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Career Center | Inspect yourself for digital dirt before job search

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star You've applied for a job. Prospective employers begin a background check. They call the references you've listed and sweep the Internet to see what they can learn about you. They hear, "Are

Career Center | Career advice: Uh-oh, the boss wants to know my goals

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: My manager has begun having career discussions with all his staff members. He’s asking everyone about their long-term goals. Since I personally don’t have any career goals, how do I answer

Career Center Blog | LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations

It seems that every time I visit LinkedIn, I'm asked to endorse someone in my network for a particular skill -- and told that my contacts have endorsed me as well. A few of my friends who are beefing up

Career Center Blog | How to tell companies you're there to stay

The job-search process can be long and difficult for job seekers, but they're not alone in their misery. In most cases, hiring managers enjoy the process no less than the applicants, albeit for differing reasons. In a recent study conducted

Career Center Blog | 8 tips for getting rehired by a former employer

The unemployment rate in the Seattle area continues to drop -- 4.7 percent in June, down from 7.2 percent a year ago. And many people who had lost their jobs because of corporate downsizing are turning to their former employers

Career Center | Job seekers: Beware the background check

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star Don Cameron is a smart job hunter -- smart enough to know that something he experienced may affect others, too. Cameron ran a background check on himself to see what potential employers

Career Center Blog | 9 career resolutions for 2013

A new year, a fresh beginning. That's the plan, anyway. Here are nine not-so-hard ideas to get you started: 1. Stop procrastinating. Seriously. You'll be amazed at how your productivity will soar. Your daily existence will become simpler and smoother,

Career Center | Q&A: Discovery of tryst makes office enemy

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: About a year ago, I accidentally walked in on the CEO’s secretary in a compromising position with one of the vice presidents. From then on, this secretary did everything possible to

Career Center Blog | Acknowledging emotions is key to surviving a layoff

"I can't believe I was let go. After all the downsizing over the last few years, I thought my job was safe. How could they do this to me right before Christmas?" said the weeping woman sitting in my office.

Career Center Blog | Do you really know what your references are saying?

It's one of the basics of job search: You have your killer resume, a multitude of networking contacts and a rock-solid list of three to five references to help back up your past performance. But do you really know what

Career Center | If you can't truly recommend someone for a job, then don't

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Q: A person I worked with at my last job was let go, and he just requested I write him a recommendation. This co-worker was not the best employee, and I do not want




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