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Job Calendar | Tech, Engineering & Security-Clearance Career Fair

Dice Career Fairs is hosting a career event in Seattle. Technology, engineering and security-cleared talent will be able to speak with recruiting representatives from technology and health-care companies, as well as government agencies. Pre-registration is recommended.

Job Calendar | Startup Grind Seattle

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. This month's Startup Grind Seattle event features Rudy Gadre, an active angel investor. Register at Eventbrite.

Job Calendar | Seattle Tech Meetup

Seattle Tech Meetup happens the second or third Tuesday of every month. RSVP in advance here.

Career Center | Epidemiologist Mike Famulare's cool job

Mike Famulare, epidemiologist What do you do? I’m an epidemiologist at the Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM), an initiative under the Global Good Fund at Intellectual Ventures. I do mathematical modeling and data analysis in support of the Global Polio

Job Calendar | Seattle Girl Geek Dinners

The Seattle Girl Geek Dinners group meets approximately once a quarter for panel discussions sponsored by local tech companies. This quarter's event is sponsored by DoubleDown. Register at Eventbrite.

Job Calendar | Startup Grind Seattle

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. This month's Startup Grind Seattle event features Seattle startup lawyer and advisor Joe Wallin, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine.f Register at Eventbrite.

Job Calendar | IT Employer Panel and Recruiting Event

Space is limited at this free WorkSource IT Employer Panel and Recruiting Event, so advance registration is required at the event's Eventbrite page. The first half of the session will be a facilitated employer information panel, and during the second

Career Center | Zillow economist Krishna Rao's cool job

What do you do? I am an economist at Zillow, an online real estate marketplace. I work primarily on developing models to forecast home prices, but more broadly my job is to analyze real estate market conditions, interesting patterns, and

Career Center | Surveying the field: 3 fast-growing engineering specialties

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in some engineering disciplines are among the hottest. The fields of biomedical and civil engineering and environmental engineering technicians are particularly booming; the BLS

Career Center Blog | Can high-tech economy revive the apprenticeship?

For the past several years, the word "apprentice" has conjured an image of either a young blacksmith in colonial days or a shouting match with a strangely coiffed, blowhard tycoon on TV. But in these days of high demand for

Career Center | When it comes to leadership, do engineers have an image problem?

By Rick Barrett / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Satya Nadella, the brand-new chief executive of Microsoft, has an engineering background. So does Mary Barra, who became CEO of General Motors not long ago. Yet a vast majority of Americans believe engineers

Career Center Blog | Tech interview? Choose your outfit wisely

Seattleites are well known for our casual, relaxed approach to almost everything -- especially attire. Look around and you'll see an abundance of jeans, T-shirts and baseball hats. We also wear socks with sandals. And fleece -- lots and lots

Career Center | I'm not sorry: How to suppress the apology reflex

By Audrey S. Lee / New York Times News Service Confidence, at least in the American workplace, means never having to say you’re sorry. I know that now, but early in my career I found myself apologizing over and over

Career Center | Seismologist Renate Hartog's cool job

What do you do? I am a seismologist staff member at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, located at the University of Washington in Seattle. We monitor Washington and Oregon for earthquakes and volcanic activity, and we operate a large network

Career Center | Steady job growth: Seattle area will add to 2013 gains

By Diana Wurn / Special to NWjobs Every year, labor-market economists pore over numbers on spreadsheets that will predict job growth in Washington for the New Year. The results are in, and according to the experts, the Pacific Northwest should

Job Calendar | Women 2.0 Founder Friday Seattle

Founder Friday is a Women 2.0 networking event to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors in innovative cities around the world. Both women and men are invited to attend Founder Friday. More information

Job Calendar | CodeChix: The Power of Networking

Join CodeChix for an end-of-the-year networking event to connect with other professional women in the Seattle area. Wear your ugliest holiday sweater. Register at Eventbrite.

Career Center Blog | What remote candidates should know about video interviewing

A common question from candidates who want to move to the Seattle area is whether local companies use video interviewing to hire employees from outside the area. I always tell remote candidates seeking to engage potential employers via Skype or

Career Center | Food-trends analyst Julie Mumford's cool job

What do you do? I’m on Allrecipes’ Business Intelligence team, analyzing food trends in real time. The primary data source is our extensive web-analytics platform that allows us to ask incredibly detailed questions about chicken -- or any other edible

Career Center | Cheers, monitor! Virtual happy hours connect far-flung workers

By Sheila Marikar / New York Times News Service A little after 4 p.m. on a recent Thursday, Eric Fleming, the head of strategy for Mash+Studio, a content marketing firm in Manhattan, gathered his co-workers for happy hour. In a

Job Calendar | Engineering, Technology & Security Clearance Career Expo

Meet face-to-face with employers hiring for engineering, defense, aerospace, software development, purchasing and many other disciplines at the free Engineering, Technology & Security Clearance Expo.

