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Job Calendar | Interviewing techniques workshop

Being able to handle an employment interview is a necessity for any job seeker. Learn helpful interviewing tips and practice your interviewing skills in a supportive, realistic environment at this free WorkSource workshop.

Career Center Blog | Acing the phone interview, part 2

Last week, I offered some phone-interview tips. There are also quite a few things not to do. Most of them should go without saying, but I'll say them anyway: Don't make any bodily noises other than well-modulated speech. That includes

Career Center Blog | Acing the phone interview, part 1

Many job interviews these days are conducted over the phone. A phone interview may even be your first contact with a potential employer. However, they are different from in-person interviews, and you may need to acquire a few new skills.

Career Center | Career makeover: Marketing professional needs to seal the deal

By Michelle Archer / NWjobs Tricia Belcastro is itching to get back to doing the marketing work she loves full time. In the two years since she was laid off from her senior marketing position at fitness-equipment manufacturer Precor, Belcastro

Career Center Blog | The shoot-yourself-in-the-foot thank-you letter

You would think that, short of misspelling the recipient's name, there would be very few ways to screw up a one-page thank-you letter. But any number of minor slip-ups can cost you a potential job opportunity. One that hiring managers

Career Center Blog | Tech interview? Choose your outfit wisely

Seattleites are well known for our casual, relaxed approach to almost everything -- especially attire. Look around and you'll see an abundance of jeans, T-shirts and baseball hats. We also wear socks with sandals. And fleece -- lots and lots

Career Center | Virtual job-search help just a click away

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs If you can’t afford to hire a professional career consultant, consider using the many free or low-cost tech tools that can boost job-search success. Online and software-based services can be accessed right from

Career Center Blog | A job interview is simply a conversation

Last week, I covered tips for reducing anxiety while interviewing for a job, one of which was to think of the interview not as an interrogation, but as a conversation. This thought deserves a closer look, because successful job interviewing

Career Center Blog | How to manage job-interview anxiety

Many career articles offer tips for eliminating job-interview anxiety. But the thing is, you can't eliminate job interview anxiety; you can only reduce it to a level where you do not display it. This is important, because displaying anxiety is

Career Center Blog | Some super job-search lessons learned from the Seahawks

So what were you doing on Sunday? Did you hear that there was a football game going on? That's OK -- even if you were supposed to be job hunting, no one should fault you for enjoying the dominant performance

Job Calendar | Mock Interviewing Lab

In this free WorkSource workshop, you'll learn interviewing skills such as the Star methods, your 60-second commercial and using emotional intelligence. You'll also learn questions you're likely to be asked, worst things to say in an interview and what questions

Career Center | Ready to squirm? Site names most oddball job-interview questions

By Darrell Smith / The Sacramento Bee You’ve studied the company and its mission, polished your elevator pitch and honed your answers to a razor’s edge. You’re ready to have the interview of your life. Then a question comes out

Career Center Blog | 8 reasons you're not finding a job

The good news is that the job market is improving, albeit slowly. The bad news is that you might still be looking. If so, maybe it's time for a little self-evaluation. Do any of these issues ring a bell? Your

Career Center Blog | Walking a fine line between confidence and arrogance

During a job interview, one of the most difficult tasks for job seekers is to appear confident in their abilities without sounding too cocky. A job seeker may be perfectly qualified for a position but still may be turned down

Career Center | Don't duck the 'current salary' interview question

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune A reader emailed recently with an interesting job-search question. She explained that when she interviews with prospective employers, human resources officials always ask about her current salary. “I am willing to share a target

Career Center | Get a free career makeover

Is your job search stuck? Do you need help switching careers or networking effectively? If so, you may be selected to get free job-hunting, networking and interviewing advice from a trio of experts in exchange for having your story and

Career Center Blog | Countdown to better job searching in 2014

For most of us, the change of the calendar will come with a sigh of relief. From a new low in political gridlock to homegrown terrorist plots to health-care website fiascos, 2013 was certainly a year to forget -- with

Job Calendar | Job Search Strategies workshop

This free WorkSource workshop provides tips and introduces other strategies like networking and informational interviews. Finding out about employers in your area and creating a strategy to target your job search is the key to success.

