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Job Calendar | WorkSource Veterans Orientation

The WorkSource Veterans Orientation introduces the veteran services available through WorkSource. Meet with veterans representatives from the YWCA, KC Veterans Program and WA State DVOP. Learn about the benefits and resources available to veterans, spouses and families.

Career Center Blog | Time to adopt a post-recession job search mentality

Everyone -- employers, workers and out-of-work job seekers -- it's time to listen up. There's a change in the air around the Puget Sound workplace. The change is in attitude, and it's one of the most important intangible aspects of

Job Calendar | Professional Networking Group

The Professional Networking Group meets weekly to cover a variety of topics including job opportunities and networking with peers. Free; all job seekers welcome.

Career Center Blog | The brighter side of taxes for job seekers

By now, you've probably received your W-2s, 1099s and various other tax documents you'll need for the annual April bloodletting. For those of you who have been laid off, you may also get a surprise slap in the face by

Career Center Blog | 8 reasons you're not finding a job

The good news is that the job market is improving, albeit slowly. The bad news is that you might still be looking. If so, maybe it's time for a little self-evaluation. Do any of these issues ring a bell? Your

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Career Center | Steady job growth: Seattle area will add to 2013 gains

By Diana Wurn / Special to NWjobs Every year, labor-market economists pore over numbers on spreadsheets that will predict job growth in Washington for the New Year. The results are in, and according to the experts, the Pacific Northwest should

Job Calendar | Orientation to WorkSource Services

During this free WorkSource workshop you will be given an overview of the services available at your local WorkSource office to assist with all phases of the job search.

Career Center | Year Up program gives young adults a career boost

By Michael E. Kanell / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution One winter ago, Liliana Tapia had a young son, a closetful of unfulfilled dreams and not enough hours of work in a job at a local restaurant. A 2012 high-school graduate,

Career Center Blog | Time to crack the whip on your job search

For the past five years or so, finding a job in the sluggish economy could take not a matter of weeks, but months (or more). While that is still the case for some highly sought-after jobs, the economy is no

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization Seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how to maximize job fairs and recruiting events. To register, visit ProLango.

Career Center Blog | It's the most wonderful time of the year ... to job hunt

Life gets busier this time of year. No one would blame you if you, as a job seeker, decided to put the whole job-hunting project on hold until January. After all, conventional wisdom says that employers don't hire in December

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization Seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Career Center Blog | Study: WorkSource workshops pay off

As someone who has dipped in and out of the salaried workforce several times during the Great Recession, I've come to know the quirks of WorkSource, the job-resource site funded by the state's Employment Security Department (ESD) and several other

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Job Calendar | Career Search Optimization seminar

Paul Anderson of ProLango presents this free seminar about the hiring process from behind the scenes. Job seekers will learn about recruiting techniques, company blacklists, common job-seeker mistakes and how resumes are scored in a company's applicant tracking system. Register

Career Center | Q&A: How do I explain getting fired for being tired?

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: I’m having trouble explaining why I left my last job. For three years, I worked in a residential treatment facility for youthful offenders. Everything was fine until I was assigned to

Career Center | Erasable ink: Job seekers remove tattoos to improve prospects

By Carolyn Said / San Francisco Chronicle Luis Orozco had ferocious orange-and-black tigers snarling out from each of his calves. Juan Velasquez had a massive red, white and blue eagle spread across his shoulder. Yolanda Carretero had an Old English-style

Career Center Blog | Getting inside the state's biggest employers

A recent discussion on LinkedIn focused on how to get a foot in the door at Washington state's largest employers. This year's top five are Boeing, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Navy Region Northwest, Microsoft and the University of Washington. (Although the

Job Calendar | The New Job Search in the New Economy workshop

In this free workshop you will learn how to shift your approach to match the current environment and smooth your path to finding employment. Topics covered include adjusting to the reality of the contemporary labor market, developing a work plan

Career Center Blog | Sweetening the deal for the Shared Work program

The economy has shown significant signs of life in recent months, but local workers are not quite out of the woods yet in terms of layoffs. According to Washington state's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) system, which tracks layoffs

