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Career Center Blog | Cliff diving: What's trending for '13 recruiting?

This weekend, we stand on the precipice of a new year. Some people might call the 2013 threshold one small step on the journey to recovery. Others might call it a giant leap over a cliff — a fiscal cliff,

Career Center Blog | Help for the unemployed that actually helps

It's usually the first thing you say when you hear that a friend has been laid off: "Please let me know if there's anything I can do." There's not much else one can say other than general expressions of condolence

Career Center Blog | Four actions every employer wants to see from an intern

For college students expecting to graduate next year, the job market shows little sign of improving fast enough to help them find entry-level jobs — regardless of which candidate wins the presidential job interview tomorrow. As a result, an increasing

Career Center Blog | Four ways to ease back into your job search

Not long ago, a friend of mine who's been at the same stable job since the late 1990s mentioned that the successive waves of layoffs at his mega-corporation in the last few years may soon reach his department. "It's been

Career Center Blog | Congrats, new grads: It's back-to-school time

Whenever we get two days in a row of perfect sunny weather in early spring, as we just did this weekend, I think back more than 20 years ago when I was just finishing up with college, studying for my

Career Center Blog | The ol' college try: Making the most of your internship

For most college students and recent college grads, the old Catch-22 of job search -- you can't get a job without enough real-world experience, but you also can't get real-world experience until you get a job -- is one of




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