Job Calendar | Putting Your Skills to Work workshop

In this free WorkSource workshop, you will learn to identify, demonstrate and package, with confidence, your skills and personal qualities in ways that will be meaningful to employers. You also will learn oral communication skills and practice delivering a 60-Second

Career Center Blog | Time to crack the whip on your job search

For the past five years or so, finding a job in the sluggish economy could take not a matter of weeks, but months (or more). While that is still the case for some highly sought-after jobs, the economy is no

Career Center Blog | Make the most of a counteroffer situation

Who wouldn't want to receive multiple job offers? It's not uncommon to play offers against each other in an attempt to get a better deal. But use caution in a counteroffer situation, as it can feel like a bidding war

Career Center Blog | How to rewrite a job description in your favor

When a job seeker tries, but fails, to get a job in a particular field, the problem is often that he or she did not understand the requirements for consideration. For instance, a bank teller who applies for a senior

Career Center | Want a new job in 2014? Start planning now

By Michelle Archer / NWjobs If you’re planning to look for a job in 2014, you’ll be in good company. A resounding 83 percent of people said in a recent Right Management online poll that they “will actively seek a

Career Center Blog | What remote candidates should know about video interviewing

A common question from candidates who want to move to the Seattle area is whether local companies use video interviewing to hire employees from outside the area. I always tell remote candidates seeking to engage potential employers via Skype or

Career Center Blog | What are your wardrobe colors telling hiring managers?

During a job interview, communication is happening on many levels, from verbal language to body posture to eye contact. But have you ever thought about what the colors you're wearing are saying to the hiring manager? Unless you're mixing stripes

Career Center Blog | When they say you're overqualified

Have you ever applied for a job and been told you were overqualified? It might sound weird, but employers are actually suspicious of employees with too many qualifications, even though you may have good reason to seek a "lesser" position.

Career Center Blog | When and how job candidates should follow up

Job candidates are often confused about when and how to follow up with employers. As a recruiter, I frequently hear questions such as "How long should I wait to contact a recruiter after initial contact?" and "How should I follow

Career Center Blog | When it comes to job skills, there are no white lies

One thing I could never understand about online dating -- or at least what passes for online dating in today's romantic comedies -- is the old tactic of lying about your looks or your job to impress another person. Of

Career Center Blog | Don't take screening interviews lightly

Every job seeker knows that, at some point in their search, like it or not, they will have to face an interview situation. Many interviewees put a lot of work into their answers to common questions, the presentation of their

Career Center Blog | How to persuasively negotiate salary offers

Much has been written about what to say and how to act in an initial job interview, but the path to a job is a bit murkier during the second, third or fourth interviews. It's during this late interview stage

Career Center | Enthusiasm! Turn that frown upside down for interview, career success

By Joyce E.A. Russell / The Washington Post Recently, I had an instructor in an exercise class who was so enthusiastic that it made me have a fantastic experience. Yet the next time I went to the class, someone else

Career Center Blog | 5 ways to stop worrying and enjoy job interviews

Getting ready for a job interview, especially if you haven't had many in your career, can be a nerve-racking experience. Most interview stress, however, comes from worrying about small things that don't play a major role in the decision-making process.

Career Center Blog | Differences between cultural fit, functional fit interviews

In a recent blog post about navigating a phone screen, recruiter Kristen Fife explained that "an HR screen is looking for communication and cultural fit, while a screen with the hiring team is usually ascertaining your functional fit." Hopefully, that

Career Center | Q&A: How do I explain getting fired for being tired?

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: I’m having trouble explaining why I left my last job. For three years, I worked in a residential treatment facility for youthful offenders. Everything was fine until I was assigned to

Career Center | Erasable ink: Job seekers remove tattoos to improve prospects

By Carolyn Said / San Francisco Chronicle Luis Orozco had ferocious orange-and-black tigers snarling out from each of his calves. Juan Velasquez had a massive red, white and blue eagle spread across his shoulder. Yolanda Carretero had an Old English-style

Career Center Blog | 4 ways to avoid the 'fear of failure' spiral

Let's talk about failure for a moment. Sure, it's not an easy subject, but anyone seeking a new job or a more in-depth career change will have to absorb and learn from a lot of perceived "failures" before finding

Career Center Blog | How to tell companies you're there to stay

The job-search process can be long and difficult for job seekers, but they're not alone in their misery. In most cases, hiring managers enjoy the process no less than the applicants, albeit for differing reasons. In a recent study conducted

Career Center Blog | What's negotiable, and what isn't, in a job offer

It is a common belief that everything in a job offer is negotiable. Sure, there is room for negotiation in a number of areas, but not each one. The rule of thumb: The smaller the company, the more flexibility you

Career Center Blog | The crucial question you won't get asked at job interviews

What is the one question a hiring manager will never ask, but that is crucial in whether or not you'll get the job? (Hint: It's a question the manager is asking himself or herself.) Give up? OK, here it is:

Career Center Blog | Ace your interview by practicing, avoiding extremes

Congratulations -- you've made it to an on-site interview. Here in Seattle, that probably means that either you have already spoken on the phone (or in person) with at least one or two people, or your resume was outstanding enough

