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Career Center Blog | Scholarships now available for interactive media, gaming

It's been a long-standing, vexing problem for the local interactive media sector: The Puget Sound area has plenty of companies that need game designers and computer engineers, and countless job seekers who'd love to break into this business they've loved

Career Center Blog | Shiny new year brings new job training programs

Well, we seem to have made it. After briefly going over — then being pulled right back from — the dreaded "fiscal cliff" over the New Year's holiday, job seekers in Washington state and everywhere else can breathe a little

Job Calendar | Ultimate Boot Camp for Job Interview

Software program managers, developers, testers and service engineers can meet and listen to Microsoft employees and hiring managers to understand what talent Microsoft is looking for. Free. Register at Eventbrite.

Career Center Blog | Seattle's 'app economy' rank bodes well for engineering jobs

If it seems like every engineering student who manages to find a job in Seattle is developing smartphone apps, you're not alone in your observation. For the first time, we now have a better idea of how the Puget Sound

Career Center Blog | Tide still rising for Seattle tech jobs

If there ever was a time for Seattle-area job seekers to add high-tech skills to their resumes, it would be right now. In just the last week alone, several developments in the gaming, software engineering and IT fields have pointed

Career Center Blog | Networking tips for the video-game job market

To gamers, it seems like a natural progression: After mastering every nuance of their beloved video games like Halo or World of Warcraft in their teens, game aficionados learn some C++ programming skills in college and land jobs in Seattle's

Career Center Blog | Beating the resume-tracking numbers game

One of the most common mantras that is drilled into every job seeker's head is "personalize." Personalize you cover letter, your networking, your interviewing techniques to make a connection with hiring managers and convince them that you are the exact

Career Center Blog | Grooming new hires with Microsoft's MACH program

Anyone who's been through an interview for a full-time job at Microsoft knows that the process is one of the most rigorous you'll ever encounter. Full of problem-solving questions and riddles, the sometimes day-long interviews are designed to keep you




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