Career Center | What are the best jobs in Seattle for 2014? Check out the Top 10

View's full Best Jobs in Seattle report. (Click on the infographic to make text more clear.)

Career Center Blog | Use video as a secondary tool in your job search

Video as a communication tool is surpassing the written word, and companies are spending billions of dollars in an effort to capture market share (Facebook spent $1 billion to buy Instagram in 2012). Although the medium may be great for

Career Center | At the tone, please don't leave a voice mail. Ever.

By Rex Huppke, Chicago Tribune This is the process I go through when I receive a voice mail: 1. Sigh. 2. Consider ignoring it. 3. Become overwhelmed by guilt. 4. Press “voice mail” button. 5. Forget password. 6. Try again.

Job Calendar | Get a Real Job Fair

Are you looking to make a difference, ship code more than once every few years, and play on the cutting edge? This is a job fair for developers and designers ready to add passion to the work that they do.

Career Center | How to step up your style in Seattle's casual workplaces

By Kristin Kalning / Special to NWjobs Seattleites have a default style: super-casual. And that laid-back look extends to the workplace, where coders at tech companies show up in sweatpants and hardly anyone wears a tie. But just because you

Career Center Blog | IT job seeking for the mature candidate

I have three friends who are looking for tech jobs. Their biggest challenge: They are older than 50. All of them have up-to-date experience in technology, so they have cleared one of the greatest hurdles most older workers face. But

Job Calendar | Inaugural Seattle E-commerce Meetup

Network with fellow e-commerce professionals at the inaugural Seattle E-commerce Meetup.

Job Calendar | Seattle GiveCamp

Seattle GiveCamp is a weekend event when software professionals and social media experts donate their time to work with nonprofits on tech projects. Last year, 100+ volunteers worked on more than a dozen projects that included mobile apps, Wordpress websites,

Job Calendar | Office Ninjas Tech Mixer & Showcase

Executive assistants, office managers and admins who want to learn and experiment with new tech tools are invited to the Office Ninjas Tech Mixer & Showcase, where admins can meet and mingle. Register at Eventbrite.

Career Center | Career advice: Rusty PC skills worry Mac user in new job

By Rob Walker / New York Times News Service Q: I’ve been an Apple fan/user for many years, and have been fortunate that my employers for the past decade-plus have provided me with Macs for my work. However, I recently

Career Center Blog | Getting inside the state's biggest employers

A recent discussion on LinkedIn focused on how to get a foot in the door at Washington state's largest employers. This year's top five are Boeing, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Navy Region Northwest, Microsoft and the University of Washington. (Although the

Career Center | Jaremy Rich's cool gaming-industry job

What do you do? I’m the product manager for Bejeweled Blitz on iOS, Android and Facebook. I work with the game development team to design and implement new features and content for millions of daily players around the world. How

Career Center | Hot tech: What people in 9 high-paying jobs do — and how much they earn

By Shaun Chatman / If you love computers and dream in programming code, then a career in the technology industry might be perfect for you. compared its Seattle-area salary data to lists of in-demand tech jobs to come

Career Center Blog | How to get your resume to the top of the stack

The most questions I get at networking events and on career panels revolve around resume writing. Two things have dramatically impacted the way recruiters look at resumes. One is search technology (keywords); the other includes federal government compliance initiatives. The

Career Center Blog | Networking do's and don'ts for new grads

I receive a ton of requests for help around this time of year from new graduates and college sophomores and juniors looking for internships. Many of them want to "go for coffee" or meet for a "quick chat." Truthfully, if

Career Center | Vessel designer Jacob Bossler's cool job

What do you do? I use several kinds of 3-D design software to create detailed computer models of ships [for Seattle-based Elliott Bay Design Group]. These models are used by architects to tell how fast the boat will go, for

Career Center | Are startup perks turning workers into fat cats?

By Molly Young / New York Times News Service Within my first week of working at a New York City startup, I acquired a gut. The reason was obvious: There was free food everywhere, it was delicious and I was

Job Calendar | WiT Panel: Hiring Women in Tech

Women in Tech is relaunching with this event, a panel called "Hiring Women in Tech: Why does it matter? How can startups attract female tech talent?" Register at Eventbrite.