Job Calendar | Mid-Life Career Changing in the New Economy

The King County Library System, WorkSource and South Seattle Community College present a free course designed to help participants analyze and understand the problem of "ageism,'' how age discrimination affects their job search, and what they can do to empower

Career Center Blog | Ace your interview by practicing, avoiding extremes

Congratulations -- you've made it to an on-site interview. Here in Seattle, that probably means that either you have already spoken on the phone (or in person) with at least one or two people, or your resume was outstanding enough

Career Center | If you want the job, curb these desperate behaviors

By Jeffrey Kudisch / The Washington Post Acting desperate has never been an attractive quality in dating relationships, and it’s certainly not attractive to potential employers, either. For job seekers, emotions can run high and turn usually calm, collected candidates

Job Calendar | WorkSource public orientation

This free WorkSource orientation will introduce you to an array of employment and training services, and get you connected with staff who are experts in the local labor market. WorkSource recommends being on-site 45-60 minutes before the class starts. Admission

Career Center Blog | Recruiter, headhunter, agency or coach? Clarifying roles

I received a LinkedIn message recently from someone asking me if I knew any recruiters working with candidates for a particular type of work in a specific industry. I get at least two or three of these questions a month;

Career Center Blog | 10 things not to do after you lose a job

Job loss, even if you saw it coming, is a blow. You will feel emotional, there's no two ways about it. Here are some tips for what to expect and how to handle it. Don't be ashamed. If there's one

Career Center | What your quitting fantasies really mean

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Say you’re having a bad day -- month? year? decade? -- and your mind drifts. You see yourself storming the boss’s office, yelling in his face. Or maybe you leap atop your desk, stomp

Career Center | Now we know: job-search lessons from the recession

By Marcia Heroux Pounds / (South Florida) Sun Sentinel Despite a gradual improvement in employment, many Americans are still looking for work. During the housing crisis and recession, companies such as outplacement firm Right Management had plenty of business guiding

Career Center Blog | Tax advice for job seekers, no foolin'

Sometimes I think the cruelest April Fool's joke of all is when you look at the calendar and realize that it's already April 1 and you haven't started your taxes — and that it's no joke! Well, I guess

Job Calendar | Worker Retraining Information Presentation

This WorkSource information session will give you an overview of the Worker Retraining program at community and technical colleges. This will include a summary of other funding resources to attend professional/technical courses.

Career Center | Gains from cranes: Modest job growth for Seattle area in 2013

By Randy Woods / Special to NWjobs In spite of the lingering concerns over the slow economic recovery and the 286,000 people still out of work statewide, many forecasters agree that Washington, and especially the Puget Sound region, is poised

Career Center | Q&A: How do I cope with layoffs at my company?

By Liz Reyer / Minneapolis Start Tribune Q: Things seemed to be going pretty well at work, and then we had a few layoffs. It’s really shaken me up, and I’m trying to settle down again. What do you suggest?

Career Center Blog | Help for the unemployed that actually helps

It's usually the first thing you say when you hear that a friend has been laid off: "Please let me know if there's anything I can do." There's not much else one can say other than general expressions of condolence

Job Calendar | A Conversation with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis

The Workforce Development Council is honored to welcome U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to WorkSource Affiliate Downtown Seattle for a conversation about the public workforce system, the vulnerable workforce and the economy. Schedule: 2:00-2:30: Speaker remarks 2:30-2:50: Q&A with

Job Calendar | Recruiter panel

The Puget Sound Career Development Association presents a panel of recruiters to discuss how to navigate online job boards, what to include in a resume and how to be the most appealing candidate possible. The evening should prove interesting to

Career Center Blog | The perils of job-search burnout

This may be a heretical thing for a career counselor to say, but I seem to be one of the few professionals in my field who actually doesn't believe that "looking for a job is a full-time job." Necessarily. Obviously,

Career Center Blog | Will the long-term unemployed soon get a rescue platform?

