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Career Center Blog | Are you missing opportunities by not saying 'thanks'?

Whatever happened to the simple "thank you"? People still speak it all the time, but in written form, it seems to be going the way of "thee" and "thou" in terms of outdated speech. First, email made everyone forget the

Career Center | Year Up program gives young adults a career boost

By Michael E. Kanell / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution One winter ago, Liliana Tapia had a young son, a closetful of unfulfilled dreams and not enough hours of work in a job at a local restaurant. A 2012 high-school graduate,

Job Calendar | Doctors Without Borders information session

Medical and non-medical professionals are invited to an evening presentation to learn more about how you can join Doctors Without Borders' pool of dedicated aid workers. You'll meet experienced Doctors Without Borders aid workers from the Seattle area and hear

Career Center Blog | Advice for new grads: Get your hands dirty

All over the Puget Sound region, college and high school graduates will do the cap-and-gown shuffle in the next few weeks as they collect their new diplomas and head into the next stage of life. For the last four years,

Career Center Blog | Are millennials in denial about their job prospects?

With each new generation, there is always the hope from previous generations that the new kids will learn from history, listen to repeated warnings and not make the same mistakes that their parents (or even their older siblings) did. More

Job Calendar | UW Spring Career Fair

Looking for a career position, summer job or internship? Then don't miss the University of Washington Spring Career Fair, open to alumni and students from all UW campuses. Registered employers will be looking to fill jobs and internships in a

Career Center | For 20-somethings, ambition comes at a price

By Teddy Wayne / New York Times News Service Every generation has its own anthem of making the journey from youthful naivete to adult reality, whether it's Neil Young's "Old Man," Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or most recently, perhaps,

Career Center Blog | It's never too early to think about summer jobs

Do you remember your first job? Try as I might to forget it, mine is still seared into my memory banks: A shopping mall in suburban Maryland, the sweltering summer of 1985, lifting bags of mulch, restocking tools, assembling picnic

Career Center Blog | College kids learn everything, except how to get a job

Today's tech-savvy college students have access to more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. Most of Generation Y grew up with the Internet, so social media to them is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping.

Career Center Blog | Four actions every employer wants to see from an intern

For college students expecting to graduate next year, the job market shows little sign of improving fast enough to help them find entry-level jobs — regardless of which candidate wins the presidential job interview tomorrow. As a result, an increasing

Job Calendar | PR for People Seattle: How to Choose an Intern

Join PR for People Seattle for this panel discussion on choosing an intern for your business, featuring Anisha Vinjamuri, founder of InnovationsIQ; Tim Rinaker of CampusPoint; and risk management expert Annie Searle. Register here.

Career Center Blog | Will the long-term unemployed soon get a rescue platform?

Earlier this year, while going about their usual business of investigating the nation's power brokers and exposing corruption wherever they find it, the journalists on the CBS TV news magazine "60 Minutes" told one of the more uplifting stories to

Career Center | Career Q&A: Is this a job-search faux pas?

By Karla L. Miller / Special to The Washington Post Q: I am a college junior. I was applying for internships and had only heard back from one place. They told me the position was mine if I wanted it.

Career Center | Google, Microsoft rated best places to intern

By Tiffany Hsu / Los Angeles Times Google Inc., with its free meals, high monthly pay and relaxed work environment, was rated by interns as the best place to work in a report released just ahead of the peak summer

Career Center Blog | Summer jobs not always a breeze for teens

With the end of the school year coming up for college and high school students, the yearly ritual of parents everywhere will soon begin in earnest: getting their teenage sons and daughters off the couch and into a summer job.

Career Center Blog | Internships: gateways to career success

Internships. For many of us, this word conjures up a classic episode from "Seinfeld" where Kramer, a character who needs no introduction, has the brilliant idea of hiring an intern from NYU to fetch his laundry, do his chores and

Career Center Blog | The ol' college try: Making the most of your internship

For most college students and recent college grads, the old Catch-22 of job search -- you can't get a job without enough real-world experience, but you also can't get real-world experience until you get a job -- is one of

Career Center | Work/study: Sometimes, to get ahead, you have to go back (to school)

By Randy Woods NWjobs Making school work Include your family/support system. “Everyone has to understand that you must take time out of every weekend, so you may not be as available as you were,” says Antioch University’s Douglas Arnold. Prepare

Career Center Blog | Making the most of trick interview questions

Glassdoor had a fun blog post yesterday on the peculiar interview questions new job seekers sometimes find themselves faced with. Among the questions on Glassdoor's list: "How do you rob a bank?" "What was your first AOL screen name?"

Career Center Blog | Resources for finding a job you love in your encore years

My previous post featured a Q&A with Marc Freedman, author of the new book The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife, about redefining work and retirement for Americans over age 50 and 60. [Marc Freedman | Photo

Career Center | How to find an internship in Seattle

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I am completing the first year in an M.B.A. program with a supply chain concentration. I graduated with an M.S. in electrical engineering in 2009. I’m looking for a potential internship next summer in the

Career Center Blog | How to find a job in the federal government

According to Where the Jobs Are, federal agencies will be hiring more than 270,000 workers for mission-critical jobs by the end of September, 2012. Most federal hiring will be concentrated in five professional fields: Medical and Public Health, Security and

Career Center | No more making copies: Internships now include longer stints, startups and stipends

By Randy Woods Special to NWjobs If your impression of an intern is a bored, clueless post-adolescent in an ill-fitting suit, clearly you’ve been watching too many reruns of “The Office.” Today’s interns are dynamic, adaptable, business-savvy people who are

Career Center Blog | Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me an internship

The leaves are changing. A chill is in the air. The kids are back in school. Time to start thinking about summer. Not the swimming-pool, shorts and sunglasses kind of summer -- I mean summer internships. Since the needle on

Career Center Blog | More behind-the-scenes hiring tips and jobseeker mistakes

LeMaster Daniels is a 100-year-old CPA firm with offices across Washington and Idaho employing more than 300 professionals in the fields of taxes, audits, business valuation, litigation, cost reimbursement, corporate accounting and more. With the acquisition of Prospera Wealth Management,

Career Center Blog | Five alternatives to graduate school

I recently received the sort of email that I hate to see. "Paul," a thirtysomething laid off from an unsatisfying administrative job, was confused about what career steps to take next. He wanted work in a field he found

Career Center | Experts advise college grads to focus on work experience, think long-term

By Linda Hughes NWjobs Hemlata Mistry, left, talks with a representative from Adobe at the University of Washington Spring Career Fair in April. (Linda Hughes) There will be tears of joy and hard-won smiles next weekend as Seattle Pacific




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