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Career Center Blog | Self-evaluations: The key to career development

The month of December is when many companies in the Puget Sound area ask employees to complete self-evaluations. These self-evaluations are then reviewed by the employee's manager, and are often included in the employee's annual performance appraisal. While many people

Career Center Blog | Stepping up your game for September job search

The state recently released its unemployment figures for July, showing a small uptick to 6.9 percent from the previous two months, which were steady at 6.8 percent. To the uninitiated job seeker, that might seem like slightly bad news. But

Career Center Blog | Your wardrobe should work as hard as you do

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of not taking casual Fridays too casually, especially during the summer months. The same holds true for your attire during the rest of the year; climbing the career ladder is not

Career Center Blog | Don't take casual Fridays too casually

Summer is a time when many companies in the Seattle area loosen their work attire requirements, especially for casual Fridays. Just (please) don't come to work wearing bike shorts and a tank top. "Casual Friday" can mean different things to

Career Center Blog | Think like a prosecutor when writing a cover letter

Recently, I looked back on some of the cover letters I've written during my on-and-off job-search efforts over the past 15 years or so. If you've ever unearthed an old college essay you wrote years before, you know the embarrassment

Career Center Blog | How to make an ordinary job extraordinary

You spend the better part of your day at work. You want to enjoy it. You want to love it. But what if your current job is "just a job"? And what if, for one reason or another, you need

Career Center Blog | Get rid of boring bios and focus on repeatable results

You've probably read a lot of advice for getting your foot in the door at an organization, including letting your experience speak for you in blogs or writing a killer resume that impresses hiring managers with your skills. Few of

Career Center Blog | PR tricks for getting noticed at work -- the right way

I have a friend who's terrific at being his own public relations agent. Whether he's celebrating his latest promotion or cooking dinner for friends, he has a knack for showcasing what he's good at without sounding self-centered. What's his secret?

Career Center Blog | Lesser-known job advice from former presidents

"The only thing we have to fear ..." "Ask not ..." The quotes are so popular and meaningful, we need only the first few words to conjure images of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy reading them in their

Career Center Blog | When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your resume

The current employment climate can create many unlikely scenarios on the job market. As candidates vie for a shrinking number of positions, they get increasingly creative in their tactics with hiring managers. For instance, there's the story of Greg Drevenstedt,

Career Center Blog | How a positive mindset can trump the best skill set

In a struggling economy, many people looking for work make the mistake of focusing solely on a new job instead of managing their careers. I know from personal experience that when a steady income is suddenly cut off, it becomes

Career Center Blog | Career Inception: How to conduct a 'stealth search'

In Christopher Nolan's hyper-cerebral 2010 film "Inception," a gang of nefarious agents go to great lengths to plant subliminal ideas in the heads of powerful people to make them feel as if they created the ideas on their own. After

Career Center Blog | Five simple ways to avoid the layoff axe

If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it is that no one is irreplaceable. A tailspinning economy and shrinking revenues can spark a panic among management, leaving even the most loyal and talented employees vulnerable to the chopping block.

Career Center Blog | Review and reflect (be honest!) before setting career goals

Around this time, when the calendar rolls over and our 90-day streak of straight rain begins, we're always so quick to jump into the New Year mentality: What are my goals? How can I start fresh? I'd better list those

Career Center Blog | Erasing unsightly blemishes from your resume

In most cases, the more experience you have on a resume, the better it looks to hiring managers. But are all experiences created equal? Not always. Have you had several jobs that only lasted a few months? Were you ever

Career Center Blog | A divisive decade helped unite job seekers

I don't have to ask you what you were doing this morning 10 years ago today; I already know the answer. Like everyone, you were trying to go about a typical Tuesday, only you probably spent most of it either

Career Center Blog | How to use public speaking as a path to employment and career growth

An aspect of managing your career is making sure others within and outside your organization are aware of your expertise and contributions you're making. Too many people complain that during performance reviews they didn't get the bonus or pay raise




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