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Career Center Blog | 5 resume tips to help reduce age bias

We've watched the ball drop and turned another page on our wall calendars. This is the time of year that reminds us that we're all getting older -- especially those of us ancient enough to use the term "wall calendar."

Career Center Blog | When they say you're overqualified

Have you ever applied for a job and been told you were overqualified? It might sound weird, but employers are actually suspicious of employees with too many qualifications, even though you may have good reason to seek a "lesser" position.

Career Center Blog | Are you too "overqualified" to get a job?

The bad news: Employers are often suspicious of applicants with too many qualifications. They fear you'll want too much money. Or that you're slumming until something better comes along. Or that you'll resent being supervised by a younger or less-experienced




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