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Career Center Blog | 5 rules for freelancing from home

You've sent in your applications, gone on all the interviews you can stand and nudged every network connection to the point of annoyance, but you're still looking for work. Perhaps by now you're thinking it's time to set out on

Career Center Blog | 8 tips to survive the holidays at work

With Christmas just around the corner, I can already feel people's stress levels rising. To make this year's festivities more enjoyable, try these tips for surviving the holiday season at work: Negotiate time off with enough advance notice. Don't wait

Career Center Blog | Are you working harder, or just too long?

As Seattleites, we all know that we're a pretty hard-working bunch. But now, apparently, we have "proof." According to a report released last week by real estate brokerage website Movoto, Seattle topped the list of The Hardest Working Cities in

Career Center Blog | 4 tips to squeeze more exercise into your workday

I grew up in the Puget Sound region, and the joke in my family has always been that summer doesn't really start until after the Fourth of July. Not surprising since, according to KOMO weather anchor Steve Pool, Seattle ranks

Career Center Blog | Co-working spaces may increase your productivity

As we've seen recently since the kerfuffle regarding Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to suspend her company's telecommuting policy, the definition of the nation's workspace is rapidly broadening to reach outside the traditional corporate environment. One of the more popular

Career Center Blog | Yahoo policy: A watershed moment for telecommuting

For those Seattle-area workers currently telecommuting at their jobs, let us take a few moments to give thanks to Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo. Mayer recently sent out an order to all telecommuting employees demanding that they get their

Career Center Blog | Achieve work-life balance naturally with these 5 tips

We all know at least someone who amazes us with the amount of energy they have and the ease with which they juggle demanding careers and social lives. They seem to not only excel at their jobs, but also find

Career Center Blog | How to make a case for 'workflex' policies in your office

In August of this year, released a list of the top 25 companies in terms of work-life balance, as voted on by their own employees. Kent-based REI (ranked No. 6) and Seattle's Slalom Consulting (No. 15) were the two

Career Center Blog | Can Seattle's sick leave law restore balance to office life?

Can you feel the change in the air? That magical time that brings us all together and reminds us of our shared humanity? Yes, cold and flu season is now upon us, so you'd better start decking the office halls

Career Center Blog | Flex time is great, but if we're lucky enough to get it, we have to 'bring it'

Everyone talks about flex time as if it's the Holy Grail for office workers, the golden ticket. Flex time allows for better "work-life balance." Flex time is good for morale, saves employees cash, can reduce workers' stress and improve their

Career Center Blog | Three techniques to beat procrastination (now!)

I'm a classic procrastinator. I've been a procrastinator since I was a kid and my mom would give me an hour to clean my room. I'd play happily for 55 minutes and then, keeping careful watch on the light-up Care

Career Center Blog | Five simple ways to avoid the layoff axe

If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it is that no one is irreplaceable. A tailspinning economy and shrinking revenues can spark a panic among management, leaving even the most loyal and talented employees vulnerable to the chopping block.

Career Center Blog | How being a clutter bug can hurt you at work

Is your desk buried under papers, file folders, and other clutter? If so, you could be jeopardizing your next promotion. [Flickr photo by aliwest44] According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than a quarter of employers (28 percent) say

Career Center Blog | How to get more responsibility at work

As anyone who's ever held a job for more than a week will tell you, being underutilized at work is the kiss of death. As if dying of boredom isn't bad enough, you also get to worry about being branded

Career Center Blog | April Fool's Day pranks at the office: Yea or nay?

Like March Madness office pools, there will always be killjoys vehemently opposed to having a little innocent fun in the workplace on April 1. [Photo by sandman_kk] A few days ago, one labor attorney issued this warning by way of

Career Center Blog | In defense of March Madness office pools

It never fails. Once the flowers start blooming, my inbox bubbles with press releases warning against the evils of participating in March Madness office betting pools. Please. That's about as effective as telling employees not to swipe the occasional pen




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