Job Calendar | Mock interview workshop for tech jobs

CodeChix International will host the "Interview with Confidence" mock interview workshop for attendees looking for jobs as software engineers, software engineers in test and in testing and QA.   Volunteer interviewers are full-time employees at top tech companies. Register and

Job Calendar | Employer panel

Join recruiters from Microsoft & SOS Employment Group (formerly Adams & Associates) and learn about their companies, recruiting needs and what they look for in candidates. Registration at WorkSource required. Visit WorkSource for more information.

Job Calendar | Epic Quest technology job fair

Tech-savvy job seekers are invited to Epic Quest, a job fair from the Washington Technology Industry Association.

Job Calendar | Boeing informational session

This free lecture covers Boeing's hiring needs and tips for submitting your application to Boeing. Learn more about attendance on the WorkSource website.

Career Center | Developer Shyam Habarakada's cool job

What do you do? I lead software development at Artefact [a Seattle technology product design company] and am a hands-on developer at 10,000ft, a business software product built by Artefact Product Group. This means I'm involved in multiple projects at

Job Calendar | Open training lab for veterans and spouses

WorkSource and Microsoft are distributing vouchers that will enable veterans to obtain, at no cost, select e-learning and certification for Windows 7 Essentials and Microsoft Office 2010.

Career Center | Career makeover: Longtime IT manager must draft new career plan

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs For 17 years, Barry Nichols was the IT manager at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Seattle regional office. But in 2012, the bureau office closed, forcing Nichols to look for a job for the

Career Center | Chief executive artist Kamal Siegel's cool job

What do you do? As chief executive artist, I get to run a studio called Digital Double [in Redmond], which does 2-D and 3-D graphics for the games and advertising industries. I get to manage the affairs of the company

Career Center | Is working for a startup right for you?

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Molly Epstein loves her job. Since last May, she has been creating computer-aided 3-D models of jewelry for, a high-end diamond and jewelry e-commerce company. Working for a tech startup -- among

Career Center | Women’s coding group aims to bridge tech gender gap

By Monica Chen / Raleigh News and Observer With laptops open and coffee in hand, a dozen women joined a Code & Coffee session in Raleigh, N.C., recently, where they coded Web pages, shared tips on design and chatted about

Career Center | Unplugging: Some employers helping workers disconnect

By Tanya Mohn / New York Times News Service In this age of hyper-connectivity, some companies are adopting policies aimed at weaning employees from their electronic devices. Atos, an international information technology company, plans to phase out all emails among

Job Calendar | Evening with Fremont Women in Technology

An evening of networking and tech talk with women in technology from the Fremont neighborhood. Register at Eventbrite.

Career Center Blog | Scholarships now available for interactive media, gaming

It's been a long-standing, vexing problem for the local interactive media sector: The Puget Sound area has plenty of companies that need game designers and computer engineers, and countless job seekers who'd love to break into this business they've loved

Career Center | Gains from cranes: Modest job growth for Seattle area in 2013

By Randy Woods / Special to NWjobs In spite of the lingering concerns over the slow economic recovery and the 286,000 people still out of work statewide, many forecasters agree that Washington, and especially the Puget Sound region, is poised

Career Center | 9 ways to make yourself more marketable in 2013

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Those pseudo-Mayan predictions didn’t come true, so you’ll need to prep for a new year. Why not make it one of the best so far, at least career-wise? Here are nine tips for

Job Calendar | Android Application Development certificate program webinar

Learn more about the University of Washington's Professional & Continuing Education certificate program in Android Application Development at this free webinar. RSVP here.

Career Center | How to ace a virtual job interview

By Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs Moments before a recent job interview with a tech company, Anna White sat in a small room in the prospective employer’s satellite office in Irvine, Calif., facing a desk. A phone rang, and

Job Calendar | ProductCamp Seattle 2012

ProductCamp Seattle 2012 is a free "unconference" for the product management community hosted by the Product Management Consortium (PMC). Register here.

Career Center | Is independent contracting right for you?

By Allison Ellis / Special to NWjobs David Robison was laid off from his full-time job more than a decade ago. Soon after, the Seattle resident began contracting as a user-experience designer -- and has never looked back. “Starting a

Job Calendar | Tech job fair

Job seekers can meet face-to-face with employers hiring for tech positions and receive job-search advice at the free Tech Job Fair. Registration information for employers can be found here.

Job Calendar | Mobile Monday Seattle happy hour

Mobile Monday Seattle is an informal gathering of Seattle's wireless, high tech and mobile technology community.

