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Career Center Blog | Time to adopt a post-recession job search mentality

Everyone -- employers, workers and out-of-work job seekers -- it's time to listen up. There's a change in the air around the Puget Sound workplace. The change is in attitude, and it's one of the most important intangible aspects of

Career Center Blog | The 'subversive' job search: Higher risk, higher reward

Performing a job search has often been compared with doing a high-wire act. You have to put yourself out there and dazzle an audience, but also maintain your composure to look professional. One misstep -- or a perceived falsehood

Career Center Blog | Veterans get VIP treatment for career assistance

To be a soldier, one must develop the discipline and endurance to take on any challenge. It also means you are part of a team that always has your back. U.S. Army veteran Ryan Shannon of West Seattle learned these

Career Center Blog | Legislation may give hope to job-seeking ex-cons

When people are convicted of a crime and have paid their debt by serving jail time, there is a reasonable expectation that they can re-enter society and rebuild their lives once they are released. The reality for many ex-convicts, however,

Career Center Blog | Will the long-term unemployed soon get a rescue platform?

Earlier this year, while going about their usual business of investigating the nation's power brokers and exposing corruption wherever they find it, the journalists on the CBS TV news magazine "60 Minutes" told one of the more uplifting stories to

Career Center Blog | Preparing vets for the bumpy transition to civilian job search

If the roaring hydroplanes and the screaming F/A-18 Hornets overhead weren't enough to remind you, we just enjoyed another Seattle Seafair this weekend. While strolling on the waterfront past the mighty U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships, I couldn't help

Career Center Blog | Four ways to ease back into your job search

Not long ago, a friend of mine who's been at the same stable job since the late 1990s mentioned that the successive waves of layoffs at his mega-corporation in the last few years may soon reach his department. "It's been

Career Center Blog | Spring forward: Add some momentum to your networking

The future got a little brighter over the last couple of weeks -- and I'm not just talking about the added hour of twilight we just received yesterday from Daylight Saving Time. In spite of all the negative rhetoric surrounding

Career Center Blog | Job seekers: No need to highlight that work gap

I know a lot of people who are in the midst of dispiriting and anxiety-ridden job searches. Whenever I talk to one of these job-hunting friends, I hear the same questions over and over: Am I at all appealing to

Career Center Blog | New vacancies often require new training

Last week, a small ray of hope shined down on the bleak local job landscape, like a Seattle sunbreak on a cloudy spring day. The Employment Security Department's twice-yearly Job-Vacancy Survey was released, showing that spring 2011 job vacancies were

Career Center Blog | Tips for stay-at-home moms reentering the workforce

A common question I'm hearing in the job-hunting community these days is how stay-at-home moms who want to reenter the workforce can deal with the overwhelming competition in the market and find a job. The biggest challenges most stay-at-home moms




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