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Career Center Blog | How to manage job-interview anxiety

Many career articles offer tips for eliminating job-interview anxiety. But the thing is, you can't eliminate job interview anxiety; you can only reduce it to a level where you do not display it. This is important, because displaying anxiety is

Career Center Blog | 3 important career-development questions

After helping a client prepare for a major presentation in front of a large crowd at an industry meeting, we sat down to discuss how it went. She immediately turned to me and said, "How did I do? Is there

Career Center Blog | Ace your interview by practicing, avoiding extremes

Congratulations -- you've made it to an on-site interview. Here in Seattle, that probably means that either you have already spoken on the phone (or in person) with at least one or two people, or your resume was outstanding enough

Career Center Blog | Do you really know your own strengths?

"So, what are your greatest strengths?" It's a common job-interview question uttered hundreds of times a day across the Puget Sound region. But do resume descriptors like "hard-working decision maker" or "results-oriented team player" really apply to your personal working

Career Center Blog | Are you asking the right questions in interviews?

As most veteran job seekers already know, before heading into a job interview you should have three to five questions to ask the interviewers themselves. This shows that you've done a little research, you're enthusiastic and you've taken some initiative.

Career Center Blog | How to think like a hiring manager in job interviews

Although it may not seem like it during a high-pressure job interview, hiring managers are only human. They may occasionally give you a withering stare and ask sometimes unanswerable questions just to see how you react, but they are essentially

Career Center Blog | Leave no questions unanswered in your application

You've filled in all the online application boxes, wrote a customized cover letter, submitted work samples and sent in references. You even managed to toss in a few LinkedIn recommendations for good measure. It may seem like your job application

Career Center Blog | Take control of interviews by telling your story

We've had some good news on the job opportunity front over the last few weeks. The state's latest figures on jobless claims showed that employers added more than 10,000 new seasonally adjusted jobs last month. An earlier job outlook study

Career Center Blog | For every job interview rule, there are exceptions

Has someone spiked the water cooler? Perhaps it's this summer's unseasonably hot weather. Or maybe the Mayans were really correct about 2012 being the end of time. Whatever the reason, a few recent stories in the news appear to be

Career Center Blog | Remedies for interview rambling

If you've ever taken a public speaking or presentation skills class, you've probably heard the time-tested advice: "Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you've told them." This advice applies to interviewing,

Career Center Blog | How to survive the dreaded panel interview

The job interview process may seem like fairly changeless process over the decades -- candidates put on nice clothes and meet with a potential supervisor or human resources representative (or both). Usually a second round of finalist interviews is then

Career Center Blog | Five simple ways to avoid the layoff axe

If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it is that no one is irreplaceable. A tailspinning economy and shrinking revenues can spark a panic among management, leaving even the most loyal and talented employees vulnerable to the chopping block.

Career Center Blog | Elephants, aliens and other interview tests of character

Recently, released its Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions of 2011. It's a worthy read and a good self-test. Statistically, the chances are low that you would get one of these fringe questions -- but what if you did? In

Career Center Blog | Turning tables: Questions to ask hiring managers

At the end of nearly every job interview, there is a golden opportunity to make an impression that many job seekers miss entirely. The interviewer, after getting all the needed information from the candidate, will ask, "Do you have any




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