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Career Center Blog | Local experts' tips on polishing your LinkedIn profile

Seattle is a technology hub, and recruiters and hiring managers aren't hiding from it. They're using LinkedIn as a pre-interview tactic to narrow down candidates for job openings. To find out what they're looking for, I interviewed technology recruiters and

Career Center Blog | Keeping face when interview demands go too far

As I've written before, social media are essential tools to ensure that your expertise can be viewed by a wide variety of employers; however, Facebook should not be one of them. The 845-million-member network that spawned a Hollywood blockbuster cannot

Career Center Blog | Resume 'updates' should last all year long

So here we are on the edge of the big first weekend in September. Do you have any major plans? Reassessing career goals? Adding new skill sets? Emphasizing major job-specific accomplishments? Wait, did you say you were barbecuing instead? No,

Career Center Blog | Video resumes: Handle with extreme care

For job seekers looking to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, it's sometimes helpful to show off your creativity by trying a new technology or displaying your skills in an unusual format. This has led to a rise

Career Center Blog | What role does social media play in your job search?

Can social media help you find a job faster? Can tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles help your personal brand? Will tools like LinkedIn replace our resumes in the future? From my experience working with professionals in transition,

Career Center Blog | LinkedIn tips from a 'LinkedIn Rockstar'

This Thursday and Friday, April 21-22, Mike O'Neil and Lori Ruff, co-authors of "Rock the World with your Online Presence," are presenting a "Rock The World!" with LinkedIn Intensive Workshop at the Langley Center for New Media on Whidbey Island.




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