foot pole and their likely answer is anything covered under the purview of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Career Center Blog | Turning tables: Questions to ask hiring managers

At the end of nearly every job interview, there is a golden opportunity to make an impression that many job seekers miss entirely. The interviewer, after getting all the needed information from the candidate, will ask, "Do you have any

Career Center Blog | Job skills gap is sometimes a matter of perception

When looking for a new position, it's important for job seekers and hiring managers to be on the same page. Managers must clearly state what responsibilities they are looking for in the position they are offering and candidates must demonstrate

Career Center Blog | Outrage of the week: On maternity leave? No home loan for you!

There are so many reports of maddening workplace and work-related practices these days that I've decided to create a recurring feature called Outrage of the Week. This week's outrage: [Photo by Flickr user Xbeckie boox] The New York Times




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