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Career Center | Career advice: Don't take disrespect from power-grabber

By Marie G. McIntyre / McClatchy-Tribune News Service Q: I recently hired an employee who tries to control every situation. “Megan” frequently tells me that she is accustomed to being in charge because she has held leadership roles in the

Job Calendar | Peace Corps information session

If you've always wanted to challenge yourself on an international playing field while making a difference on a grassroots level, the Peace Corps wants you. Come learn about volunteer experiences, have your questions answered and gain tips to guide you

Job Calendar | Peace Corps lunchtime info session

Learn about the Peace Corps volunteer experience, have questions answered and gain tips to guide you through the application process at this information session.

Job Calendar | Doctors Without Borders information session

Medical and non-medical professionals are invited to an evening presentation to learn more about how you can join Doctors Without Borders' pool of dedicated aid workers. You'll meet experienced Doctors Without Borders aid workers from the Seattle area and hear

Career Center | Mediator Gini Ann Davis' cool job

What do you do? I work with the Dispute Resolution Centers in both King and Snohomish/Island counties doing primarily family and business mediations, [as well as] coaching and mentoring mediators in training. Both of these Dispute Resolution Centers have nationally

Job Calendar | Seattle GiveCamp

Seattle GiveCamp is a weekend event when software professionals and social media experts donate their time to work with nonprofits on tech projects. Last year, 100+ volunteers worked on more than a dozen projects that included mobile apps, Wordpress websites,

Career Center Blog | How volunteering can help you get a job

You know that volunteering is good for your community. It's good for you, too. People who volunteer live longer, have lower rates of depression, enjoy better physical health, have more friends and are more self-confident. What you may not know

Career Center Blog | Volunteer for your career -- but make it relevant

The more seasoned I become in my career, the more I'm known as a "go-to" person for recruiting and writing. Not coincidentally, my volunteer activities closely mirror these two aspects of my life, which is a piece of advice I

Job Calendar | Info session: Live, Learn, Work with a Community Overseas

Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language and have the experience of a lifetime. Attend this information session to learn about volunteer experiences, have your questions answered

Career Center | Good Job: Ben McCarthy of Seattle Works

What do you do? At Seattle Works [an organization that connects volunteers and develops emerging leaders], I manage and facilitate two leadership development training programs: one for nonprofit and government commission service (The Bridge), the other for volunteer project management

Career Center Blog | No work experience? Try life experience

When a hiring manager needs to fill a position, he or she is looking for a person with a proven track record of results for previous employers. For many experienced workers with 10 or more years of employment, enough examples

Job Calendar | Info session: Volunteer at any age

Whether you're fresh out of college, mid-career, or ready to retire, Peace Corps service is the opportunity of a lifetime. Join us at this information session to learn about volunteer experiences, have your questions answered, and gain tips to guide

Job Calendar | Seattle Works Day

Gather together a team of co-workers, friends or social groups to volunteer at projects all over the city, ranging from organizing a library at Sanislo Elementary to restoring Dr. Jose Rizal Park Orchard. More information and registration information at Seattle

Career Center Blog | PR tricks for getting noticed at work -- the right way

I have a friend who's terrific at being his own public relations agent. Whether he's celebrating his latest promotion or cooking dinner for friends, he has a knack for showcasing what he's good at without sounding self-centered. What's his secret?

Job Calendar | Seattle Architecture Foundation new volunteer orientation

At this event, prospective Seattle Architecture Foundation volunteers will be introduced to SAF's mission and goals, and have the opportunity to meet other new and current volunteers.

Job Calendar | Annual Downtown Volunteer Fair

Meet representatives from more than 50 social-service agencies and charities serving downtown Seattle's poor, homeless and needy neighbors at the Third Annual Downtown Volunteer Fair. Find volunteer opportunities and make important community connections.

Job Calendar | Peace Corps information session

Whether you're fresh out of college, mid-career or ready to retire, Peace Corps service is the opportunity of a lifetime. Come learn about volunteer opportunities, have your questions answered and gain tips for the application process at this information session.

Career Center | Too busy to volunteer? Here's how to squeeze it in

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald Erin McHugh had been working as a bookseller during the day and author at night. Her jam-packed work schedule left her little time for volunteering. Feeling unfulfilled, she decided to try an

Career Center Blog | Are you giving enough to others in your network?

This past holiday weekend, amid the carnage of the crowded dinner table, most of us celebrated the good things we have in our lives and gave thanks to the important people who make it all worthwhile. In the spirit of

Job Calendar | Peace Corps info session: Volunteer at Any Age

Whether you're fresh out of college, mid-career or ready to retire, Peace Corps service is the opportunity of a lifetime. Attend this information session to learn about volunteer experiences, have your questions answered and gain tips to guide you through

Career Center Blog | Three ways volunteering can help land your dream job

We've all heard them before -- the long list of steps that job seekers are supposed to take in order to get their resume looked at, much less get themselves in front of a hiring manager. Often those tips are

Career Center Blog | Adding resume 'interests'? Better make them interesting

During a recent chat via Facebook with a friend of mine, an acquaintance happened to mention how much his experience in the Boy Scouts of America has meant to him, even into his adult years. He even said that his

Job Calendar | Docent Information Session

Looking for a volunteer opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for art, craft and design? Learn more about becoming a docent at Bellevue Arts Museum. Hear from active docents about the rewards of volunteering at BAM and speak to

Career Center | Got 15 minutes? Be a micro-volunteer

By Dee DePass / Minneapolis Star Tribune Dianna Hamilton has five children and works as a data analyst for UnitedHealth Group, so she doesn’t have much time to volunteer. Now she doesn’t need much. Last year, she was asked to