Career Center | 3 good ways to follow up after an interview

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star A common query: "I thought I had a great job interview, but I haven't heard a thing since. Is it OK for me to contact them?" Yes, it's perfectly fine to inquire

Career Center | If you want the job, curb these desperate behaviors

By Jeffrey Kudisch / The Washington Post Acting desperate has never been an attractive quality in dating relationships, and it’s certainly not attractive to potential employers, either. For job seekers, emotions can run high and turn usually calm, collected candidates

Career Center Blog | Ace your job interview by getting specific

Too many job interviews are general, rather than specific. This is bad, because the best way to wow a potential employer is to specifically show him or her how your specific skills and experience relate, specifically, to that employer's needs.

Career Center | Q&A: Asking about firm's work/life balance without looking like a slacker

By Joyce E.A. Russell / Special to The Washington Post Q: Does work/life balance really exist? And when interviewing with a company, what are some questions that you can ask to find out if they value work/life balance without making

Career Center Blog | Tips for successfully navigating a phone screen

Most employers in the Seattle area conduct an initial phone screen or two with candidates before an interview, one with HR, and possibly one with someone on the hiring team. Although they are similar, a phone screen is used in

Career Center Blog | Four ways to rein in a wayward interview

First impressions, as the saying goes, are lasting ones, so starting off an interview on a positive note is a crucial tactic for any job seeker. But also remember that humans are a relatively forgiving species, and that America is

Job Calendar | Interview skills workshop

In this free WorkSource workshop, you will practice responding to typical interview questions and begin the necessary preparation to ace a job interview.

Career Center Blog | 19 tips for acing the lunch interview

As if job hunting were not already stressful enough -- enter the lunchtime interview. Not only are you being judged on your skills, qualifications and experience, your table manners are being scrutinized, too! Fret not. You can wow a potential

Career Center Blog | Questions hiring managers should avoid asking

It was the hiring manager's first time conducting a job interview. Being nervous, he began the interview with what he thought was simple chit-chat, asking the candidate if she had a nice weekend and had done anything interesting. The candidate,

Career Center Blog | 7 nonverbal mistakes to avoid in a job interview

Last week, I discussed how reading the nonverbal cues of hiring managers can improve your chances of interview success. This week, I'll focus on nonverbal mistakes that job seekers should avoid during interviews. These include: Unusual handshake. A "limp fish"

Career Center | Want a promotion? Build up your executive presence

By Ken White / The Washington Post What image do you project? How do people react when you enter a room or when you walk down a hallway? Do you possess that intangible quality known as executive presence? It is

Job Calendar | Mock interview workshop for tech jobs

CodeChix International will host the "Interview with Confidence" mock interview workshop for attendees looking for jobs as software engineers, software engineers in test and in testing and QA.   Volunteer interviewers are full-time employees at top tech companies. Register and

Career Center Blog | Interviewers' nonverbal cues offer important clues

A friend of mine recently had a job interview. When I asked what the interviewer thought of him, he didn't know. He'd been so nervous that he had forgotten to pay attention to the hiring manager's nonverbal communication. That happens

Career Center Blog | How to dress for interview success

Struggling to decide on an outfit for your upcoming job interview? What you wear to an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is crucial to presenting yourself as the

Career Center Blog | The 10 trickiest job interview questions

If some interview questions seem like trick questions, it's because they are. Here are 10 common questions, along with ideas for handling them: "Tell me about yourself." Don't ramble. This is your chance to talk about how your specific skills

Career Center Blog | Things I wish I'd known before my first job

New college grad? Congratulations! Now it's time to find a job and begin your career. Feeling nervous? Don't worry -- starting a new job often strikes fear into the heart of even the strongest person. As one of my clients

Career Center Blog | The 'subversive' job search: Higher risk, higher reward

Performing a job search has often been compared with doing a high-wire act. You have to put yourself out there and dazzle an audience, but also maintain your composure to look professional. One misstep -- or a perceived falsehood

Career Center Blog | What hiring managers are really looking for

To get a good job, you need the right skills, education and experience. But that's not all; employers are also looking for other, fuzzier qualities. Here are some of the biggies, in no particular order: Judgment. When interviewers ask, "Tell

Career Center | How to handle hardball interview questions

By Marvin Walberg / Scripps Howard News Service Even candidates who are able to make a strong sales pitch in job interviews can find themselves easily tripped up by the unexpected: hardball questions. The trick to fielding those questions is

Career Center | What employers want from job seekers

By Dawn Dugan / The competition is fierce in today’s job market, and standing out in the crowd is more important -- and challenging -- than ever before. How do you know you’re giving employers exactly what they are

Career Center | A call for human decency in hiring, job seeking

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star Job hunting is stressful -- more stressful than it needs to be when some simple human decency is missing. First, though, a couple of reminders. As a job hunter, keep telling yourself

Career Center Blog | Are you asking the right questions in interviews?

