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Career Center | Figure out -- and control -- your professional story

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune It’s important to have goals. My list includes: Start a dynasty of ducks. Ride a narwhal (preferably while nude). Watch more TV. Learn how to write a newspaper column. I’m sure you all have

Career Center | James Davis' cool game-making job

What do you do? I make board games and apps for brands like Disney Princess, Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dr. Seuss. How did you get started in that field? I had a few years of graphic design

Job Calendar | LinkedIn for Beginners workshop

The free WorkSource workshop provides an introduction to LinkedIn, including the registration process and setting up an account. This workshop is geared to those who do not have a current LinkedIn account or have created one but have never used

Career Center | Inspect yourself for digital dirt before job search

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star You've applied for a job. Prospective employers begin a background check. They call the references you've listed and sweep the Internet to see what they can learn about you. They hear, "Are

Career Center | Hiring Gen Y: How to recruit millennials

By Kristen Fife / Special to NWjobs As baby boomers and Generation X slowly start to thin out in the workforce, millennials are shifting workplace dynamics, right down to the way companies go about hiring. Millennials, currently in their 20s

Job Calendar | Introduction to LinkedIn workshop

This free WorkSource workshop walks through the beginning registration process and setting up of a LinkedIn account. It's best for those who do not have a current LinkedIn account or those who have created one but have never used it.

Career Center | LinkedIn recommendations: a cautionary tale

By L.M. Sixel / Houston Chronicle References have posed a corporate conundrum for decades. Worried about defamation lawsuits, many companies refuse to allow their managers to discuss the work performance of former employees. Many companies won’t comment at all; others

Career Center | Do you really need social media to network or find a job?

By Diana Wurn / Special to NWjobs Career experts often tout the importance of social media in the modern job search. Polish your LinkedIn profile, they say. Build a portfolio website and get a professional profile picture taken. But what

Job Calendar | Job Search Strategies workshop

This free WorkSource workshop provides tips and introduces other strategies like networking and informational interviews. Finding out about employers in your area and creating a strategy to target your job search is the key to success.

Job Calendar | Advanced LinkedIn Lab

This free WorkSource class is intended for users who already have a LinkedIn account and have created a user profile. Learn how to search for jobs using LinkedIn and how to network using LinkedIn to make meaningful connections.

Career Center Blog | Use social media as a job-hunting tool, not a crutch

Over the weekend, my Facebook newsfeed was inundated with friends sharing a story on Mashable about someone who got a job using Instagram. I spent the next 45 minutes doing damage control, answering multiple questions from people who wanted to

Career Center | Want a new job in 2014? Start planning now

By Michelle Archer / NWjobs If you’re planning to look for a job in 2014, you’ll be in good company. A resounding 83 percent of people said in a recent Right Management online poll that they “will actively seek a

Career Center | Put your best face forward for online profile pictures

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Admit it: Your social media profile picture is a selfie, isn’t it? That may work for teens on Facebook, but for job seekers and professionals, a polished headshot has become as vital as

Job Calendar | Inaugural Seattle E-commerce Meetup

Network with fellow e-commerce professionals at the inaugural Seattle E-commerce Meetup.

Career Center Blog | Knowing when and how to disclose a disability

A few months ago, a friend of mine was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The shock and confusion caused by this revelation was intensified by the fact that it came soon after being laid off from her job. While she

Career Center | Ad campaign offers unusual gift to those with new jobs

By Andrew Adam Newman / New York Times News Service Listing a new job on LinkedIn typically prompts congratulations from friends and relatives, but 25,000 members of the professional networking platform who change their employment status also are about to

Job Calendar | LinkedIn and Twitter in the New Job Search workshop

This free WorkSource and Seattle Public Library course empowers participants to use social media to make job connections.

Career Center Blog | LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations

It seems that every time I visit LinkedIn, I'm asked to endorse someone in my network for a particular skill -- and told that my contacts have endorsed me as well. A few of my friends who are beefing up

Career Center | Q&A: My friend's LinkedIn profile is full of lies

By Karla L. Miller / Special to The Washington Post Q: How should I handle a friend from college who, on his LinkedIn profile, has added my name to projects I didn’t participate in and put his name on projects

Career Center | Mobile recruiting: 5 simple steps employers can take

By Kristen Fife / Special to NWjobs Mobile recruiting is the hot topic in the industry these days. At its simplest definition, it boils down to making sure that any recruiting action is adjusted for mobile consumption. Be it a

Career Center Blog | Is it time to give up on Craigslist searches?