Career Center | GoodJob: One Nurse At A Time's Sue Averill

What do you do? I’m a “humanitarian snowbird,” taking breaks from ER nursing to volunteer abroad. I’ve had the privilege of eating goat with Nigerian villagers, riding a Darfur nomad’s camel, and treating frontline war wounded. I co-founded Seattle-based nonprofit

Career Center Blog | Think outside the hospital to build nursing experience

One of the enduring myths in the job-search world is the idea of getting into a "recession-proof career," one that will always have high demand for job candidates no matter what the economy is doing. While these mythic careers are

Career Center | Volunteer 'TC' Howard's labor of love

NAME: Terry “TC” Howard JOB: Volunteer, Museum of Flight Restoration Center, Paine Field ‘CUBICLE’ RAVE: This is the cockpit of the first Boeing 727, UAL 727, N7001U. We started full-time restoration in March 2004, installing the majority of flight equipment

Job Calendar | Stories of Service -- Be a Community Hero

Stories of Service is a speaker series and call to action for community members. Washington Service Corps members and alums share their AmeriCorps stories and give you ways to give back to your community. Find out how to volunteering at

Job Calendar | Meet, Plan, Go! meetup

Meet others in the Seattle area who are interested in career break topics. Lori Stone will discuss her motivations, planning and "un-planning" for taking a year-long career break and sabbatical in 2012. Two guest speakers familiar with volunteer travel, Tami

Job Calendar | Washington Women's Foundation coffee

Join the Washington Women's Foundation for a casual information session about the Foundation and membership. We welcome all women who want to make an impact through focused, collective grant-making.

Career Center | Power moves: 12 ways to advance your career in 5 minutes or less

By Dawn While it’s important to focus on the big steps that will help you climb the corporate ladder, don’t forget that small actions can have a big impact, too. Here are 12 things you can do in five

Career Center | New skills: Explore options for revamping your career

By Gregory KarpThe Associated Press As broad-based hiring in the United States slowly gains momentum, many out-of-work Americans are finding they need to retool their skills, certifications and degrees. About 36 percent of people who were re-employed after being laid

Career Center Blog | How to maximize professional associations, part 2

In my last post, "How to maximize professional associations," I gave you two ideas for a more targeted approach to your job search. By securing speaking engagements and writing newsletter articles for professional associations, you can gain valuable exposure and

Career Center Blog | Taking your new career for a 'test drive'

One of the many repercussions of the Great Recession in the overall job market has been a rapid reshuffling of workers in newly defined roles. For instance, the recent slow thaw of the job market is giving a glimmer of

Career Center Blog | Resources for finding a job you love in your encore years

My previous post featured a Q&A with Marc Freedman, author of the new book The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife, about redefining work and retirement for Americans over age 50 and 60. [Marc Freedman | Photo

Career Center Blog | Unemployed: Beware of April spammers

Before I get to the coming networking and job-search workshops for next month, I wanted to pass along a notice from the Employment Security Department about unscrupulous spammers (yes, that's redundant, I know) who are sending out misleading e-mails to

Career Center Blog | What to do if the company I'm targeting doesn't have job listings?

A Hire Ground reader recently e-mailed me this question: "I am finishing my last quarter of school at Bellevue College and want to work for Unigard. I have never seen an ad in for Unigard. I have phoned various

Career Center | How new grads can find a job, when they don’t yet have work experience

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I have a quick question for you regarding job openings in Seattle. My girlfriend graduated with a finance degree and minor in communications. We have been in Seattle since August, and she keeps running into

Career Center | Pay it forward: Offering no-strings-attached help expands your network

By Lora Shinn Special to NWjobs A few months after he was laid off in 2008, Gary Barber began volunteering twice a month at the American Institute of Architects’ Seattle office, where he offered career support and advice to fellow

Career Center Blog | Why you should build relationships, not networks

In my last post, "Philosophies to building long-lasting relationships," I interviewed Carol Olsby, a global human resources expert who emphasizes that genuine long-term relationships are essential to professional career success. Here, we'll get deeper into the heart of what everyone

Career Center | Volunteer your way to a job: Unpaid nonprofit work can give you an inside edge

By L.M. Sixel New York Times News Service Three years ago, Analie Medero was working as an auditor for a financial-services firm in Houston. She wanted to get to know the city better and meet some new people, so she

Career Center Blog | Five alternatives to graduate school

I recently received the sort of email that I hate to see. "Paul," a thirtysomething laid off from an unsatisfying administrative job, was confused about what career steps to take next. He wanted work in a field he found

Career Center Blog | What have you done for the nation's charities lately?

You've probably heard that charitable giving has been on the decline since the recession began. The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University reports that donor contributions have fallen by about 5.5 percent since the end of 2007. With the number

Career Center | Corps values: Service organizations give college grads a head start

By Jean Parietti Special to NWjobs College graduate Rachel Miranto is gaining hands-on environmental experience and training during 10 months of service with Seattle-based EarthCorps. (Jean Parietti) Rachel Miranto grins as she tugs out the offender — an invasive

Career Center | Experts advise college grads to focus on work experience, think long-term

By Linda Hughes NWjobs Hemlata Mistry, left, talks with a representative from Adobe at the University of Washington Spring Career Fair in April. (Linda Hughes) There will be tears of joy and hard-won smiles next weekend as Seattle Pacific

Career Center Blog | Balancing act: Inside the life of an OR nurse

Nursing has been hailed as one of the most recession-proof careers today. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for registered nurses will grow by 22 percent this decade, which the BLS says is "much faster




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