As most veteran job seekers already know, before heading into a job interview you should have three to five questions to ask the interviewers themselves. This shows that you've done a little research, you're enthusiastic and you've taken some initiative.

Career Center Blog | How to talk yourself into a job

Last week, we discussed how to "run" a job interview (in the event your job interviewer is unprepared, inexperienced or untrained). Most of the time, though, interviewers are reasonably competent and you will not need to manage your job interviews.

Career Center | Q&A: Is it OK to ask for interview feedback?

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: I recently completed a lengthy interview process for a general manager position. The first two interviews were with the owners of the company, followed by individual meetings with several mid-level managers.

Career Center Blog | How to run your own job interview

It happens all the time. Job interviewers are unprepared. Or inexperienced. Or untrained. Or have poor social skills. In fact, many interviewers will appear to have never glanced at your resume. You may even arrive to find that they have

Career Center Blog | What to look for when choosing a career coach

While career coaches were almost unheard of 20 years ago, their use has grown rapidly over the past five to 10 years. Paid sports coaches have been around for a long time, but the profession of career coaching is still

Career Center | Networking apps are bumping off the business card

By Julie Weed / New York Times News Service The business card has long since left the realm of the office Rolodex and entered the world of the Web. Business acquaintances and meeting attendees now transmit contact information between cellphones,

Career Center | Pull together an interview look for less

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs When her clients are figuring out what to wear for a job interview, Seattle-based wardrobe stylist Tannya Bernadette recommends that they check their own closets first. Why spend the money on a new

Career Center | How to handle awkward interview questions

By Joyce E.A. Russell / Special to The Washington Post As an executive coach, I receive many questions from people who want to make a good impression in their interviews. But sometimes applicants are unsure how to handle the awkward

Career Center Blog | How to think like a hiring manager in job interviews

Although it may not seem like it during a high-pressure job interview, hiring managers are only human. They may occasionally give you a withering stare and ask sometimes unanswerable questions just to see how you react, but they are essentially

Career Center | Problem solved: How to be a fixer, not a whiner

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald Most days, real estate agents storm into Ron Shuffield’s office with problems. They might have a closing that’s about to blow apart or a commission in dispute. They lay out all the

Career Center | Q&A: My hiring decisions aren't very good

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: My hiring decisions don’t seem to be very good. The past few people I’ve hired have fallen short of my expectations. I can’t figure it out -- I’m hitting it off with

Career Center | 11 reasons you didn't get that job

By Aaron Gouveia / You thought you nailed that interview, but weeks have gone by without a peep from the employer. Wondering why? Here's a list of common interview mistakes, one of which may have been your downfall. Arriving

Career Center | Watch your words if you want career success

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star Little things we say every day can make or break our workplace image. Darlene Price, an executive coach and founder of Well Said Inc., has a list of phrases that we may

Career Center | How to ace a virtual job interview

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Moments before a recent job interview with a tech company, Anna White sat in a small room in the prospective employer’s satellite office in Irvine, Calif., facing a desk. A phone rang, and

Career Center | Rejection goes hand-in-hand with job seeking

By Jeffrey Kudisch / Special to The Washington Post For those on the job hunt, there will inevitably be setbacks. But it’s how you deal with those setbacks that can prepare you for success and leadership in your career. Job

Career Center | Job-interview outfit do's and don'ts

NWjobs staff Congratulations -- you finally landed a job interview! Now, what are you going to wear? For advice, we turned to Seattle-area career experts Lisa Quast of Career Woman, Inc., and Josh Warborg of Robert Half International, who critiqued

Career Center | Don't overlook inside candidates, research suggests

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star As president of the Society for Human Resource Management of Johnson County, Kan., Sue Christopher writes regular newsletter messages to the membership. The biggest reaction she has ever received came this past

Career Center Blog | What presidential debates can teach us about interviewing

The job candidate had loads of experience, the skills to tackle tough challenges, a track record of making smart decisions under pressure and a long list of references from respected peers. During the early selection process, he seemed to be

Career Center | Want to improve your speaking skills? Join the club

By Kyle Nagel / Dayton Daily News Membership in the communication-skills group Toastmasters International has grown, which officials say signals workers’ desire to stand out during in-person interactions. The organization reported an all-time membership high of 273,895 around the world

Job Calendar | Workshop: How to become a better interviewee

Once you get to the hiring manager, it is all about your preparation and presentation. Presented by an IT hiring manager, this free WorkSource workshop will provide you with guidance and insight to help you achieve success in future interviews.