Earlier this year, while going about their usual business of investigating the nation's power brokers and exposing corruption wherever they find it, the journalists on the CBS TV news magazine "60 Minutes" told one of the more uplifting stories to

Career Center Blog | Are you a negative or positive self-talker? To succeed, love yourself

In a Harvard Business Review blog post this week, strategic adviser Peter Bregman wrote about the right way to speak to yourself. Although you might think his topic is too touchy-feely to be a critical career issue, it is, in

Career Center Blog | Three ways volunteering can help land your dream job

We've all heard them before -- the long list of steps that job seekers are supposed to take in order to get their resume looked at, much less get themselves in front of a hiring manager. Often those tips are

Career Center | Job sound too good to be true? Watch out for scams

By Susan Salisbury / The Palm Beach Post With millions of Americans out of work and looking for a job, the latest scam, which preys on job seekers, is particularly despicable. A West Palm Beach, Fla., woman contacted The Palm

Career Center Blog | Good grammar: Don't communicate without it

In college I was required to take an editing course as part of my major. It so happened that the professor who taught the course that year was known far and wide as the most strict, fearsome and unsympathetic editor

Career Center Blog | Your role in restoring compassion to the job market

There's an old quote about many drops of water coming together to form a mighty stream -- a sentiment which, if we all play our cards right, may turn out to have a surprisingly positive impact on the modern job

Career Center | No simple solutions when unemployment benefits run out

BY Lora Shinn / Special to NWjobs When Rick Goral was laid off from an art director position, he didn’t expect to rely on unemployment insurance benefits for long. But after months of looking for work in a field with

Job Calendar | Trade Adjustment Assistance orientation

This free WorkSource workshop is open to the public and will educate you on Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) eligibility and provide an in-depth view of the services associated with this program. TAA may provide training resources for workers who have

Career Center Blog | Certificate programs might be your ticket to a career boost

If you've been thinking about increasing your skills, retraining or exploring a new career but don't want to spend the equivalent of a full college degree (and don't have the time for more intensive schooling), you might want to consider

Career Center Blog | 'Not Working' reflects the adaptability of today's workforce

A woman finds out she is being laid off from her bank job via email attachment after 22 years of service. A man shows up one morning at his office to find a padlock on the front door and all

Job Calendar | Author talk: DW Gibson and 'Not Working'

DW Gibson will discuss his book, "Not Working: People Talk About Losing a Job and Finding Their Way In Today's Changing Economy (Penguin),' for which he traveled the country speaking to people who had lost work in the economic downturn.

Career Center | Graying workforce: more older workers, fewer young ones

By Ann Belser / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette If Junior can’t get a job, blame Grandpa. Battered retirement investments have led older workers to stay in, or re-enter, the workforce. And the situation has contributed to a shift in the average age

Career Center Blog | Recession Generation has stories to tell, lessons to teach

In The Seattle Times' new special report The Recession Generation, young people are opening up about what they face in the job market today. Their stories are worth reading and learning from. I admire their persistence, their optimism, their continuing

Career Center Blog | Advantage employee: Worker confidence on the rise

Seattle's current run of consecutive outstandingly beautiful weekends is not the only sunny news to hit the Puget Sound region in recent weeks. As the afternoons grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, there appears to be a gradual and

Career Center | Tired of looking? Get out of the unemployment rut

By Deborah M. Todd / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Looking for work is tough, particularly for the long-term unemployed. Charles Purdy, career-advice expert for, says a sense of helplessness could take those who believe they’ve tried everything to find a job

Career Center | Then and now: Employment changes over the past 50 years

Compiled by Linda Hughes / Special to NWjobs In 1962, the year of the Seattle World’s Fair, Bill Gates was 6 and years away from transforming computing and our area’s employment options. Microsoft has changed the jobs landscape, but one

Career Center Blog | How job seekers should manage the big "O": Overqualified

So you want a job. You need a job. You've identified some openings or employers that sound interesting, even exciting. Maybe you are contacted by some of these employers for an interview. There's just one problem: Based on the job

Career Center Blog | Sharing the layoff burden with good government

As much I hate to remind you, we're only a few weeks into our official presidential election year, and we still have more than seven months left to withstand the overheated rhetoric about "job creators," no-tax pledges and Etch-A-Sketch gaffes.

Career Center | Have you ever collected unemployment benefits?