Job Calendar | Careers in Science: Beyond the Bench

The Association for Women in Science's Seattle chapter presents a panel discussion featuring Melissa Loomis, Scientific Recruiter at FHCRC; Sharon Gundersen, Ph.D, Consumer Safety Officer at FDA; Lee Schoentrup, Director of Communications at IDRI; Lynne Becker, Ph.D, Senior Enterprise Project

Job Calendar | ESPN digital job event

Visit Touchdown City before the Seahawks' kickoff to learn more about joining ESPN's digital team. Positions for software engineers, mobile engineers and Web developers on Fantasy and mobile.

Job Calendar | Get a Real Job Startup Job Fair

The Get a Real Job Startup Job Fair is for designers and developers ready to add passion to the work that they do. Join Seattle Startups for drinks, food and social time with some of the city's hottest startups.

Career Center | Q&A: Boss only has eyes for his iPhone

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: My boss is addicted to his iPhone. He checks emails during meetings and sneaks glances at it when we have one-on-one meetings. I really feel like he's not paying attention to me

Job Calendar | Women in Wireless networking event

For the second year in a row, thousands of professionals throughout the world who connect with the mission of Women in Wireless will unite to meet, mingle and speed network. Seattle joins New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Dallas, Calgary, Los

Job Calendar | Android Application Development certificate-program info session

Learn more about University of Washington's Professional & Continuing Education Android Application Development certificate program during an in-person information meeting.

Career Center Blog | Millennial job seekers have good reason to stay in Seattle

Of all the demographic groups that have been studied for their economic vulnerability, the Millennials arguably have become the poster children of post-Great Recession victimhood. These young workers in the Seattle market, however, may soon become a bellwether for better

Career Center Blog | Vets reinterpret job skills in manufacturing program

Finding the right job is like finding the perfect mate; sometimes a matchmaker can help find hidden similarities between two parties and pair them up. For the resurgent Puget Sound manufacturing sector, one of these matchmakers is Thomas McLaughlin, who

Career Center | What are the best jobs in Seattle? Check out the Top 10

View's full Best Jobs in Seattle report.

Job Calendar | Seattle Beta

The quarterly startup mixer by Seattle Beta is a get-together for founders, hackers, students, investors, designers, visionaries, media professionals and more. Join us for a stimulating evening of conversation, talks, and startup demos, focused around greater Seattle's early-stage startup and

Career Center | Game tester Jonathan Bettger's cool job

What do you do? I test games at Big Fish Games [in Seattle]. A game tester's job is to discover bugs, or problems, in the game software and then work with developers to get those bugs or problems resolved before

Career Center | Job sound too good to be true? Watch out for scams

By Susan Salisbury / The Palm Beach Post With millions of Americans out of work and looking for a job, the latest scam, which preys on job seekers, is particularly despicable. A West Palm Beach, Fla., woman contacted The Palm

Job Calendar | StartUpCity presents: Women in Tech

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an Amazon coder, get involved to learn, meet or help other aspiring women. This inaugural event will be a great opportunity for socializing and establishing a comfortable atmosphere for women in tech to learn

Career Center Blog | Overcoming the age-old 'maturity' problem

First impressions play an enormous role in how a candidate will be evaluated. Sometimes, however, these impressions are completely out of our control. Take the case of one job seeker I recently spoke with, who met a hiring manager about

Career Center | One more resume thing to think about: QR codes

By Diane Stafford / The Kansas City Star Just when you think you have your resume looking pretty good, James Alexander suggests a Botox injection. Actually, he’s just using Botox as a metaphor for an infusion of youth. How so?

Job Calendar | Technology Management MBA information session

Learn more about the University of Washington's 18-month MBA program for technology professionals. Click here to register.

Career Center | FBI forensics leader Kera O'Reilly's cool job

What do you do? I am a special agent in the FBI Seattle Division and serve as the senior team leader of our Evidence Response Team (ERT). The ERT gathers evidence in an expert, competent and systematic manner so that

Career Center | Pinterest resumes: Should you get on board?

By Benny Evangelista / San Francisco Chronicle Pinterest is known as a popular online pin board for photos of fashion, food recipes, and arts and crafts projects, but it has also become a place to find creative job resumes. Not

Job Calendar | Open House: UW Computing and IT Certificate Programs

Explore more than 50 computing and IT certificates, degrees and other tech-related programs. Learn about opportunities to gain the skills and experience you need to enhance your career. Two panel discussions will address technology trends and career opportunities. No registration

Job Calendar | Modern-Day Tech Leaders Reception

This Linked:Seattle event is a chance to network with more than 30 VIPs and subject matter experts at companies including Corbis, Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile and more. Linked:Seattle is a LinkedIn group. Standard admission includes round-table discussions to share your expertise,

Career Center Blog | Start me up: 5 tips for budding entrepreneurs

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit who are nevertheless stuck in the job-search loop for extended periods, the urge to strike out on their own has been stoked in recent weeks by anecdotal reports of a resurgent venture capital market.