Career Center | Study: Just say 'no' to alcohol at job interview

By Darrell Smith / Sacramento Bee Good news: You’ve made it to the dinner interview with the company’s boss. Want to make sure that good news doesn’t become a Dear John letter? Think twice about the wine list. A new

Career Center Blog | Negotiation nuances: talking money after the offer

In last week's post, I shared some recommendations on how job candidates should respond to salary questions during interviews. This week, I'll discuss some strategies to use when a viable job offer is on the table. First, a few disclaimers:

Career Center Blog | A positive response to rejection can reap later rewards

Like the quest for true love, the course of a job search usually takes people down a series of dead ends and disappointments before a desired destination is found. According to career coach and author Orville Pierson, the average job

Career Center | Career makeover: Budding social worker gets help

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Amanda Saab knew in high school that she wanted a career in social work. Since then, she has interned at a hospital, earned a master’s degree, participated in community activities and gained professional

Career Center | Career Q&A: Is this a job-search faux pas?

By Karla L. Miller / Special to The Washington Post Q: I am a college junior. I was applying for internships and had only heard back from one place. They told me the position was mine if I wanted it.

Career Center Blog | 8 job-search tips from the other side of the desk

Several days ago, I had the pleasure of hosting an event where three local hiring managers agreed to share their thoughts on the job-hunting process with a group of my clients going through career transition. These three individuals -- a

Career Center | Seven ways to mess up a job interview

By Alesia Benedict / Once you land a job interview, you may feel the hard work is done. You might even allow your enthusiasm to melt your inhibitions during the meeting. Don’t let your excitement rob you of a

Career Center Blog | Informational interviewing: how, and what, to ask

For years, colleges and career counselors have suggested to job seekers (especially those changing careers and/or just entering the workforce) that a key step in their efforts should be to reach out to a handful of appropriate local professionals and

Career Center Blog | Overcoming the age-old 'maturity' problem

First impressions play an enormous role in how a candidate will be evaluated. Sometimes, however, these impressions are completely out of our control. Take the case of one job seeker I recently spoke with, who met a hiring manager about

Career Center Blog | Who has it tougher: Olympic athletes or job seekers?

Citius, Altius, Fortius... After tomorrow night, we'll start finding out who will run faster, leap higher and finish stronger than the rest, in accordance with this time-honored Olympic motto. As we prepare ourselves for another two weeks of wall-to-wall TV

Career Center Blog | Your role in restoring compassion to the job market

There's an old quote about many drops of water coming together to form a mighty stream -- a sentiment which, if we all play our cards right, may turn out to have a surprisingly positive impact on the modern job

Career Center Blog | Take control of interviews by telling your story

We've had some good news on the job opportunity front over the last few weeks. The state's latest figures on jobless claims showed that employers added more than 10,000 new seasonally adjusted jobs last month. An earlier job outlook study

Career Center Blog | Adding resume 'interests'? Better make them interesting

During a recent chat via Facebook with a friend of mine, an acquaintance happened to mention how much his experience in the Boy Scouts of America has meant to him, even into his adult years. He even said that his

Career Center Blog | For every job interview rule, there are exceptions

Has someone spiked the water cooler? Perhaps it's this summer's unseasonably hot weather. Or maybe the Mayans were really correct about 2012 being the end of time. Whatever the reason, a few recent stories in the news appear to be

Career Center | Interview tip: the more research, the better

By L.M. Sixel / Houston Chronicle I tend to do a lot of research before I make decisions big and small. From reserving a hotel room to choosing new investments in my 401(k), I study traveler review websites, ask friends

Career Center Blog | Remedies for interview rambling

If you've ever taken a public speaking or presentation skills class, you've probably heard the time-tested advice: "Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you've told them." This advice applies to interviewing,

Career Center Blog | How to say no without burning bridges

In improvisational comedy, there is one overriding tenet that is the basis for all successful performances: the concept of "yes, and ..." Basically, this means that for whatever situation arises, the first response is to accept the premise, no matter

Career Center | Fake wedding ring at job interview a bad idea

By Karla L. Miller / Special to The Washington Post Q: I was thinking about wearing a wedding ring to my next job interview in order to appear less as a loser and more as a connected adult who can

Career Center Blog | Facing, and conquering, relocation realities

I'll give it to you straight. By and large, employers hate, hate, hate relocating people. Given their druthers, they'll almost always hire a local candidate over a person they'd have to recruit from out of the area -- especially in




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