It's simple. it's inexpensive (and sometimes free). It's easy to navigate. It lists almost everything you'd ever want. But can it help you get hired by a legitimate employer? Since the early days of the web in 1995, Craigslist

Career Center | Reply-all fail: How to handle 'send' mishaps, other online disasters

By Angela Hill / Oakland Tribune The symptoms are universal: There’s a sudden gasp for air and an involuntary utterance of “uh-oh,” followed by an instant surge of heat rushing over the body, increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea and an

Career Center Blog | Need a mentor? Try speaking the same language

As a new crop of graduates is unleashed upon the Seattle job scene this summer, a curious complaint has been voiced from this eager tide of youth and vigor. Although the Class of 2013 is among the most technologically savvy

Career Center | Career makeover: Young professional elects to pursue politics

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Trevor McDowell, 27, always wanted to work in politics -- as a child he even debated policy with the school janitor. In college, he majored in political science and volunteered for a presidential

Career Center Blog | LinkedIn at 10: Still serious after all these years

Quick: What internet tools were you using 10 years ago? MySpace? Napster? Friendster? Hey, stop laughing; it was a simpler time. The word "social media" barely had any traction, and Facebook wasn't even a smile on Mark Zuckerberg's face. Most

Career Center | Soft skills: Gen Y gets schooled in old-school professional etiquette

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Like many young professionals, Gracie Quatchon is learning how to navigate the business world with charm. It’s not necessarily something taught in school alongside marketing or budgeting, the 30-year-old Seattle banker says. Of

Career Center Blog | Are millennials in denial about their job prospects?

With each new generation, there is always the hope from previous generations that the new kids will learn from history, listen to repeated warnings and not make the same mistakes that their parents (or even their older siblings) did. More

Career Center Blog | Social media's good, bad, ugly sides revealed in Boston

Time will reveal how we, as a nation, will remember the awful saga of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings and the 100-hour manhunt that captured one of the prime suspects. Now that a full week has passed, it seems

Career Center Blog | Grapevine better bet than Vine for hiring success

I've gone on record before about saying that video resumes are not always the best job-seeking method for several reasons. Mostly it's because they worry HR people about potential discrimination lawsuits, and they don't present much more useful information beyond

Career Center | Walking the personal, professional line on LinkedIn

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald Have you ever received a request to connect on LinkedIn from someone you didn’t know or couldn’t remember? Josh Turner recently encountered this situation. The online request to connect came from a

Career Center | Career makeover: Longtime IT manager must draft new career plan

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs For 17 years, Barry Nichols was the IT manager at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Seattle regional office. But in 2012, the bureau office closed, forcing Nichols to look for a job for the

Career Center Blog | Spring-clean your email habits

The other day after returning from lunch I listened to several voicemails. One message was from a client letting me know he had sent me an email. Later that afternoon, someone else texted to ask me to read the email

Career Center | Unplugging: Some employers helping workers disconnect

By Tanya Mohn / New York Times News Service In this age of hyper-connectivity, some companies are adopting policies aimed at weaning employees from their electronic devices. Atos, an international information technology company, plans to phase out all emails among

Career Center | Do exclamation points belong in work emails?

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Hello! I want you to know that I’m super excited about this week’s column!! It’s about exclamation points!!!! I recently received a work-related email riddled with them, as if it was written by an

Career Center | Networking apps are bumping off the business card

By Julie Weed / New York Times News Service The business card has long since left the realm of the office Rolodex and entered the world of the Web. Business acquaintances and meeting attendees now transmit contact information between cellphones,

Career Center | Want to be an 'expert' in your field? Here's how

By Ken White / Special to The Washington Post You’re reading the newspaper, watching television or looking at something online that features comments or advice from an “expert.” How did that person get there? Why do reporters call on that

Career Center Blog | Google yourself clean with new branding app

Woe be to the person with a name like "Michael Thompson" or "Susan Green" who wants to stand out in the roiling sea of social media networking. My own name will never come close to the annual baby names top

Career Center | Networking mistakes can kill a job hunt

By Heather Dugan / Effective networking is a game changer. It’s the unofficial homework of today’s professional. It’s not just who you know -- it’s who you know who knows who you want to know. Most of us can

Career Center | 2012's workplace trends loom large for 2013

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald As the country recovers from a recession, our workplaces are moving forward in new ways with new rules. Changes are afoot from how our offices look to who runs them and what

Career Center Blog | Cliff diving: What's trending for '13 recruiting?

