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Career Center Blog | Countdown to better job searching in 2014

For most of us, the change of the calendar will come with a sigh of relief. From a new low in political gridlock to homegrown terrorist plots to health-care website fiascos, 2013 was certainly a year to forget -- with

Career Center Blog | Grapevine better bet than Vine for hiring success

I've gone on record before about saying that video resumes are not always the best job-seeking method for several reasons. Mostly it's because they worry HR people about potential discrimination lawsuits, and they don't present much more useful information beyond

Career Center Blog | Scholarships now available for interactive media, gaming

It's been a long-standing, vexing problem for the local interactive media sector: The Puget Sound area has plenty of companies that need game designers and computer engineers, and countless job seekers who'd love to break into this business they've loved

Career Center Blog | Seattle earns high score in gamer job opportunities

Bungie. PopCap. Valve. Big Fish. Double Down. No, these are not nicknames for mob informants. They are all companies that could represent lucrative job opportunities for many video game developers, engineers, designers and animators looking for work in Seattle's booming

Career Center Blog | Video resumes: Handle with extreme care

For job seekers looking to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, it's sometimes helpful to show off your creativity by trying a new technology or displaying your skills in an unusual format. This has led to a rise




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