Have you ever collected unemployment benefits?

Career Center Blog | Networking: Diligence and meetings pay off

When many people hear the word "networking," they feel a kind of sucker punch to the gut. If you're looking for work, the word might instill all manner of anxiety and dread -- who, where, how? It might seem overwhelming

Career Center Blog | If referrals were snakes, many job hunters would be bitten

There's an old saying about networking for a job in Seattle: "If you're not sick of the taste of coffee, you're not doing it right." Amid all the schmoozing, caffeine and random chatting that tends to take place in most

Career Center Blog | Midwinter tax deduction reminders for job seekers

Groundhog Day is once again upon us, and you know what that means for the average worker: 6 to 10 more weeks of tax preparation, of course. (Unlike the choices of a certain Keystone State rodent, this is one prediction

Career Center Blog | Time running out on ESD's entrepreneurial training program?

For many of the long-time unemployed, the idea of starting and running their own business is a tantalizing dream of self-reliance. (Wouldn't you love to be your own boss this week and declare your own snow days?) Some of these

Job Calendar | How to Conduct a Networking Campaign

In this free WorkSource workshop, job seekers will learn to build and expand a network of contacts to generate referrals, set up informational interviews and improve their interactive/communication skills with the goal of transitioning into new opportunities and potential career

Career Center | Tips for going back to work after a break

By Liz Reyer Minneapolis Star Tribune Q: After being out of work for quite a while, I'm happy to say that I'm starting a new job. But I'm concerned about getting back into the routine smoothly. What can I do

Career Center Blog | November program encourages hiring of returning vets

Last month, President Obama made the announcement that the nearly 40,000 non-combat security forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom will be coming home by the end of this year, effectively ending the nine-year misadventure in Iraq that cost nearly 4,500 American

Career Center Blog | Helping businesses help themselves to create jobs

There's no denying that this has been a tough month for the idea that government can provide assistance in creating new jobs. In spite of a substantial rebound on Wall Street following the Great Recession, the unemployment rate still stands

Career Center Blog | New vacancies often require new training

Last week, a small ray of hope shined down on the bleak local job landscape, like a Seattle sunbreak on a cloudy spring day. The Employment Security Department's twice-yearly Job-Vacancy Survey was released, showing that spring 2011 job vacancies were

Career Center Blog | Underemployed and returning to the networking trenches

One of the key tenets of my Hire Ground advice to job seekers has always been to remain positive. Grumbling and negativity can spread like a plague and lead to desperation, which is deadly to any serious employment search. That

Career Center Blog | McGinn initiatives may give Seattle job creation a nudge

A year and a half into Mike McGinn's term as mayor of Seattle, he hasn't made a lot of friends. His continued opposition to the downtown tunnel project, his tough stance on downtown parking and his environmental activism have made

Career Center Blog | Post-recession dads: Less willing to give up breadwinner role?

When it comes to work/life balance, the recession has left more than a few working dads gun-shy. According to CareerBuilder's Annual Father's Day Survey, working dads are more reluctant to let go of the breadwinner role than they were

Career Center Blog | How to stay focused during lengthy job searches

They say April is the cruelest month, but when you're looking for work in the moss-covered Pacific Northwest, I'd say it's more like June. As we saw from the last few days of fantastic weather following a particularly drenching spring,

Career Center Blog | Turnaround coming for 'boomerang' generation?

For the last few years, the long-running joke about recent college grads was that they were first of the new "boomerang generation" -- well-educated young adults who had earned six-figure educations but were landing right back where they started at

Career Center Blog | Time to harvest the last networking events of spring

We're approaching mid-May already, which is usually around the time the grumbling in the Seattle area reaches a fever pitch. After seeing the rest of the country warm up to long days filled with sunshine, Seattleites are once again mired

Career Center Blog | Between jobs and looking to publish your book? These classes can help

We all know involuntary unemployment is no picnic. But as some of the nation's pink-slipped have noted, the upside of losing your job is that you finally have the time to pursue those long-neglected hobbies and side projects. [Jennifer