This weekend, we stand on the precipice of a new year. Some people might call the 2013 threshold one small step on the journey to recovery. Others might call it a giant leap over a cliff — a fiscal cliff,

Career Center | Shawndra Illingworth's cool bobblehead job

What do you do? I’m a sales associate at Funko, which produces licensed pop-culture toys. It’s often referred to as “slangin’ bobbleheads.” Some of my main focuses? Obtaining new customers, keeping current and potential customers excited about Funko items and

Career Center | 9 ways to make yourself more marketable in 2013

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Those pseudo-Mayan predictions didn’t come true, so you’ll need to prep for a new year. Why not make it one of the best so far, at least career-wise? Here are nine tips for

Career Center Blog | Likes, follows, endorsements: Are they worth it?

The word "like" may be one of the most abused words in the English language. Not only does Webster's categorize the word in seven distinct classes of language — verb, noun, adjective, preposition, adverb, conjunction and verbal auxiliary — the

Career Center Blog | Fill in those hollow resume adjectives with real results

"Hello, my name is Randy. I'm a creative person specializing in organizational efficiency and effective communication. I'm a motivated individual with extensive experience in journalism and have a proven track record of creating innovative solutions. In my previous positions, I

Career Center Blog | How much networking is too much on LinkedIn?

The ultimate goal of networking, as every job seeker knows, is to increase your odds of connecting with someone who can help move your career forward. For some, that means acting like a marketer and getting your brand in front

Job Calendar | Linked:Seattle networking event

With nearly 40,000 members, Linked:Seattle is the largest and most vibrant business community in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond networking, come help shape the Linked:Seattle group. Please consider bringing an unwrapped toy for a child in need this holiday season. Register

Career Center Blog | College kids learn everything, except how to get a job

Today's tech-savvy college students have access to more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. Most of Generation Y grew up with the Internet, so social media to them is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping.

Career Center Blog | Help for the unemployed that actually helps

It's usually the first thing you say when you hear that a friend has been laid off: "Please let me know if there's anything I can do." There's not much else one can say other than general expressions of condolence

Career Center | Kaijudo community manager Andrea Cole's cool job

What do you do? I am the community manager for [Renton-based] Wizards of the Coast’s newest brand, Kaijudo, a collectible card game and television series. I manage the brand’s Facebook page and other social-media accounts and keep my ear to

Career Center Blog | Investing in job seekers, both today and tomorrow

As most of the candidates running for local and national office have stated during this long election season, something needs to be done to create jobs during this country's painfully slow economic recovery. While some insist that this is solely

Job Calendar | Women in Wireless networking event

For the second year in a row, thousands of professionals throughout the world who connect with the mission of Women in Wireless will unite to meet, mingle and speed network. Seattle joins New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Dallas, Calgary, Los

Career Center | Commentary: I'm so over oversharing at the office

By Peggy Klaus / New York Times News Service Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about 20-somethings who are too eager to tell all at work. Whether they are recounting their drunken exploits or their external job searches, their tendency

Job Calendar | LinkedIn for Professional Networking & Job Search workshop

Social networking tools, especially LinkedIn, are becoming a primary recruiting tool for employers. Learn how to use the features important for your job search at this free WorkSource workshop.

Career Center Blog | Don't get fil-A'd by a fowled-up social media strategy

I Googled myself a few days ago. That's no longer an especially noteworthy act; most professionals should do it from time to time to make sure they don't see any embarrassing surprises associated with their names. Fortunately, most of the

Career Center | Pinterest resumes: Should you get on board?

By Benny Evangelista / San Francisco Chronicle Pinterest is known as a popular online pin board for photos of fashion, food recipes, and arts and crafts projects, but it has also become a place to find creative job resumes. Not

Career Center Blog | Four ways to ease back into your job search

Not long ago, a friend of mine who's been at the same stable job since the late 1990s mentioned that the successive waves of layoffs at his mega-corporation in the last few years may soon reach his department. "It's been

Career Center Blog | Jobs Accelerator scholarships offered in interactive media

A healthy employment picture, like a robust economy, needs to have a balance between supply (qualified workers) and demand (living-wage jobs). While most job seekers lament the lack of demand and the glut of supply during the Great Recession, many

Career Center Blog | Drowning out the new office buzz

I read recently that the new buzzword in office design is "sound masking" -- the practice of making up for the poor acoustics and increasing "speech privacy" in new open-office floor plans. As office walls come down and more and

Job Calendar | Workshop: Pinterest for Business

Social-media strategist Tracey Warren presents this workshop to offer tips for using the social-media site Pinterest for business. For more information, visit Biznik.

Career Center | When is it OK to use initials after a name?

