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Career Center Blog | Likes, follows, endorsements: Are they worth it?

The word "like" may be one of the most abused words in the English language. Not only does Webster's categorize the word in seven distinct classes of language — verb, noun, adjective, preposition, adverb, conjunction and verbal auxiliary — the

Career Center Blog | How much networking is too much on LinkedIn?

The ultimate goal of networking, as every job seeker knows, is to increase your odds of connecting with someone who can help move your career forward. For some, that means acting like a marketer and getting your brand in front

Career Center Blog | How a positive mindset can trump the best skill set

In a struggling economy, many people looking for work make the mistake of focusing solely on a new job instead of managing their careers. I know from personal experience that when a steady income is suddenly cut off, it becomes

Career Center Blog | Three 'hall of fame' examples of job-search creativity

At a time when almost every resume in existence seems to trumpet "creative problem-solving" skills, the question remains: Why does there seem to be so LITTLE creativity applied in the average person's job-search routine? I'm not asking this question rhetorically.

Job Calendar | Speed Networking with the AMA

It's not what you know but who know, so race to meet as many people as possible at the Puget Sound American Marketing Association's Speed Networking Event.

Career Center Blog | Job hunters: Get the word out, early and often

Who do you think is more likely to find a job faster: a great job candidate with an average network, or an average job candidate with a great network? Based on what I've witnessed for the past 20 years, I'd

Career Center Blog | Time running out on ESD's entrepreneurial training program?

For many of the long-time unemployed, the idea of starting and running their own business is a tantalizing dream of self-reliance. (Wouldn't you love to be your own boss this week and declare your own snow days?) Some of these

Career Center Blog | Develop your value proposition and set yourself apart

In my career-transition program at ProLango, I tell my students to target a set number of companies. That makes them more focused and strategic, versus spending too much time on job boards that display only advertised openings. Once they have

Career Center Blog | Learn the secrets executives use to land their dream jobs

One reason I enjoy working with executives is that they gain such deep knowledge about the companies they're targeting. They become familiar with the general financials, the executive management teams and boards of directors, and they find out if the

People's Picks 2010 | Favorite Seattle-area company

Projectline Services "What do you get when you cross a good time with friends and a full-time strategic career?" asks one employee of our "Favorite Seattle-area small company" winner -- "Projectline!" That sentiment was echoed by many of the




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