Career Center Blog | Criminal background checks: By the numbers

Last week's latest job figures showing an overall increase of 216,000 jobs last month and a four-year low (8.8 percent) for the nation's unemployment rate was undeniably terrific news for job seekers. This is some of the strongest evidence since

Career Center Blog | Unemployed: Beware of April spammers

Before I get to the coming networking and job-search workshops for next month, I wanted to pass along a notice from the Employment Security Department about unscrupulous spammers (yes, that's redundant, I know) who are sending out misleading e-mails to

Career Center Blog | A little government help for job growth

It's undoubtedly tough out there finding a job these days. It's equally tough to be a public official in a state or local government trying to allocate a dwindling amount of dollars for crucial economic development programs. According to a

Career Center Blog | Would you attend your own layoff party?

A friend recently mentioned that her employer was throwing a goodbye party for its outgoing pink slip casualties. [Photo by Flashy Soup Can] One of the laid-off, my pal was unsure whether she should -- or even wanted to --

Career Center Blog | Prediction: The biggest workplace stories for 2011

Although it was no 2009, this past year was another doozy for the U.S. workforce. So rather than reminisce about the many ways 2010 whooped the collective hide of the working public, let's look forward to the new year. Following are

Career Center Blog | Job hunting this holiday season? 5 ways to stand out from the crowd

Tempted put your job hunt on hold for the next two weeks? Don't be. Not all employers completely disappear into the holiday ether from mid-December to early January. Neither should you. [Egg nog | photo by izik] Executive outplacement firm

Career Center Blog | Confidence still rising for 2011 job growth

All relationships -- even the ones that seem destined for long-term commitment -- have their bumpy days, where everything seems to fall apart. Friday was one of those days for the on-again/off-again romance between private-sector employers and the nation's workforce.

Career Center Blog | How not to come across as a desperate job seeker

In my career search seminars, I am frequently asked: "Paul, I've heard that employers aren't interested in hiring the unemployed. Is that true?" To a point, this is valid, but of course, it's not entirely true. If this were the

Career Center Blog | How do you like your job security now?

No doubt you saw the reports earlier this month that the recession officially ended in June 2009. Like many Americans, you may have laughed, scoffed, or yelled at the media outlet from which you gleaned this nugget of information

Career Center Blog | Private sector provides encouragement for job seekers

Before getting into the list of job-seeker events for the rest of this month, I thought it was necessary to point out some recent jobless figures this week that may have gone unnoticed amid the good news down in the

Career Center Blog | Don't let the 'unemployed' stigma hold you back

In an ongoing crisis, such as this country's appalling unemployment rate, some job seekers begin to see bad news around every corner. When a weeks-long job search starts to be measured in months and years, it's easy to let fear

Career Center | As economy improves, employees gain confidence to quit jobs

By Christopher Leonard and Christopher S. Rugaber The Associated Press Katie Charland, shown June 4 in Chandler, Ariz., recently quit her job at a parenting magazine to take a position with a nonprofit organization called Gangplank Phoenix. (Matt York

Career Center | Summer jobs for teens dwindle

By Mickey Meece The New York Times This year is shaping up to be even worse than last for the millions of high-school and college students looking for summer jobs. State and local governments, among the biggest seasonal employers,

Career Center Blog | What's your summer vacation situation?

So how was your long holiday weekend? More important, how are your summer leisure plans shaping up? [Image by Mike Licht,] For months, we media types have been regaling readers, viewers, and listeners with hiring and shopping statistics in

Career Center | Job picture brightens; older workers struggle

By Drew DeSilver Seattle Times business reporter Larry Dinwiddie, left rear, 57, of Tumwater, attends a career fair in Tacoma. He's been jobless since December. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times) A year and a half ago, Larry Dinwiddie

Career Center Blog | Construction jobs build hope of sustainable recovery

For most of the last two years, when there was news of yet another bad report of job losses, it was a safe bet that the leading industries were construction and manufacturing. After the housing bubble burst in 2007 and

Career Center Blog | What a year it's been -- No foolin'!

Today marks a full calendar year since I carved out my little cyberniche with this Hire Ground column. So far, I've posted more than 140 entries about interviewing tips, networking events, resume advice, development of interpersonal skills and some random




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