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Q: I've been seeing many business cards and LinkedIn profiles listing "MBA" after a person's name. Is this appropriate? I thought that was reserved for those with specific certifications or J.D.s and Ph.D.s. A:

Career Center Blog | Double your LinkedIn power with Google

One of the common frustrations I hear from job seekers is that they claim to never be able to find the hiring managers for the positions in which they're interested. They have a point; a hiring manager is always an

Career Center Blog | Keeping face when interview demands go too far

As I've written before, social media are essential tools to ensure that your expertise can be viewed by a wide variety of employers; however, Facebook should not be one of them. The 845-million-member network that spawned a Hollywood blockbuster cannot

Job Calendar | Mobile Mixers kickoff

Mobile Mixers is a new community for the mobile minded, open to anyone working in mobile business. Mix it up with digital marketers, mobile agencies, mobile providers and mobile technologists. Bring your ideas for what you want this community to

Career Center Blog | Social media boot camp: Help for your digital self

Last week I wrote about the necessity of face-to-face networking, and about how there's a methodical way to go about making connections that could land you a job without being annoying or pushy. We can sing the praises of in-person

Job Calendar | LinkedIn Basics workshop

This free WorkSource hands-on lab gives an overview of LinkedIn and covers how to set up your profile, make business connections, join groups and research companies.

Career Center Blog | Credit scores are one thing ... but 'career scores'?

First, they came for the movies. Then they came for the restaurants. Then they came for the attorneys, professors and doctors. What are you going to do when they come for you? Are you ready to have a number slapped

Career Center Blog | Seattle's 'app economy' rank bodes well for engineering jobs

If it seems like every engineering student who manages to find a job in Seattle is developing smartphone apps, you're not alone in your observation. For the first time, we now have a better idea of how the Puget Sound

Career Center | Spring grads: Boost your chances for job-hunt success

By Diane Stafford / McClatchy Newspapers Graduating soon? Congrats! Reality check: Are you in a serious job search yet? It’s past time to compete with your classmates for jobs. The job market has been poor for the last three years

Career Center | Multi-distracted: Juggling tasks causes more harm than good

By Anita Bruzzese / Gannett While you may know that studies have found that multitasking hurts productivity, the truth is you really haven’t stopped trying to do more than one thing at a time, have you? After all, while

Career Center Blog | How to wield the double-edged social recruiting sword

Social media is here to stay! Tweet your way to a new job! Use Facebook to meet hundreds of new contacts! ... From the look of many job-search advice columns, it would seem as if the use of online social

Career Center | Hide your tracks when looking for another job

By Anita Bruzzese / Gannett Previously, the only way your employer might get a hint that you were looking for another job was when you showed up in a nice outfit suitable for interviewing during your lunch hour instead

Career Center Blog | Seattle earns high score in gamer job opportunities

Bungie. PopCap. Valve. Big Fish. Double Down. No, these are not nicknames for mob informants. They are all companies that could represent lucrative job opportunities for many video game developers, engineers, designers and animators looking for work in Seattle's booming

Job Calendar | Introduction to LinkedIn webinar

Despite a flood of imitators, no one has invented a more powerful website for facilitating career and business networking success than And yet, many people still haven't heard of this revolutionary tool -- or may have joined the site

Career Center Blog | Time to clean out unproductive networking contacts

Last November, talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel struck a nerve with many people when he announced his second annual National Unfriend Day, which encouraged people to delete certain "friends" from their Facebook pages who are not really their friends. You know

Career Center Blog | Sometimes a job is just a job (and other career lessons learned)

This will be my last post on NWjobs. In the three-and-a-half years I've been blogging on this site, I've learned countless lessons from the workers and career experts I've interviewed, as well as the many readers who've taken the time

Career Center Blog | A divisive decade helped unite job seekers

I don't have to ask you what you were doing this morning 10 years ago today; I already know the answer. Like everyone, you were trying to go about a typical Tuesday, only you probably spent most of it either

Career Center | Cool Job: Social media manager Evonne Benedict @king5seattle

What do you do? I am the social media manager for KING 5 TV and Part of my job is to post news to Twitter and Facebook, but even more important is using social media to build our community

Career Center Blog | Major help for the college major quandary

At this time of year, many young high school grads and rising college freshmen are wrestling with the same question: What are they going to choose as a major? Personally, I made use of my journalism degree immediately and have

Career Center Blog | Underemployed and returning to the networking trenches

One of the key tenets of my Hire Ground advice to job seekers has always been to remain positive. Grumbling and negativity can spread like a plague and lead to desperation, which is deadly to any serious employment search. That

Career Center Blog | Twitter-based jobs conference: Brave new world?

