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Career Center Blog | How to stand out as a seasonal hire in Seattle

We've barely gotten beyond Columbus Day -- most of us haven't even thought of a decent Halloween costume yet -- but the holiday shopping season is already in full swing. Well, it is if you're a retailer and looking to

Career Center Blog | It's never too early to think about summer jobs

Do you remember your first job? Try as I might to forget it, mine is still seared into my memory banks: A shopping mall in suburban Maryland, the sweltering summer of 1985, lifting bags of mulch, restocking tools, assembling picnic

Career Center Blog | Logistics training a logical choice for job seekers

Anyone who's been through the holiday season knows that it can often be a logistical nightmare. But the season isn't just about finding a parking space at the shopping mall and preparing for your in-laws. It's also about retailers and

Career Center Blog | Summer jobs not always a breeze for teens

With the end of the school year coming up for college and high school students, the yearly ritual of parents everywhere will soon begin in earnest: getting their teenage sons and daughters off the couch and into a summer job.

Career Center Blog | Flat holiday hiring is reason for optimism

A few years ago, in the early days of the Great Recession, I attended an economic forecast symposium and heard an economist use a phrase that still resonates with me: "As far as markets are concerned, 'flat' is the new

Career Center Blog | Cool seasonal jobs still heating up this fall

On blustery, early-autumn days such as this, it's easy for outdoor-loving job seekers to shift their gaze from their LinkedIn profiles to the Cascades beckoning on the eastern horizon. Ski season is rapidly approaching, promising seasonal work at the region's

Career Center Blog | Turning that seasonal job into a permanent gig

Many people looking for work this time of year are taking a detour from their regular job-seeking activities to don new name tags and tie on color-coordinated smocks as extra seasonal retail help for the holidays. The vast majority of

Career Center Blog | T-Mobile turns to social media for seasonal hiring

Late August is not a time most people are thinking about "ho, ho, ho" and mistletoe. But at Bellevue-based T-Mobile USA, the holiday season is just getting under way as it prepares to make its seasonal hires in the next




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