Career Center Blog | Jobs Accelerator scholarships offered in interactive media

A healthy employment picture, like a robust economy, needs to have a balance between supply (qualified workers) and demand (living-wage jobs). While most job seekers lament the lack of demand and the glut of supply during the Great Recession, many

Job Calendar | Women in STEM networking event

This special networking event will bring together women from the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, ranging from undergraduates through accomplished professionals. Make new connections, find or be a mentor and explore educational pathways and career options with representatives

Job Calendar | Women Who Tech Seattle Happy Hour

Women Who Tech is hosting a happy hour to celebrate women who rock tech. Come out and meet some fellow techies. Register at Eventbrite.

Career Center | Does your job allow you to keep up with technology?

Does your job allow you to keep up with technology?

Job Calendar | Inside Microsoft IT

Microsoft IT will be hosting a free evening networking event to make contact with business professionals who are interested in career opportunities in the information technology space. This event will give attendees a glimpse into Microsoft's recruiting process. Space is

Job Calendar | Bellingham TechNight career fair

Looking for a new job in technology? At this career fair, meet hiring managers from local technology companies and learn about jobs for programmers, network administrators, systems analysts, database administrators, technical support/help desk specialists, technical sales professionals, project managers and

Career Center | No sitting down on the job for Valerie O'Shea

NAME: Valerie O'Shea JOB: Executive assistant to the president, LeMay — America's Car Museum, Tacoma CUBICLE RAVE: I have a GeekDesk adjustable-height desk and treadmill that goes from 1/2 to 4 miles an hour (my average speed is 1.5). This

Job Calendar | 'Hot in Tech' networking

Mingle with others in high tech in Salad Labs' first Hot in Tech event, featuring a panel of experts in high tech and a jalapeno-eating contest. To register, visit Salad Labs.

Career Center | Your idea of business casual may not match mine

By Rex Huppke / The Chicago Tribune Good news for facial-hair enthusiasts earlier this year. After six decades of flagrant beardscrimination, Walt Disney Co. lifted its ban on employee goatees and other face fuzz. The loosening of dress-code rules at

Job Calendar | Women in Tech International -- Seattle kickoff

Come be a part of the creation of the Greater Seattle WITI Network. This is your opportunity to find or be a mentor, network with other IT women professionals and generally have a great time. Pre-registration required.

Job Calendar | Mobile Mixers kickoff

Mobile Mixers is a new community for the mobile minded, open to anyone working in mobile business. Mix it up with digital marketers, mobile agencies, mobile providers and mobile technologists. Bring your ideas for what you want this community to

Career Center Blog | Social media boot camp: Help for your digital self

Last week I wrote about the necessity of face-to-face networking, and about how there's a methodical way to go about making connections that could land you a job without being annoying or pushy. We can sing the praises of in-person

Career Center | Manufacturers struggle to find skilled workers

By Alejandra Cancino / Chicago Tribune Doug Parsons needs to hire more than two dozen skilled workers at his manufacturing plant in Pekin, Ill., but he can't find them. Parsons' problem was heightened last year when company sales grew 60

Career Center | Tech jobs abound, but women still outnumbered in the field

By Katie Ormsby / Special to NWjobs Technology-related career opportunities are thriving in and around Seattle. Many industry leaders, including Microsoft,, Expedia and Boeing, as well as local start-ups are perpetually looking to hire. But despite the region’s wealth

Career Center Blog | Credit scores are one thing ... but 'career scores'?

First, they came for the movies. Then they came for the restaurants. Then they came for the attorneys, professors and doctors. What are you going to do when they come for you? Are you ready to have a number slapped

Career Center Blog | Seattle's 'app economy' rank bodes well for engineering jobs

If it seems like every engineering student who manages to find a job in Seattle is developing smartphone apps, you're not alone in your observation. For the first time, we now have a better idea of how the Puget Sound

Career Center | Multi-distracted: Juggling tasks causes more harm than good

By Anita Bruzzese / Gannett While you may know that studies have found that multitasking hurts productivity, the truth is you really haven’t stopped trying to do more than one thing at a time, have you? After all, while

Career Center | What's your dream job in technology?

What’s your dream job in technology?

Job Calendar | Ignite Seattle 17

Imagine a festive hall full of inventors, techies and entrepreneurs all drinking beer, networking and competing to build the best popsicle stick bridge -- that's Ignite Seattle and it happens monthly. Over 21 only; $5 admission at the door.




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