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Career Center Blog | Get rid of boring bios and focus on repeatable results

You've probably read a lot of advice for getting your foot in the door at an organization, including letting your experience speak for you in blogs or writing a killer resume that impresses hiring managers with your skills. Few of

Career Center Blog | Is coffee affecting your performance at work?

At a recent seminar, the presenter -- a friend of mine -- seemed anxious on stage. He kept pacing back and forth and wiped sweat from his brow several times. At the break, I went up to him and asked,

Career Center Blog | PR tricks for getting noticed at work -- the right way

I have a friend who's terrific at being his own public relations agent. Whether he's celebrating his latest promotion or cooking dinner for friends, he has a knack for showcasing what he's good at without sounding self-centered. What's his secret?

Career Center Blog | Why you need to become a decent public speaker

You're at a funeral. Whom would you rather be: the person giving the eulogy or the person lying in the casket? If -- like a lot of us -- you say you fear public speaking more than you fear death,

Career Center Blog | How to survive the dreaded panel interview

The job interview process may seem like fairly changeless process over the decades -- candidates put on nice clothes and meet with a potential supervisor or human resources representative (or both). Usually a second round of finalist interviews is then

Career Center Blog | How to use hand-drawn pictures to ace an interview

Want to stand out in your job interviews? Use pictures. That's the advice of Dan Roam, international best-selling author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. Roam's latest book, BLAH BLAH BLAH: What to

Career Center Blog | Don't let brain freezes seize up your interview

If the current candidates for the presidency of the United States can teach us anything about landing a new job, it's the value of preparation. Earlier this month, at least two of the nine Republican candidates have made spectacular mental

Career Center Blog | So you want to be a published author? What you need to know

If there's one good thing that's come out of this rotten economy, it's that Americans have gotten more creative -- and not just in how far they can stretch a dollar. Having finally realized that corporate America is no

Career Center Blog | How to use public speaking as a path to employment and career growth

An aspect of managing your career is making sure others within and outside your organization are aware of your expertise and contributions you're making. Too many people complain that during performance reviews they didn't get the bonus or pay raise




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