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Career Center Blog | Countdown to better job searching in 2014

For most of us, the change of the calendar will come with a sigh of relief. From a new low in political gridlock to homegrown terrorist plots to health-care website fiascos, 2013 was certainly a year to forget -- with

Career Center Blog | Four ways to rein in a wayward interview

First impressions, as the saying goes, are lasting ones, so starting off an interview on a positive note is a crucial tactic for any job seeker. But also remember that humans are a relatively forgiving species, and that America is

Career Center Blog | Why you need to become a decent public speaker

You're at a funeral. Whom would you rather be: the person giving the eulogy or the person lying in the casket? If -- like a lot of us -- you say you fear public speaking more than you fear death,

Career Center Blog | Fill in those hollow resume adjectives with real results

"Hello, my name is Randy. I'm a creative person specializing in organizational efficiency and effective communication. I'm a motivated individual with extensive experience in journalism and have a proven track record of creating innovative solutions. In my previous positions, I

Career Center Blog | Take control of interviews by telling your story

We've had some good news on the job opportunity front over the last few weeks. The state's latest figures on jobless claims showed that employers added more than 10,000 new seasonally adjusted jobs last month. An earlier job outlook study

Career Center Blog | It's interview time: Do you know what your skills are?

If someone said to you in an interview, "Tell me what you're good at," what would you say? Hopefully now you've banished the hackneyed "I'm a people person" response from your interviewing repertoire and have focused on providing more detailed

Career Center Blog | How to survive the dreaded panel interview

The job interview process may seem like fairly changeless process over the decades -- candidates put on nice clothes and meet with a potential supervisor or human resources representative (or both). Usually a second round of finalist interviews is then

Career Center Blog | Don't let brain freezes seize up your interview

If the current candidates for the presidency of the United States can teach us anything about landing a new job, it's the value of preparation. Earlier this month, at least two of the nine Republican candidates have made spectacular mental

Career Center Blog | Three great tips for communicating powerfully

I recently spoke with Carmine Gallo, author of "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience," who attributes career advancement to the way you communicate (including body language), your brand presence and




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