You knew it had to happen eventually. Since everybody these days seems to be conducting business in 140 characters or less, it was only a matter of time before the Twitter machine would take on the world of conferences. This

Career Center Blog | LinkedIn weighs in on 'Battle of the Networking Sexes'

Looking for a lively discussion at your next career mixer? How about an argument about whether men or women are better at networking? That ought to break some ice (or perhaps ice over some people). While this humble blogger won't

Career Center Blog | Online do-overs: Do we need a law to erase our internet mistakes?

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years you're probably well aware that any improprieties you make online can come back to haunt you professionally. One suggestive tweet or drunken YouTube video can be all it

Career Center Blog | Declaring your independence via freelancing

This holiday weekend, while we celebrate our nation's 235th birthday, I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss other forms of independence -- namely the severing of ties with an employer and the launch of a new career

Career Center Blog | Building two-way relationships with JobMatcher

One of the most useful aspects of social networking sites is the ability to build referrals and receive notifications about job leads far faster than a conventional scan of the want ads. The beauty of this arrangement is that it's

Career Center Blog | Job seekers: Three reasons to censor your Facebook posts

By now, we've all heard the warnings about being careful what we say about work on Facebook, regardless of whether we have an employer or are looking for one. [Photo by altemark] Sure, it's smart to use the social

Career Center Blog | What role does social media play in your job search?

Can social media help you find a job faster? Can tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles help your personal brand? Will tools like LinkedIn replace our resumes in the future? From my experience working with professionals in transition,

Career Center Blog | Could your name predict your profession?

A new LinkedIn study says yes. [Photo by Swift Benjamin] LinkedIn data analysts evaluated more than 100 million profiles on the business networking site to suss out the most common CEO names. The top name for women CEOs? Deborah.

Career Center Blog | Can meeting strangers on Twitter land you a job?

I regularly meet people skeptical of social media tools such as Twitter or LinkedIn. But it's important to remember that the tools themselves don't provide the solutions, it's all about the access they can give you to other people. In

Career Center | Build your brand before launching your job-search campaign

By Dawn Dugan One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge and overall worth in today’s competitive job market is to create a personal brand that helps you stand out from the crowd. According to management

Career Center Blog | Strengthening the bonds of community, in good times and bad

As I researched this week for the latest networking events and seminars for job seekers, I couldn't help but get pulled into the heartrending tragedy that has continued to unfold for the people of Japan since Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake. Over

Career Center Blog | Are you a digital drag at work?

So many ways to communicate at the office, so many ways to hang oneself by being a total digital drag. [Photo by Paul Keller] In a poll of 650 North American HR professionals conducted by staffing firm Robert Half,

Career Center Blog | Entrepreneurs, unite! Can't-miss Biznik event this Thursday

For many new and veteran entrepreneurs, one of the biggest drawbacks of working solo is, well, working solo. Sure, it's great to finally be in control of where and when and for whom you work, but often that means working

Career Center Blog | Groundhog Day check-in: Job hope springs eternal

With the winter midway point of Groundhog Day nearly upon us, I think a certain Pennsylvania-based rodent might look favorably on its outlook for Seattle for the next six weeks and beyond -- not just for our warmer weather, but

Career Center Blog | Want a promotion this year? Start angling for it now

Looking to move up in the work world? You may be surprised to learn that along with the start of the year, summer may be one of the best times to nab a promotion at your company. LinkedIn announced today

Career Center Blog | Knowing when to shift gears in your job search

As the economy continues to stagnate, it has become an almost too-convenient excuse for people to give up on their job searches. Employment experts often say that unemployment rates don't reflect the true number of people who have been searching

Career Center Blog | The top 10 words to banish from your LinkedIn profile

On NWjobs, we give a lot of advice on how to get the most from LinkedIn (examples here, here, here, here, and here). But I don't think we've addressed in how to improve the written content on your LinkedIn

Career Center Blog | Exploring new paths at the 2011 career crossroads

The new year is still new enough that almost anything seems possible. After a dreary few years, there seems to be hope that the local job market may soon begin to show sustainable growth. Some economists are saying that 2011

Career Center Blog | Podcasting your way to a new job

As any good networking expert will tell you, job seekers who are discussed among their peers will have a leg up in terms of finding employment. In the last decade, the advent of blogging has been the easiest and cheapest

Career Center Blog | Prediction: The biggest workplace stories for 2011

Although it was no 2009, this past year was another doozy for the U.S. workforce. So rather than reminisce about the many ways 2010 whooped the collective hide of the working public, let's look forward to the new year. Following are

Career Center Blog | Networking for the miracle comeback win

If there's one thing Americans can agree upon -- especially after the recently expired decade of divisiveness -- it's that everyone loves an underdog. To surmount impossible odds and beat an overconfident opponent is a theme that is practically spliced




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