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Career Center Blog | 35 topics to avoid discussing at work

You spend most of your waking hours at work. You may even consider your boss and co-workers as friends. Which is nice. But never forget that you can't totally let your hair down at work. Why? Because the workplace is

Career Center Blog | How managers can overcome resistance to change

A newly promoted manager recently said: "We had to reduce expenses, so I made some changes in the organizational structure of my department by consolidating a few positions. I put several projects on hold, canceled one project and let a

Career Center Blog | Things I wish I'd known before my first job

New college grad? Congratulations! Now it's time to find a job and begin your career. Feeling nervous? Don't worry -- starting a new job often strikes fear into the heart of even the strongest person. As one of my clients

Career Center Blog | What presidential debates can teach us about interviewing

The job candidate had loads of experience, the skills to tackle tough challenges, a track record of making smart decisions under pressure and a long list of references from respected peers. During the early selection process, he seemed to be

Career Center Blog | It's election season: leave those political buttons at home

It's that season again, the time when campaign signs litter the medians like trash after a windstorm, fresh bumper stickers scream out sound-bite ideologies, the politicians are calling you with prerecorded messages, and your cubicle neighbor can't stop railing, "Wait

Career Center Blog | Don't get fil-A'd by a fowled-up social media strategy

I Googled myself a few days ago. That's no longer an especially noteworthy act; most professionals should do it from time to time to make sure they don't see any embarrassing surprises associated with their names. Fortunately, most of the

Career Center Blog | Health-care training may be a good career investment

If there's any certainty about searching for a job in today's market, it's that long-range predictions will always be unreliable. But as we mark not only 2012's halfway point but also our nation's 236th birthday this week, it seems a

Career Center Blog | Five simple ways to avoid the layoff axe

If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it is that no one is irreplaceable. A tailspinning economy and shrinking revenues can spark a panic among management, leaving even the most loyal and talented employees vulnerable to the chopping block.

Career Center Blog | Tips for corporate newbies

Last week, a reader who spent his entire career working in public service wrote me in a panic. After spending a year at home with his young son, this reader (let's call him "Julius") had returned to work, this

Career Center Blog | Online do-overs: Do we need a law to erase our internet mistakes?

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years you're probably well aware that any improprieties you make online can come back to haunt you professionally. One suggestive tweet or drunken YouTube video can be all it

Career Center Blog | And the award for Least Trusted Profession goes to...

...Politician! Congratulations, Politician -- come up here and accept your award! In a new survey commissioned by Sandler Training, a sales and management training company, 68 percent of 1,200 U.S. adults polled chose politicians as the profession they trust




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